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How B2B Data Appending can Prove Beneficial to your Business


Implementing quality B2B data append elevates the quality of your database and arms your clients with strong data resources. As a hallmark of ensuring consistent data hygiene, regular data append offers multifarious benefits.

Continuous monitoring and updating of your B2B database is the key to upholding the accuracy of your data. And accurate data allows the users of the database to drive accurate data-based actions. As your databases are linked to your position in the competition, it becomes critical for you to use quality B2B data append. Why?

The reason is quite simple. Because data append works as a database ROI improver and generates magical benefits for those owning the database as well as those using it. Aggregators can be confident of bolstering campaign productivity for their business clients while maximizing the client’s lead management efficiency. So, with the addition of fresh data, not just the databases but even the marketing strategies begin breathing new life.

Here in this blog, we will discuss at length how B2B data appending always proves to be a profitable deal for data aggregators. Of course, an ideal B2B database benefits business clients as much as it benefits an aggregator. However, before we step into the details of that, let’s have a quick insight into why data append is needed.

Why do businesses need B2B data append?

1. Database completion:

Data append fills the gaps like missing data for all the fields for which data collection couldn’t source the information.

2. New data discovery:

You need to update the database with new audience data, for there is a business requirement to build strategies for a new target segment.

3. Concentrating on low-priority areas:

Earlier the focus has been direct field-based campaigns, but with the focus shifting on digital channels, you want email addresses to be appended aggressively.

4. Addressing specific segment:

Your assignment requires you to build a database for a specific-segment. This requires you to build segment specific data append strategies.

Top 8 ways in which B2B data appending revolutionizes your business performance

Right B2B data append strategies progressively build quality databases by ensuring cleaner information while eliminating unresponsive data. Here are the top 10 ways in which B2B data appending proves beneficial for a business.

1.  High-performing database creation

Data append is a guaranteed approach to enhancing the ROI of your B2B database. The reason is simple. Consider two versions of your B2B database. The first database is characterized by a significant number of missing entries. And the second database has undergone data append routines.

Which of the above two datasets will help generate better insights? Undoubtedly, the second one, as it has been supplemented with valuable data. The way an incomplete database misleads your data-driven decision-making, likewise a complete database facilitates building a comprehensive decision-making framework.

2.  Enriched prospect information

The append process recognizes each prospect data element not limiting itself to one particular target data element. For instance, contact append doesn’t work as a single technique concentrating on certain contact elements. Rather, it works as a class of append techniques that encompasses different append strategies such as email append, reverse append, social append etc.

Each of the append techniques works separately and continuously enriches diverse data elements in the database. The append process, therefore, has long-term implications on the strategy formulation governed by the prospect data. In this manner, B2B data append helps build rich prospect data.

3.  Right party contact rate enhancement

In the absence of B2B data append, 50% of prospects are targeted wrongly. Because your data is static and mere call repetition wastes your resources. When you start implementing sound B2B append mechanisms, the process to track right party contacts streamline. The database optimizes but quality improves, optimizing the effort for the stakeholders to hit the right contact information.

Progressive improvement in the right party contact rate allows reaching the right prospect in fewer calls, bringing down the cost. The call abandonment rate remarkably improves, enhancing agent productivity. Additionally, you minimize the risk of violating telephone call protocols.

4.  Better segmentation

Regularizing B2B data append increases your scope to derive positive results. How? Actually, B2B data append facilitates the creation of smaller groups, enabling better analysis. The scope for stakeholders to generate better segments improves as demographics, firmographics keep on updating constantly. On the other hand, segmentation becomes weak in the absence of B2B data append.

Most importantly, B2B data append resolves the inevitability of having substantial data volumes for linking segmentation with automation. For instance, with more and more email addition, the email application develops its intelligence to trigger email.

5. Optimized turnaround for tests

Campaign tests are driven based on hypotheses. The efficiency of hypothesis testing is directly proportional to the amount of quality data your database has. B2B data append by keeping your database dynamic reduces the execution time of campaign tests.

Data append strategies make difference especially in multivariate tests, where you have multiple variables. Here, for each variable, both quantity and quality hold significance for correct generation of results.  Data append works as an agent which continuously feeds the variables with correct values and enhances the productivity of hypotheses testing.

6.  Standardized campaigns

Quality B2B data append streamlines the process to report and track the campaign efficiency. With such a performance tracking mechanism at your disposal, you surely get to understand if your business lists are competent or not.

Working as a database refresher, reviewer and corrector, data append polishes up the database. So, whether it is an email campaign or a phone campaign, a campaign, in general, undergoes a refinement process. The optimized marketing campaigns that work with their fullest potential are the ones equipped with quality data. These campaigns allow marketers to innovate successful customer engagement strategies.

7.  Rightly targeted destination geographies

Regularly updated data gives marketers a holistic insight into audience geographies. Without constantly upgrading the database, marketers cannot understand target market locations, lest creating an active presence there.

B2B data append lets marketers rightly address different levels associated with audience geography. The mechanism streamlines country, state and city-wise analysis. Besides this, there are factors like cultural preferences that also continuously update through B2B data append, allowing best analysis for a given geography.

So, a data append routine serves an important function of segmenting market data for a given geography. This acts as an input to building geography-specific ads and campaigns.

8.  Improved conversion rate

Old, static data results in low conversions. So, if you are wondering why your clients are unsatisfied with your database concerning conversions, you must mull data append. When marketers don’t have any mechanism to update their database in a scheduled manner, they miss out on reaching the right audience. So, despite having the best campaigns, marketers fail to produce the desired results.

B2B data append identifies the crucial elements in the campaign and allows marketers to get insight into the most recent updates for those elements. This renders dynamism to the campaigning process, allowing marketers to tweak the campaigns for maximizing conversions.

How different types of B2B data append benefit a business

Data append strategies are critical to ensuring data hygiene. Here we discuss four major types of B2B data append and how they prove beneficial.

1. Email append

On average, emails deteriorate at the rate of 45 out of 1000 emails in 4 weeks. Since every single email is equally important, email append helps you generate accurate custom-tailored lists of email ids.

2.  Phone number append

Appending phone numbers lead to more personalized campaigns and improve telemarketing. For instance, a data append service updated phone numbers in the client’s database. Using new phone numbers improved the response rate by 22% and campaign efficiency by 4x.

3. Reverse append

Allowing marketers to obtain details like name postal address using emails or phone numbers, reverse append strengthens multichannel marketing efforts. Amongst all, it proves crucial in rapidly increasing email lists and boosting lead inflow. People often don’t want to divulge their details, and here this strategy brings results.

4.  Social profiles append

74% of consumers use social media to take a stand on their purchasing decisions. Soon these figures will march to the three-digit figure. So, can you afford to keep your social media data static? Not. Social profile append allows you to access accurate social media data, thereby keeping the efficiency of your social media campaigns intact and ensuring better reachability over social media platforms.

5.  Firmographic data append

Imagine you are a data aggregator handling the database for a brand that specializes in green manufacturing. The brand keenly looks to target different companies – midsize to large. As an aggregator, you can add value to their decision-making by continuously providing new data on prospects and helping them make the right decisions. The data they can provide includes internal structure, size, annual revenue, location, key contacts etc.


Offering competitive advantage, B2B data append allows you to cultivate professionally meaningful relationships with your business clients. The process significantly improves your core competency, while maximizing throughput for your client.

To marketers, quantity coupled with accuracy serves as a major force to boosting campaign strategies. Quality B2B data append allows them to reduce cost per lead by 20%.

So whether it is adding new touchpoints or boosting conversions, B2B data append becomes imperative. Finally, it is a tool to ensure the sustainable existence of your databases for profit-making.

Snehal Joshi

Snehal Joshi heads the business process management vertical at HabileData, the company offering quality data processing services to companies worldwide. He has successfully built, deployed and managed more than 40 data processing management, research and analysis and image intelligence solutions in the last 20 years. Snehal leverages innovation, smart tooling and digitalization across functions and domains to empower organizations to unlock the potential of their business data.


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