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Times are changing and with time new technology is being introduced for the people and so the lives are getting more and more comfortable day by day. People are advancing and modernizing in this modern era, Internet has made life of people very easy, at a few clicks you can achieve to do many tasks. Gone are the days for searching for things in the market. Now you can find anything online, from grocery to clothes even appliances, you get them online at the comfort of your home. But what are these apps that have changed your life? We may live in modern times, but many people miss out on the current modern applications that can be very useful for them.

There may be many modern technology devices or applications to make the life of the people easier and for people to save time and effort, but with more responsibilities somehow lives of people are getting busier and tougher. In these times, it is good to know the current life-changing apps that can provide you with many benefits. Apps have even made it easier for people to reach their day to day tasks, goals and even their new year’s resolutions. All can be done by those small icon apps in your phone. You can download these goodies in your phone through play store or google play.

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1. Couch to 5K:

Who doesn’t want their tasks to be made simpler? This app can help break your goals down in smaller steps and ways. It is the best way to reach to your success goal, as told by experts. The in-app prices are very low which is $2.99. Anyone with a determination to change their life can use this app. It can help you train yourself to run 5k. At start obviously you go on with smaller routes and workout session that are for about 30 minutes but by the end of nine weeks, if you follow it with determination can reach your goal and jog up to 5K. This application is available for both iphone and android users.

2. Headspace:

The app mentions that, “headspace is a gym membership for your mind.” Which is no doubt a true statement, it helps you in meditating for ten minutes. It can help you relax yourself and reflect on yourself. It can help you improve focus and reduce stress. This app is available for iphone and android users. You can always shift to a paid plan.

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3. MyFitnessPal:

You can benefit from this app no matter you are an iphone user or android. It can help you keep a track of your meals and provide you with a proper workout routine according to your needs and wants.

4. DietBet:

DietBet is a smart application that tricks your psychology into losing weight. The ideology is simple, you bet money for about in how many days you can lose this much weight. If you reach your goal, you win the bet and get paid.

5. Simple Habit:

It is made under the guidance and knowledge of meditation gurus. It helps the people with busy schedule to meditate for 5 minutes. It prioritizes meditation and mindfulness. It can help people relax their minds. It is available for ios and android users.

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6. Babel:

Learning new languages can really help you build your skills and unlock many opportunities for you. This application helps you learn a new language in the most interactive manner, and you can feel good about yourself for learning something new every day. This app is really fun for its users.

7. Calm

This app includes in-app purchases, but they are quite low and worth it. This app can help you meditate and sleep like a baby in just 30 minutes. Many popular artists have provided beautiful voiceover for bed-time stories, ASMR voices and soothing melodies that can help you have a good night’s sleep.

8. Endel:

This application is available for both IOS and android users. This app mainly focuses on sleep and mindfulness. You can achieve peace in just 5-10 minutes.

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9. HabitBull:

Want to get rid of some disturbing habit? This application right here helps you set goals to quit some habit or adopt a new habit to help you achieve your goal. Isn’t that amazing?


This application can be very helpful for your busy routine. Here you can set-up notes, tasks and different reminders to help you get your work done on time.

Looking for a job? Head on to this app. It helps you find opportunities fit for you and your career. It brings you high-end job opportunities to local gigs or freelance work according to your needs and wants. This app can really change your life!

12. Skillshare:

This app can help you impart your knowledge on a particular skill to help the community or learn some skill that you wanted to learn. It is available for android and Iphone users.

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Author Bio:

Imroz Mansuri is a game director, entrepreneur, artist and award recipient and is presently game director and creator of the windstar games. As a game director, he has worked on more than 75 games and contributed, including they have worked on multiple types of games. We are creating the games in many technology and we are best in unity 3D game.

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