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How real estate professionals make the best use of virtual phone system


Competition in the real estate industry is intense. And in such a high-pressure work environment, real estate agents, property managers, and some other professionals work within the industry need, to all the help that they can get to gain a competitive edge. One of the foundations for the success of businesses (and one of the most necessary tools that real estate professionals need) is a reliable virtual phone number. Real estate professionals often communicate with prospects and clients at all times of the day and from many different locations, so in their business phone, the local number system should support their work habits. That is where VoIP call helps.

Convenient, cost-effective and feature-rich, a Voice over Internet Protocol phone solution is an excellent weapon that many real estate agents can use to stand out into the market. Not only does VoIP help agents to communicate, as it also increases heir accessibility – which is one of the major key factors in achieving success in the industry.

So, here are some of the reasons why it is much more essential for real estate professionals to invest in a VoIP phone solution:

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• Work from anywhere

Real Estate professionals are always on the move. Their days are usually packed with property tours, negotiations, meetings, updating party listing and much more. Just because of this, it is much more essential to have a phone solution that allows them to carry out work from virtually any location. The good news is that VoIP services come up with an array of mobility features that let the agents stay productive and connected regardless of location. Mobile apps, in particular, allow the agents to access their VoIP phone functionalities when on the road. They can send or receive calls, meet with colleagues or clients via the video conference and share files as well.

• Respond to prospects and clients fast

Apart from showcasing the right properties to clients, one major factor that helps agents seal the deal is their level of responsiveness. Homebuyers want the comfort of knowing an agent is always just one quick call away as they make one of the essential decisions in their lives. Choosing a VoIP phone makes sure that real estate professionals can quickly respond to clients and prospects, helping them offer the highest level of customer service. Features such as find me/follow me, voicemail to email, and auto-attendant are some of the best weapons an agent can use to make sure that they don’t miss out with any opportunities.

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• Understand clients better

People are the driving force behind the success of each and every real estate business. Thus it is much more essential for agents to understand their clients in order to cater to their needs. By using a VoIP phone solution with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one-way for real estate professionals to gain more insight into their customers and respond more efficiently to their needs. Agents can easily store and access client information and even share their across the team with the CRM options, which in turn helps to streamline operations and personalize customer interactions.

• Manage a team of agents

Managing a team of real estate agents can be so tough, especially since agents are always on the go. Furthermore, managers can click their VoIP phone presence monitoring feature to easily and gradually track and monitor their team members for training and performance evaluation purposes; managers can also use large, whisper, and even listen to call recording to check agent performance.

Real estate is a fiercely competitive business. In order for agents to succeed in the growing market, they need to be equipped with the right tools that help them to stay connected, become more accessible, and know more about their prospects and clients. And a business VoIP phone system certainly fits the bill.

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• Automated Attendants

An automated attendant, or phone menu, make sure that incoming calls are always greeted with a custom message and offers options to the caller to be routed to the right person.

One of the best things about the VoIP phone system is that it gives the cold calling tip that is easy to make the change yourself. You can easily record new information right via the website, and provide callers with current information on property listings.

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