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Just like Tinder, Here’s How To Create An AWESOME Dating App


Just like Tinder, Here's How To Create An AWESOME Dating App

Finding the perfect partner is an end game in life for everyone. However, finding a partner for life is a mix of an exciting and a little difficult task, which by the way gets more complicated when you have a busy schedule to follow every day. But like every other thing modern problem requires modern solutions the technology community has created a solution for it by creating dating apps like Tinder. 

The effectiveness of these dating apps has led to a new online dating culture and given rise to a new form of market. This is the reason why the industry is flooded with varies different dating applications nowadays and applications like Tinder have intriguing features that make it stand at the top in the market. So, if you are a developer who wants to either build applications like Tinder or even surpass it by introducing new features such as on-demand dating, better interface and user experience then this article is for you. Now if you are feeling excited about knowing more that can help you in the development of an awesome dating app, just like Tinder then here we go. 

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Logging Menu 

Most of the dating apps require the users to sign in before use to create and establish a basic user profile through which they can be identified on the dating platform. You need to make sure that the login process is pretty simple and convenient, for that you simply provide the option to login via facebook, google or phone number. Also, applications like Tinder are able to scrape and extract basic information from facebook to create a user profile and skip the traditional form filling process. 


Profiles are like the introduction for the user on your application so make sure to include the basic information such as –

  • Age
  • Location
  • Brief description
  • Mutual friends on Facebook
  • Mutual interests
  • Profile Picture, etc.


This is the heart of an application just like Tinder. Tinder uses the user’s geographical location to show potential matches people with a certain radius. The basic idea to connect people near each other, that is why the user location is very important for the application and is continuously fetched by the application. 

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Privacy is a matter of concern for most of the users using dating application. That is why applications like Tinder are super secure regarding the user’s data and also from an external threat. So you also need to make sure that your app is as much as secure as Tinder or else a simple mistake can drive all the users away. 

Search Settings 

You need to make sure that your application has simple parameters for the search, taking into consideration that users of different age and sex will be using your application. So you can either keep the parameters the same as Tinder that is search or discovers by age, sex and distance or you can also introduce some new features into your application. Whatever you might do just make sure that your application discovers or search parameters and settings are really simple and easy to use. 

The Swipe Feature

One of the most unique user interface design ideas that made Tinder such as exceptional and unique application as it is. This feature was developed to enhance and make the process of finding a date much more interesting, easy and fun. In Tinder a swipe to the left means like and to the right means dislike. This ability of Tinder to freely judge people based on their your users feel is what makes the dating application a much more fun idea. Well, you can also utilize this swipe feature in your application or you can go for something original if you want. 

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Chatting System 

Well, what’s the use of having such an application if you cant even contact the people you would prefer to date. That is why your dating application needs to have an integrating chatting system. However in order to maintain a disciple free messaging is not allowed, that is you cannot message anyone you like. A message box or a private chat is opened when a match between users is created. The chat needs to be extremely friendly with every basic chatting features such as emojis, GIFs, easy multimedia/photo sharing option


This is a must for dating applications to make sure that users remain intact with your application. So, make use of push notification to ensure frequent returns, user engagement and showing information about new matches, messages, and app updates, etc. 

If you are successfully able to integrate these features together in your dating application, then we are pretty sure that you will end up with an application that is a lot similar but much better as compared to Tinder. 

Author bio:

Sunny Chawala - Marketing Manager at Uber Clone app company

Sunny Chawala is a Marketing Manager at Uber Clone app company, which is clone app Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by airbnb clone app Services. I would love to share thoughts on on demand dating and on demand house cleaning app development  etc.


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