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Top 10 Business Books Recommended by Entrepreneurs


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It’s easy to see why society is obsessed with the concept of “becoming your own boss.”

From the outside, entrepreneurship appears to be a sure-fire path to success. However, running a business is far more complicated than it seems.

Any aspiring entrepreneur will tell you that being your boss has its own set of challenges.

“How can I persuade people to purchase my product?”

“How can I find and keep the greatest employees?”

“How can I control my stress?”

“How can we scale up to more quickly?”

Unfortunately, none of them provides a one-size-fits-all solution.

Many successful entrepreneurs have written books to share their experiences and ideas to assist new business owners in dealing with similar issues.

Must-Read Business Books of All Time

Here are ten must-read business books recommended by entrepreneurs, whether you’re thinking about starting a new business or already have one.

1. Think and Grow Rich – by Napolean Hill

Why read it – This book explains why some people become extremely wealthy while others struggle to make ends meet. It has always been the textbook for folks who desire to acquire rich since it was first published in 1937. And since then, it has been called the “Granddaddy of all motivational literature.”

Key Takeaway – “Every success, every fortune begins with an idea.”

To be successful, you must have a clear objective in mind, know exactly what you want, and have a strong desire to obtain it. All individuals who aspire to be wealthy should remember that the world’s tallest buildings and most creative innovations began as dreams.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Why read it – This book is well worth reading if you want to understand more about generating wealth and distinguishing between liabilities and assets. It will never disappoint you.

Key Takeaway – The rich men continue to amass wealth because they have learnt to spot opportunities where others do not. They make their money work for them, which generates more income and creates a snowball effect, producing more and more money down the line.

3. The E-Myth – by Michael Gerber

Why read it – Do not read the book unless you are prepared to fundamentally reconsider your perspective on business, your life to your business, and your true ambition to be an “entrepreneur” and small business owner.

Key Takeaway – Most small business owners work in their company rather than on it. People that excel in business do so because they have an unquenchable need to learn more. Understanding a business’s technical work does not imply that you know the company that does that technical work.

4. Shoe Dog – by Phil Knight

Why read it – Building a multibillion-dollar brand isn’t easy, and there are certain stumbling blocks along the road. In a heartfelt and honest memoir, Phil Knight, founder and board chairman of Nike, chronicles the company’s history—from its birth in 1964 with a $50 loan from his father to the present day.

Key Takeaway – Many risks and daunting setbacks will come between you and your dreams. But if you have sport spirit in your mind, you can change everything and build a rocking brand.

5. Zero to One – by Peter Thiel  

Why read it – A startup is the most extensive collection of individuals you can persuade to support a proposal to create a new future. The most crucial strength of a young company is new thinking: even more vital than nimbleness, small size allows for more time to ponder. Startups build on the idea that you need to collaborate with others to get things done, but you also need to stay small enough to do so.

Key Takeaway – We cannot assume that the future will be better; we must try to make it so now.

6. Influence – by Robert. B. Cialdini

Why read it – Influence discusses Cialdini’s six universal principles of persuasion. Then, it shows how to responsibly apply them to business (and everyday) circumstances to influence those around you, based on evidence-based, peer-reviewed scientific research.

Key Takeaway – Humans’ brains adopt mental shortcuts and fixed-action patterns to save energy. As a result, we respond to ordinary events in the same expected way.

7. Good to Great – by Jim Collins

Why read it – Why do certain firms succeed for a long time while others don’t? Jim Collins had long been perplexed by this subject, so he and his research team spent five years comparing organisations that had long-term success to those that had not. They discovered the primary predictors of corporate excellence, which Collins outlines in his book Good to Great.

Key Takeaway – If you’re unsure, don’t hire and keep looking. In the long run, it is significantly more expensive for a company to recruit the incorrect individual than to delay the process and eventually discover the perfect person.

8. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – by Mark Manson

Why read it – It may seem contradictory, but Mark Manson believes that the key to a better, more productive life is to quit caring. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, backed by scholarly research, suggests that we should stop caring so much about life’s trivialities—they’re unimportant—and instead devote our time and energy to more significant pursuits.

Key Takeaway – The book’s three primary messages were to not give a f*ck about everything, have some good ideals, and accept that hardship, failure, and pain are necessary for growth and success.

9. Dare to Lead – by Brene Brown

Why read it – This book covers topics such as what it means to be vulnerable, how shame may hinder our quest for greatness, and how to embrace a commitment to constantly improving as leaders and individuals through interpersonal communication skill development. Brown addresses these issues by presenting data, sharing personal stories, and providing practical advice, ideas, and solutions.

Key Takeaway – You must be aware of your conduct as well as the demands that drive it. You’re ready for what Brown refers to as “grounded confidence” if you can acknowledge and claim your actions. If you can name it, you can move through it, says Brown. Grounded confidence stimulates inquiry, and curiosity leads to learning and emotional literacy.

10. Stress Less, Accomplish More – by Emily Fletcher

Why read it – Benefits of meditation, mindfulness and manifestation support by science. They can no longer refute, as more research reveals just how beneficial meditation is for us. Emily demonstrates that, although sleep is rest for the brain, meditation is rest for the body and that we need both to function optimally.

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Key Takeaway – By growing grey matter in the brain, meditation can increase your brain. It can also improve the connection and communication between our brain’s left and right halves.

It’s not that being anxious is terrible; it’s that staying anxious is.

Parting Words,

The books included here were written by people who have gone through real-life situations that have helped them grow and now share what they’ve learned with the rest of the world. These lessons you will learn after reading the books will undoubtedly motivate you to build a strong career.

Happy reading, leaders!

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