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Creative Uses for a Wide-Format Printer in the Office


Traditionally, wide-format printers (as opposed to business-type printers that produce 8 x 11 and other standard-size printouts) turn up in printing companies, architectural and engineering firms, design companies, and similar businesses. Most often used to create blueprints, plans, and similar sensible projects, wide-format printers seem limited in their application to other types of companies. Keep reading for several creative uses for a wide-format printer in the office.

Manufacturing Marketing Materials

As the saying goes, doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You know you’re doing it, but nobody else does. Get the word out about your goods, services, and whatever else you have to offer through marketing materials created on a wide-format printer. With a little design know-how, you can create your own eye-catching posters, banners, window graphics, and more! Having a wide-format printer also gives you the nimbleness and flexibility to turn out such materials whenever you need them. Imagine generating and rotating trade show banners, sandwich boards, and booth signage during the actual event, as needed!

Updating the Office

Make your office space more about your company by creating inspirational artwork, motivational quotes, impressive branding motifs, and more on your wide-format printer. Decorate the walls, ceilings, and floors with these, motivating employees, impressing clients, and otherwise adding more oomph to the environment. Don’t forget to use the windows, entryway, and company vehicles, as well! Creating window decals, doorway decorations, and vehicle wraps can carry the message of your company’s brand well past the office’s walls.

Punching Up Presentations

Digital displays and PowerPoint presentations are all well and good, but physical media still packs a punch. When you pitch or present new ideas, show the latest results, or want to drive home a message and call to action, employ large-scale professional-grade presentations through your wide-format printer. Bigger, more colorful, higher-quality, and sharper printouts communicate ideas better and make a bigger impact than visuals on a screen.

Keeping It Personal

A wide-format printer means freedom to turn out merchandise, custom apparel, and other items you can sell or give away to put your brand out into the world. Extend your branding efforts with custom heat transfers that can imprint messages and images onto T-shirts, tote bags, towels, and other items. Imprint as many as you like without bulk ordering, and be ready to turn out more if the demand rises. Clients love free stuff, and you’ll save by printing things out as required.

As you can see, there are plenty of creative uses for a wide-format printer in the office. So many industries use wide-format printers for these and other purposes. Add your company’s name to the list!


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