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3 Examples of Brands Using Instagram to Reach More Audiences


Instagram is, without a shred of doubt, one of the most popular and active social networking platforms in the world today. It is loved by average users as well as entrepreneurs who correctly saw a goldmine of opportunities with targeted campaigns.

It’s no longer enough to just be a user of Instagram, instead, now everyone wants to be an influencer with thousands of followers and also having the ability to cash in on the massive traffic and user engagement that often comes along with it.

The same is true with businesses and brands on the social platform as well. Campaigns on Instagram have proved that with right vision and planning, marketers and businesses are able to make the most of the website and raise brand awareness, generate leads, drive online traffic, boost conversions, encourage the installation of apps and improve sales.

If you have just begun with marketing on Instagram, you can learn from these 3 examples of how brands use this platform to reach more audiences. You can learn from the success of these brands, and manage to do much better.

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1. Swiggy

This is the largest platform in India for ordering and delivery of foods, quite like GrubHub in the United States. The company used Instagram with an aim of extending its brand reach, encouraging more people to install its mobile app and increase its customer base even before extreme competition.


The brand used Instagram Stories to search more users and scale its business up. It conducted tests to evaluate the potential of the social platform. When it saw positive results, the company created an ad with attractive images of foods, along with the CTA “Install Now” and a discount of 33%. It ran this campaign for 3 months, thus helping reach new people in all the fifteen cities covered by its app.


Once Swiggy enjoyed good results with its Instagram Stories experimentation, it ran a series of ads using Instagram Story which informed viewers about what they can expect from its service to food videos playing in the backdrop in slow motion. This campaign helped increase the installation of apps by as much as 17%. It reduced the installation costs by 30% than other ad campaigns online. It ultimately helped boost online traffic by 30% in the 3-month period that the Instagram Stories ads ran for.

Things to Learn

Swiggy saw the potential of Instagram where people can share the images of foods they consume regularly and love to have. It used images to grab the attention of users and advertise their services and discount offers to them.

2. Lacoste

The iconic French sports apparel cum lifestyle brand is famous for its green crocodile logo on Classic Fit Polo shirts. It ventured into Instagram to show to users that it can also bring out stylish, contemporary and bolder home goods. It tried to bring attention to its superior goods for modern homes, which are less popularly known.


The brand tapped the interactivity potential of Instagram Stories, and encouraged people to tap of Instagram cards and swipe them to see its vibrant bath and bedding assortments, display its solid range of products and take its advertising campaigns to a higher level, and give a more insightful experience to users with its product narration.


The ads helped Lacoste hit gold! Its Instagram Stories campaign ran for 2 weeks and the brand managed to make 2 times higher ROI. It enjoyed 61% higher CTR and 32% lower CPC than other types of digital ad formats.

Things to Learn

Lacoste is always known for going bold with its branding efforts, and the same was reflected again in its Instagram ads. The brand promoted its bedding and bath towel assortment by focusing on the various bright colors that they have on offer. With 90% of customers making purchases on the basis of visuals, Lacoste could attract viewers with more varied personal preferences, and managed to draw their attention very well.

The advertising campaigns of the brand showcased how advertisers, particularly in the e-commerce zone, can try branding while displaying the most appealing product features with the help of eye-popping and visually striking imagery.

3. Framebridge

This web-based custom framing expert, based in Kentucky, helps people tell their own stories by creating low-cost frames for the art and photos of their choice. The brand used ad campaign on Instagram to boost sales through the gift-giving custom of Father’s Day.


Framebridge used full-screen vertical ad placements to display fashionably framed pictures of dads with children and highlighted that custom frames could indeed make Father’s Day special for dads who never want anything from their kids. With a CTA button, it encouraged users to view their online store.


In just 1 month, it could achieve 2.4 times more sales than with any other platform.

Things to Learn

Framebridge successfully targeted 21st century dads who spend more time with kids and celebrate life at home and parenthood.


As referenced and recommended by Famoid, individuals that want to grow their following and become influencers on Instagram need to reach new audiences daily and come up with original content to keep the likes coming.

The same is true for business owners and marketers with brick-and-mortar locations. Brands and businesses large and small all need to have a proper marketing approach when it comes to Instagram and trying to attract, engage and retain customers.

A well-thought out and implemented Instagram ad campaign can help marketers to drive online as well as offline sales.



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