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Top 8 Relationship Apps


Top Relationship Apps
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While many of us know someone who found the partner of their dreams through relationship apps, we’ve probably heard more horror stories about bad dates full of awkward conversations. Much like dating, using relationship apps is a trial-and-error process. But if you want to master the relationship game apps, they can be of real help. So, if you’re going to find the “one,” you need to find the right hookup sites first. With the coronavirus continuing to wreak havoc, relationship apps are even more important for people looking for love. Here are the top 8 to help you separate the princes from the frogs and realize a wide variety of romantic tastes.

1. Tinder

Okay, Tinder might be a place for casual hookups first and foremost, but there’s still a lot of steady couples who first met through the app. Tinder’s biggest strength is its huge user base that makes it the most popular of all the relationship apps and gives you a statistical edge in the hunt for love. The now-iconic interface should be familiar to everyone: swipe right on a profile you like the look of and, if the other person reciprocates, you two can get in contact. The big downsides are the ads, the inability to reverse your actions, and the massive user base. Because Tinder has such an open-market dynamic, it does attract a fair few creeps and oddballs. However, all relationship apps have these users to some degree or another, so it’s just a case of developing your instincts to help save you time and embarrassment spent on bad dates.

2. Bumble

Bumble’s big selling point is the fact that only female users can initiate conversations. Ask any woman who’s been around the relationship apps, and she can probably point to a laundry list of unwanted solicitations from men online, so this feature is a big deal. It helps empower female users and puts off the weirdos from joining. It offers a great opportunity for women to make the first move and take a more proactive approach to their love life, which they might not be used to with men who always initiate things first. The main drawback of the site is that it can seem a little pushy since it will delete a match if you haven’t acted on it within 24 hours. Unfortunately, this means Bumble is not one of the best long-distance relationship apps. No one wants to feel rushed when they’re trying to find a meaningful connection, and this feature can make you feel pressured into constantly checking your phone to make sure you’re not missing out. Plus, you might find there’s less of a thrill of the unexpected when you’re the one initiating every match. Overall, though, Bumble is still one of the best relationship apps on the market.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid is downright ancient in the world of apps for relationship building, having first helped singles find love online in 2004. That longevity comes with a lot of bonuses, like a huge and diverse userbase, along with lots of features and updates that have been added along the way. What really makes OkCupid stand out from other relationship apps is the depth of its user profiles. Instead of just putting up a couple of flattering pictures and a snappy bio, OkCupid lets you elaborate on every aspect of your personality and dating preferences. These are then cross-referenced with other profiles to (theoretically) help improve the accuracy of the matches. As with other relationship apps, the downside of the large userbase is that you’re more likely to come across the attention of unsuitable romantic candidates. Additionally, the interface can feel clunkier than some of the more modern relationship apps. But if you’re willing to put in the time to create a comprehensive profile, OkCupid can still be helpful.

4. The League

If professional ambition is a must-have in a potential partner, The League could be the future of dating for you. Users link their LinkedIn profiles and provide a full rundown of their employment history, so you don’t have to worry about getting sent on any more dates with unemployed slobs. Users are carefully vetted to give the app a much more curated feel. There are some downsides to the app’s approach, though. Users are very much of a similar type, so you’re less likely to get any funny stories or exciting surprises out of it. Also, since users are so career-minded, you may find that you get fewer responses to your matches and things move more slowly overall. Still, you’re much less likely to end up dating crazy people, which has to make The League one of the best relationship date apps for professional singles. 

5. Hinge

One of the newest relationship apps for couples to find each other, Hinge takes a lot of the mechanics behind Tinder but refines them to put the emphasis on discovering long-lasting relationships. It uses an advanced algorithm to create matches that the developers believe can increase your chances of finding true love. In their words, it’s a relationship app that’s designed to be deleted after serving its purpose. While it can provide some good matches, there’s also the sense that you’re leaving the fate of your love life in the hands of a machine. Perhaps the app could credit its users with the ability to make their own minds up about who they want to match with?

6. Grindr

The Tinder of gay relationship apps, Grindr is the No. 1 relationship app for people of the LGBTQ+ community. Your experiences will likely differ depending on your sexuality. The majority of users are gay men seeking other gay men for casual hookups, so if that describes you, look no further. If perhaps you’re trans or non-binary, you may find that there are other relationship apps more tailor-made for your scene that offer a better experience. Even so, Grindr can still be worth a gamble whatever your flavor.

7. has joined the relationships apps market with a freemium service that lets you set up a profile and get new matches every day. The more advanced features that let you see who’s browsed your profile or liked your pictures require a paid subscription to to unlock. It’s one of the best relationship apps for communication, with lots of fun features that let you add voice and video clips to your profile. You can even chat with your matches with the app’s in-built video call function. There are plenty of other smart touches throughout the user experience; the ability to add your political views to your profile means everyone saves time avoiding people who are out of step with their beliefs. Another great feature is the alert function that lets you quickly sound the alarm amongst your friends if you feel unsafe on a date. The only real drawback of is that it’s not free, but compared to other relationship apps, you are getting a good amount of bang for your buck.

8. eHarmony

eHarmony was the first of the relationship apps to use a proprietary algorithm to help match users and remains one of the best relationship apps iPhone fans can choose. After creating an account, you’ll answer a series of in-depth questions to generate a personality profile that will (hopefully) match you with users of a complimentary disposition. Like, the base service is a bit underwhelming, and you’ll need to pay for the premium service to unlock all the features. Still, if you’re looking for a steady relationship, eHarmony has a lot to offer.

Conclusion: Find the Right Relationship Apps, Find the Right Partner

Find the Right Relationship Apps, Find the Right Partner
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Now more than ever, a lot of us are dreaming of a time when dating apps turn into a relationship that will last. You have nothing to lose by joining these relationship apps for Android, even if you don’t end up going on any dates. You can still build your confidence by building your profile and having flirty exchanges with strangers. And who knows? True love can often come from the least expected places. Have you found love with relationship apps? Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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