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10 fabulous examples of ecommerce navigation which can grow your sales


ecommerce navigation which can grow your sales

Online businesses use a large amount of money to bring new customers to their site. They spend most of their money on advertisements and other marketing strategies to attract traffic. Having the site’s navigations that helps the visitor efficiently complete a sale is crucial as that could reduce the cost of advertisements. Notably, navigations can be said to be the most critical parts of your store design. Good navigation offers the user an improved experience, which is likely to lead them to make more purchases.  However, poor navigation is likely to frustrate the new visitors, which may lead to a higher bounce rate when it comes to sales. In this article, I have compiled a list of ten best ecommerce services or navigation that every marketer should install in their platforms to help improve sales for their products.

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Faced search


Discovering the best product in a website is an essential key to conversion.  Ensure you make it easier for the buyers to find their products of choice easily by avoiding too many pages that would frustrate their experience. The faceted search is the right way of providing valuable information concerning the specific item in a more accessible browsing format. The search makes visitors work easier to browse for their particular choices. Customers are in a position to easily sort their items of options by style, size, price, and even color, which makes work easy, simple, and efficient.

Faceted search is believed to be helpful since it brings your catalog in the best way to your customers. It can easily turn from random browsing into sales.  It helps customers get whatever they are searching faster, meaning customer acquisition cost is subsidized. Also, the customer can use several navigation paths through a faceted search to reach to the same content.

2. Big and visual-pleasing

There is no need to confuse your customers, use big images, and visually pleasing menu options.  The customer should see and discern items displayed on your website to make it easier for them to recognize and choose their category of choices. A bigger menu is helpful since users can easily understand images without the need to read through different types hence improving user experience on your site. That means shoppers can find what they are searching for immediately.

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Fat footer


It offers a quick view of the entire platform or most significant pages to your audience. The goal of your site should always be better by providing user-friendly experiences. If your firm serves several locations, it is good to include them in your footer as it improves the chances of ranking individual pages. It helps keep users on the site since it helps them locate what they are looking for easily.

4. Similar sub-category display under different parent categories

This happens where you display the same sub-category on a different parent category. For example, you can place home theatre systems under audio or TV. The navigation could be helpful in the sense that when one item is included under a different category, the users are likely to identify it and buy it due to the improved visibility, which comes with being at the wrong place.

5. Colorful animation

Colorful animation


Optimization of a search engine doesn’t have to be boring, and there is always animation. It is recommendable to have colorful animation to your navigations. Having a colorful animation helps grab the visitor’s attention and can easily place an order for the items. It is always good to offer visual cues.  It helps the customers understand products, and they can judge them appropriately, unlike the unpleasant colors.

6. Clean Vertical navigation

Clean Vertical navigation

Vertical navigations are straightforward, which makes it easier for every online shopper. Clean vertical navigation is necessary for the sites that have limited products.  Items can be loaded faster, and the buyers can easily move towards the end of the sales funnel. Another thing is that they should have similar backgrounds as the main content so that it perfectly blends with the rest of the pages.  It will become easier for the user to access al the content in the website.

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7. Features –rich drop-down menu

This navigation contains more information about a similar product.  The top navigation will display the full image of the product alongside its names, and other helpful information for the customer. The visitors will push towards the product without the need to browse, gather its data, and perhaps buy it.

8. Benefit bar

Benefit bar

If you want customers to buy your product, you first need to win their trust. This navigation is a useful element that you should add to your site as it helps increase confidence in the minds of your customers about your website and products hence leading to more sales.

9. Visible search option

The visitor’s last resort of finding the product they want when other navigations have failed is through the search option. It is the best way for the buyers to move to their desired product pages directly. The internal site search makes the site more customer-centered, meaning it is appealing to them.

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Cookie retargeting

It helps to update the menu and present the correct product choices before the customers basing from the earlier preferences. The stores that are using this navigation tool are already witnessing increased sales.

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