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Effective And Proven Tips To Use Instagram In Social Marketing And Its Benefits


Tips To Use Instagram In Social Marketing And Its Benefits

When you consider social media marketing, Instagram should be on your radar. There are several benefits of investing your time, efforts, and resources in this approach to make your social media efforts productive.

You will need to use Instagram in your social media marketing to increase your online presence. There are several reasons for Instagram being the hot favorite. But first, take a look at other different factors such as:

  • If you simply go by the numbers, then be informed that Instagram does not have the highest number of followers. It is, in fact, second to Facebook. However, when you look into the engagement factor, be informed that a recent study has shown that the Instagram users are likely to like, comment, and share a post 58 times more in comparison to Facebook.
  • More than that, the platform has all possible tools and features to ensure just that to the marketers and business owners. The platform typically supports visual posts only, either still pictures or videos, which are considered to be most effective in creating the best and most engaging content format. Also, brands can get a higher level of engagement using the Instagram story feature.

It will act as your online marketplace to make offers for your products or services, irrespective of its type.

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Just make sure that you:

  • Set your Instagram account up correctly
  • Convert it to a business account
  • Access all available and valuable tools and features
  • Make your profile picture and bio is similar to other profiles.

This will enable you to tap the more engaged audience on this platform.

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Create the best marketing messages

Instagram users are shoppers who are influenced by the pictures and videos of the product shown on this platform. Therefore, you will need to post the best Instagram images that the users will consume well.

  • This will help you to create and convey your marketing message in the best possible way.
  • Instagram will help you to build a hard sales pitch and create a magic spell and appeal to customers without being too salesy.

Most of the shoppers on the internet turn to social media networks for references and information, and Instagram is the most preferred platform for them.

Therefore, the moral of the story is that Instagram will enable you to convert all those passive shoppers into your most loyal and confident customers.

Post to your Instagram Story

You will get better results from social media and Instagram marketing when you post to your Instagram Story. The platform will provide you with different options.

  • One such option is tapping on the camera icon located in the upper left corner.
  • Another option is to tap Your Story that you will find just above your Instagram feed.
  • The third useful option is to swipe right to access the camera simply.

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Ideally, your camera will be Normal by default. However, you also have other camera settings to choose from. These are:

  • Type, that will create your text
  • Superzoom feature will enable you to add an animated zoom to the video
  • Music, which will help you to pairs your chosen music clip to any video or image
  • Live, this will enable you to capture and publish content live to your Instagram
  • Focus, that will blur the background to focus on the subject in a better way and
  • Hands-Free, which will save you from the trouble of holding the record button when you capture a video.

No matter whichever option you choose, the Instagram Stories will help you to add a unique personality to your brand. You can also tag another account in your Story. This is one of the most effective ways to establish a connection with your Instagram followers and other businesses.

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Create a better content plan

If you want to drive more organic traffic to your site and gain exceptional results from your social marketing strategy, then you will need to build better and more cohesive content. Ideally, there are seven specific tips to follow when you do so, such as:

  • Follow a proper style guide to ensure consistency in your content when you post it across all marketing channels
  • Create a better composition by appropriate placement and arrangement of the different visual elements such as the background color, the picture set and space at the top or bottom for text
  • Choose a better color palette for a consistent and more focused feed that will have a familiar feeling
  • Keep the fonts consistent and similar to that of your website as well as all other marketing materials
  • Choose and use proper filters to create some of the best pictures to post easily and effectively
  • Use captions wisely with its limitation of 2,200 characters to enhance your content and align it with your brand.

Lastly, use proper and relevant hashtags to categorize your content on different social media platforms.

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Other tips to follow

You must also take full advantage of the different free Instagram tools that are available only to the business profiles. These will make your process much easier and effective.

  • Use the Direct Message feature effectively, but make sure that you are not spammy and get your account blocked.
  • Monitor all the necessary metrics so that you can get all your online activity successful on Instagram.
  • Make sure that you post on Instagram just at the right time when your audience is active so that it reaches to them instantly.

Schedule and find the frequency of your posts by using a content calendar. Also, use other third-party apps to enhance the performance of your posts.

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Use creativity to repurpose content

You will create a familiar and better feeling when you repurpose content of other relevant accounts. This will also help you at those times when you find that it is hard to get enough content to post regularly to meet the needs of your followers.

If you are new to the Instagram world and are unsure and confused, have no worries. You can take help from Gramista, the experts. They will cover every aspect to market your brand on this platform, right from setting up your business Instagram account to optimizing it.

Author Bio:

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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