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Amazing Benefits of Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website


Embedding Instagram widgets on your website.

Instagram can prove to be the best place to make your website popular and benefit your marketing game. Being among the most favoured social media platforms, it can be the perfect touch point for marketing and business endorsements.

Making your website visually appealing allows you to gain a huge number of visitors. This can be done by embedding Instagram feeds on your website. Numerous Instagram feeds are embedded into your website in the form of Instagram widgets.

Instagram widget allows your visitors to see all your Instagram feeds at a unified place, within a few clicks. Therefore, embedding Instagram feeds to your website can be very beneficial for your business.

Do you know what Instagram widgets are?

Embed Instagram feeds on your website through plugins or widgets. This is a very creative method of displaying user created content, they allow you to display Instagram feeds on the sidebar or other places of your website.

Instagram widgets are basically allowing you to make your website attractive and striking for the users. Different Instagram widgets by Word Press provide different ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Instagram widgets consist of various patterns and placements for the Instagram feeds such as grids, boards, drop down, slide show, carousal, etc.

Instagram widget is a simplified way of displaying all your Instagram feeds from various channels at a single place to provide ease to the users.

Benefits you get on embedding Instagram widgets on your website:

Learn about the potentiality of embedding Instagram widgets to your website to let your business create a formidable impact on its visitors.

1. Increase visual appeal of your website:

When users land on your website, they search for something interesting. Therefore, you need to make your website attractive and intriguing in order to grab the attention of your visitors; else they will disappear in a few seconds.

Instagram widgets help you to make your website vibrant, diverse and dynamic among your competitor websites.

Finding your website appealing, compels the visitors to navigate on your website and stay there for longer.

As the engagement increases, your sales also increase at a high rate, hence taking your business to great heights.

2. Grow customer base of your brand:

Embedding Instagram widgets to your website makes you different from other bland websites, which thereby serves you in doubling up your reach.

Instagram widget has a collection of Instagram feeds of your real customers which gives a sense of trust to your visitors, and enables easy interaction between you and them.

Instagram widgets are the best way to drive Instagram traffic directly to your website, thus increasing your customer base very rapidly.

3. Betterment in brand-user relationship:

In this increasing competition if you want to excel, it is really necessary for you to build good relations with your customers.

Displaying User-Generated content in the form of Instagram widgets shows the authenticity of your brand, thereupon increasing your credibility.

Customers now prefer more personalized and relatable content, so it is important to embed Instagram widgets on your website to gain loyal customers, by providing them some personal touch.

4. Humanization of your website:

Since, Instagram widgets are the collection of your Instagram feeds from the real users, they are highly authentic. Displaying Instagram widgets on your website gives a humanistic feel to your visitors, which is very different from the mere robotic clicks.

Adding human elements to your website makes it very intriguing and interactive, which has a great positive impact on your brand.

5. Build social trust of your business:

According to the numbers, around 75% of the visitors like to check and believe on the reviews of your customers, before making any purchase decisions.

In present, there are ample numbers of brands and most of them are spoofs, this makes it difficult for the visitors to easily trust any brand. Instagram feeds from your loyal customers give your visitors the idea of the authenticity of your brand.

Instagram feeds are the best social proof to showcase the transparency of your brand, therefore embedding Instagram widgets to your website is of great importance.

6. Escalation in the search rank of your website:

Embedding Instagram feeds with maximum likes, shares and comments; in the form of instagram widgets can boost the search rank of your website, incredibly.

When you search for something on Google, search engines try to show you the most relevant and accurate result. Hence, embedding Instagram widgets allows you to appear on the top of the search results.

This increases your visibility, which therefore increases the popularity of your brand in an explicit manner.


After coming to know all the benefits of embedding Instagram widgets in your website, what else is stopping you?

Go get your favorite instagram widget and make your website unavoidably glamorous. You can embed instagram widgets on your website using the special tools known as social media aggregators; these tools make your task of aggregation smooth and efficient. Therefore, embedding Instagram widgets to your website can make your brand massively powerful.

Author Bio:

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media, and digital marketing trends.

I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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