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Why Budding Entrepreneurs Are Out To Build An Online Dating App Like Tinder


The innovation of technology has transformed man-machine relations and impacted interpersonal relationships. Gone are the days when people used to send handwritten letters to their loved ones or meet personally without dating.  In this era of digitalization, everything has been revamped online.

People nowadays go online to find their loved ones or a partner to marry.  As a result, the rise of dating websites and apps like Tinder is rising. Such platforms let users chat, connect, and data before the meetup. It is recorded that around 40 million people use dating applications and websites around the globe.

Therefore, creating applications like Tinder is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits. So, the time is right for you, as a budding entrepreneur, to invest in creating a tinder clone app.

Let’s explore right away how to build an app like Tinder.

A Quick Look at Market of Dating Apps

Online dating apps are no longer taboo and proliferating. Have a closer look at statistics depicting the current growing market of dating apps like Tinder and others.

  • A report analyzes that around 27% of committed relationships have started via the Internet.
  • Talking about the profit margins, the annual revenue of dating apps is estimated at around $2 billion.
  • There are around 50 million users across the globe using Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps.
  • The 60 percent of users using Tinder is the US depicting the app’s popularity worldwide.
  • It is stated that the total worth of Tinder is estimated at around $1,6 billion.
  • The best thing about Tinder is that it is available in 30 languages, making it customer-oriented, addressing customers’ needs worldwide.

There is no denying that dating apps like Tinder are leading the world. The application is growing as well as the customer’s demand.  Let’s move forward and build apps similar to tinder.

Building Dating App Like Tinder: Features To Include

Building a dating app like Tinder is like a dream come true.  The app is leading the industry, and creating something similar is the best way to get desired profits.  But before that, know the features to include to make it a success.

User Profile

Signing up and creating a user profile is a significant feature of every dating app. Likewise, Tinder requires the same.  With a user profile, the user gets an option to sign in to the platform.  They need to put in the credentials every time to log in. The motive behind this is to set a user account on the platform.  This feature includes several other things that can make your app more user-oriented.

  • Updating personal information
  • Updating profile picture
  • Contact number if any
  • Email address
  • Food choices
  • Travel goals
  • Lifestyle

Geolocation and Communication

Geolocation is one of the essential features to include in apps like Tinder.  With this feature, the user on Tinder can easily find nearby people.  With this, they can communicate with people nearby of around 100 miles.

Therefore, when you are on board to create an app like Tinder, don’t forget to miss it.  Including geolocation makes your app more secure to use when building apps like Tinder. Ensure to implement Geolocation API and Core Location.

Search Filter

The better the user experience, the better your application will flourish.  Here is where the inclusion of search filters comes in. With this filter, it is easy to search for other users. You can quickly check the profiles based on location, age, gender, distance, preferences, etc.

The search filter makes it easy to have narrow searches

saving time and effort for the user. Therefore, when creating dating apps like Tinder, don’t miss including the search filter.

Swipe To Make A Match

Another successful Tinder feature is the allowance to approve and disapprove the profile. Like it lets users swipe to the right and check their profile. Be it images, descriptions, and other details, users can check each profile. With each swipe, the profile that the user finds attractive is approved.

Furthermore, they try to make a match.  Likewise, the profile that does not find suitable can be discarded from the option. The feature helps to get the right match.

Private Chatting

This is the next important feature providing private space for two to communicate.  For example, if someone finds a match and is looking to talk, the app anticipates the same. With the private chat feature, users can chat without any security doubt.  There is a chat option on the dashboards to chat directly.

Also, you can send  BitMoji and GIFs to chat interactively. The chatting feature is a critical aspect to increase the application’s usability.

Reasons Budding Entrepreneurs Are Looking To Invest In Building App Similar to Tinder

Dating apps like Tinder have bought an enormous change in the way people meet each other.  In short, Tinder is leading the industry. Thereby, if you are wondering why to choose the enterprise, here are some reasons to look out:

High Rate Of User Engagement

Since the app is a dating platform, many people look out for the matches in the app. The more the user spends time on the platform, the more engagement is there. A dating app accommodates a vast number of users globally. People can find each other from any part of the world.

Thereby, it is clear that the dating app brings an enormous opportunity for businesses to connect users and relish profits. Moreover, the app experiences higher user engagement rates than any other platform.

Multiple Monetization Strategies

The main aim to invest behind any app is its profits. Furthermore, the more the profits, the more excellent opportunities to invest. And Tinder app anticipates the same.

With revenue from subscriptions, advertisements, third-party services, the application offers profits to the next level.  Entrepreneurs do not need to worry about revenue generation. The app covers it all. Moreover, premium messaging, chats, and swiping make you earn money.

Increased Sustainability

Another reason that investing within the dating app is worth it is its sustainability.  No doubt everyone needs a partner at some point. The app in that scenario caters to different needs of people.

Users can have partners anytime from anywhere as per their wish.  With this, the app becomes everlasting.  This is the reason more, and more users use the app. Furthermore, the businesses leverage the profits via it.

Best For Millennials And Business Minds

Since Tinder is an online dating app, users are also shifting their preferences to online. As a result, several business minds and millennials are looking forward to investing in online platforms. They understand the need for online apps and know the number of profits they generate. A recent survey states that millennials are more exposed to online apps than any other generation.

Rounding Off

Without a doubt, the market for dating apps is growing and it is constant. If you want to start with the same, knowing the basics of creating an app like Tinder is a must.

However, looking for the right application development can help if you are looking for the same. These companies put your needs first. They leave no stone unturned in building a robust application like never before. No more waiting! Get started with your success.


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