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The 5 best apps to increase Instagram likes for free in 2020


Here are the 5 best free apps to increase Instagram likes. With these apps, you will increase likes and consequently engagement quickly and safely

According to the latest Instagram algorithm update, engagement, including likes, is one of the most important metrics for judging the quality of an Instagram account. The interaction with your followers on Instagram is as important as the number of followers you have.

This is why you need to look for ways to increase the number of likes. As we all know, increasing likes can require a process that takes a long time and a lot of hard work, if you intend to do it without help.

Fortunately, we have several tools available that can help you easily grow the number of likes in your posts. Read on to find out which are the best apps to increase Instagram likes for Android and iOS in 2020.

If you want to get more likes on Instagram, you should choose an app to get real likes from real people instead of buying like from inactive or fake accounts. Here we have collected the top 5 best apps that can help you get likes from real and active accounts.

1: Turbo Like for Instagram – Instagram like app that supports most devices

Turbo Like for Instagram is one of the best apps to get free Instagram likes that supports most devices. With this app you can get real likes from people who are genuinely interested in your posts. It provides a self-service system and follows the old tradition of the “barter system”.

Main features:

Totally Free – You just have to tap on someone else’s posts or earn coins. So you can get likes for your posts with coins.

Get real likes from active people: Each person can skip posts they don’t like, so the likes you receive come from authentic users who really like your post.

Works on mobile or PC: It is available on both mobile and PC, including iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod), Android, Mac OS X and Windows.

Easy to use – just log in and earn coins, then you can trade those coins for likes.

How does it work:

Look at the photos and like the posts you really like to get free coins.
Spend the coins to get likes from other users.
View the status report of your likes in real time.

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2: GetInsta – The best free app for Instagram likes

best apps to increase Instagram likes

GetInsta is relatively new but has quickly become the best app for getting free Instagram likes, as well as the best app for getting free Instagram followers. It provides a system for bringing real Instagram users together in one place to like and follow each other. The likes you receive come from people who like your posts.

GetInsta offers a reasonable like distribution method to protect your account from shadowban, while some other apps increase your likes very quickly, these too rapid increases can signal anomalies in your account from the Instagram algorithm.

Main features:

Totally free: everyone can get free coins by registering and downloading the app, or following others or liking other people’s posts. With coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram likes for your posts.

High quality of real likes: the likes you receive come from active and real Instagram users.
Immediate and reasonable delivery: you will see that the number of your likes will start increasing within 24 hours.
No password needed – just enter your Instagram username
It is available on Android and iOS phones and PCs.

How does it work:

It’s a free and secure platform that brings real people together so they can follow and like each other. Everyone receives coins by following others, liking others’ posts or sharing the app. So, use the coins to get unlimited free followers and / or likes on Instagram.

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Earn coins in the app

Magic Liker - The simplest app for Instagram likes

Step 3: Get likes and followers

Get likes and followers

3: Magic Liker – The simplest app for Instagram likes

Magic Liker is one of the best apps to get Instagram likes for Android users. This app is also based on the principle of bartering, each like you give will earn you stars that you can exchange to get likes on your posts.

Main features:

Free: You just need to earn free stars by liking other users’ photos or watching the video and completing offers.
Fast and effective results.
All users are real and the likes are authentic, no auto-likes or bots.
Potentially unlimited likes
Easy to use and well designed

How does it work:

View other people’s posts and like to get stars.
Spend the stars to get likes from other users.

4: IstLike – Safest app to get Instagram likes

IstLike is designed to grow likes and get free Instagram followers. It guarantees that no information of their customers will ever be revealed. It works for both Android and iOS users. The platform uses a “like by like” policy. You can get coins by liking or following other people. Plus, you can get even more coins by inviting friends. For those who want, there is also the possibility to buy coins.

app to increase likes on instagram istlike

Main features:

Use Coins to Get Likes: You can get free coins by liking or following others’ posts, or you can buy coins directly.
It gives you real likes.
Safe: Your information will be protected.
It is available for both iOS and Android.
Good refund terms: If you don’t receive the likes you buy, you can ask for a refund.

How does it work:

Earn coins by liking or following other people
Swap coins to get likes or followers
You can also buy coins directly

5: Follower Pro + – The most multifunctional Instagram app

Follower Pro + is a powerful app for analyzing Instagram followers with multiple features. There is a section in the app to get Instagram likes, as well as followers, so it is considered one of the best free apps for increasing Instagram followers and likes.

In addition, it provides statistics for your Instagram profiles, showing how many followers you have, who took you off and who blocked you, who likes and comments on your posts. Includes some free and optional paid features.

followers pro + instagram app

Main features:

Get likes and followers on Instagram.
Keep track of lost and gained followers.
Track posts’ likes and comments.
Keep track of engagement.

How does it work:

Tap the section in the app to earn coins.
Earn coins by liking other photos or following other people. You can get more coins by buying them or watching advertisements, writing reviews and inviting users.
Exchange coins for likes or followers for your account
Browsing articles

That’s all. You can choose your favorite app to boost your Instagram account. For me, GetInsta is the best get Instagram followers app.


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