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How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Products


Creative Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Products

With a massive number of active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Instagram has generated wide opportunities for brands and businesses to promote their products targeting potential customers that engage them in real-time.

As the reach of Instagram is continuously growing, it has become a revolutionary platform for business experience exceptional success with effective promotion using minimal resources.

Instagram Stories is one of those features of Instagram that creates magic to promotional activities and attracts audience attention.

Brands reach their prospective audience and entice them to turn into loyal customers using Instagram Stories.

With the growing rage of Instagram marketing among the marketing world, Instagram frequently evolves its features and introduces amazing functionalities to assist marketers.

Here in this article, we will talk about amazing ways to use Instagram Stories to promote your product and services that attract your users and generate more sales.

Creative Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Products

You can design beautiful Instagram Stories and attract your followers to your product by using these features of Instagram Stories. These below-given ways help in engaging your audience and make your content more interactive and actionable.

  1. Use Countdown Sticker Before Launching New Product or Offer
  2. Allow Users To Ask Queries Using Question or Poll Feature
  3. Strategically Create Instagram Stories Highlight
  4. Go Live
  5. Embed Instagram Stories To Your Website

These are some of the foolproof ways to enhance Instagram Stories and increase followers’ engagement with your content. Now, let’s discuss these features in detail and check how you can effectively promote your product.

Use Countdown Sticker Before Launching New Products & Offers

If you are going to launch a new product or special discount offers before any festival or occasion or special day, use the Countdown sticker on Instagram Stories 24 hours of launch. It will create a sense of urgency in the audience’s mind and generate curiosity to know more about a new product or special offers. Countdown stickers also work as a reminder to your audience interested in your special launch or offer. As they click on the countdown feature, they can set a reminder and get a notification when the countdown is finished.

Allow Users To Ask Queries Using Question & Poll Feature

If you want to interact with your customers and want to make a way of direct communication, you can do this by using a Question or Poll sticker on your Instagram story. It is also easy and effective to share answers, advice, or tips on every question. You can engage your visitors, and who knows, you may also answer common burning questions of your prospects.

Strategically Create Instagram Stories Highlight

You may be already saving highlights of your Instagram Stories, but if you want to use it for promotional purposes, plan out an effective strategy to bring out maximum benefits. Highlights work as an asset on your Instagram profile and bring tons of views during your promotional campaign.

Use this feature to educate new visitors about your brand, share customer reviews, and boost your product awareness.

With Instagram Story Highlights’ help, you can save specific highlights like About Us, Testimonials, New Products, Promotional Stories, or IGTV videos.

Create these Highlights to connect your new visitors with brands; strategically placing Highlights also creates an impactful social proof of your brand and increases your products’ sales.

Go Live

If you want to promote your products and increase the interested audience’s list, you can do this by starting Live streaming with your Instagram Stories.

You can make it more interactive by adding a Question icon to your Live streaming; you can answer in real-time your audience’s queries about your new product or offer. Moreover, your Live streaming story will stay for 24 hours on your Instagram account, which means those who have missed your Live streaming can also see and learn about your product.

Embed Instagram Story To Your Website

Yes, you read it right; you can embed Instagram stories on the website using Taggbox Widget to promote your products and attract your website visitors. Instagram Stories on your website add unique content to your website as well as enhance the look and feel of your website that attracts your visitors’ attention.

To make impactful Instagram Stories, add user-generated content of your product on the Instagram story, and embed those stories on your website with the help of the tool.

Your customer created Instagram content, when added to the business’s official website, creates credibility and authenticity of your product. Not only this, embedding Instagram Stories is a foolproof strategy to promote a product effectively that also results in increasing conversion rate.

What Are You Waiting For!

Now you know how to use Instagram Stories as an effective tool to promote your products. You can use these five ways to promote your products and add a powerful tool to your marketing bucket.

In this growing competition, you have to employ all those ways that create a remarkable impact on your prospects and keep you ahead of your competition.

One thing that you can take from this article is embedding Instagram stories to your website. It is unique content that very few brands are using and making higher profits. Thus, you can leverage your new product promotion using these amazing ways to enhance Instagram Stories and connect with your potential customers.


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