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Future Cloud Computing Trends To Watch



Over the past few years, the requirements of enterprises’ technology have increased in complexity. It is becoming decentralized during the global pandemic. Similarly, modern technologies are making it easier for you to instantly analyze. Also, you can easily process, and generate data for better business performance. These operational requirements are changing how businesses leverage cloud computing services.

Technology is gaining immense popularity. It is changing our professional and personal life also. There are plenty of articles available online regarding the importance of cloud computing and why it is gaining huge traction. So I was eager to know more about cloud computing and fortunately, I came across one interesting article that stated:

In today’s technology-driven world, everybody is keen on learning and adopting new technology for business or personal use. Cloud computing is one of the hot topics in this segment. There is plenty of information on websites trying to demystify cloud computing technology but very few can enlighten correct understanding and benefits of cloud computing.

The cloud computing business is also developing at a rapid pace. In terms of cloud computing, some excellent developments are happening. In 2020 and 2021, cloud computing collapsed as work went virtual. With this, businesses conformed to the global pandemic. They tried to concentrate on the delivery of digital services due to this situation. In 2022, we’re surely witnessing the rapid adoption and growth of cloud computing. By the end of 2023, the global cloud computing market will reach $620 billion.

Importance of Cloud Computing

As we all know, cloud computing is becoming a buzzword and is gaining immense popularity. In fact, the adoption of cloud computing services is continuously increasing compared to any other technology. In today’s world, the importance of cloud computing stems from this process to overcome challenges. These challenges are faced by many users and large organizations.

As we all know, Cloud computing is useful to businesses in every way. It allows them to expand and adapt quickly. Also, it drives business agility, lowers cost, and streamlines operations. When you implement cloud-hosted applications to update your social media profile or check available balance, it uses cloud-hosted apps over the internet. This can not only help businesses get through the present situation but also contribute to long-term growth.

However, the importance of cloud computing is seen in ready-to-use communication between a group of people using their own devices. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace are examples of these.

1. Cloud AI

One of the most important trends for earning access to extensive datasets is the AI-enabled cloud. Cloud computing services are a great way to scale up AI-based systems. It allows you to create a huge amount of data. On the other side, it also enables AI to do faster calculations and better resource management. By doing this, you can deliver excellent cloud computing solutions.

Artificial Intelligence is used to overcome a variety of cloud-related complexities. It is one of the most emerging trends in 2021. It is gaining immense popularity in 2021 to access massive amounts of data. Using this data you can optimize the core competencies using the abilities of machine learning.

2. Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a management solution. It is gaining immense popularity with utmost importance for cloud infrastructure companies. It is developed by Google that helps the global economy to overcome cloud limitations. Businesses that are considering Kubernetes can easily face the competitive market and stay ahead of the competition.

For example, Microsoft purchased Deis to develop its Kubernetes toolkit. StackPointCloud was taken by NetApp. Similarly, many other businesses are concentrating on it. Therefore, cloud vendors should choose a strong strategy in the near future. It allows them to generate enthusiasm and make enterprise ambitions a reality.  Thanks to its unique contribution from cloud infrastructure providers.

3. Blockchain Integration

Blockchain is a great technology. It is widely used by businesses to track various phases of a product life cycle. The integration of cloud and blockchain technology allows businesses to have a clear idea about the product and other characteristics.

Other information includes weather delays and product adulteration. It helps your business to save millions. More and more businesses are now adopting Blockchain technology. The adoption of blockchain is going to increase even more in the coming years.

4. Disaster Recovery

Control is one of the major factors of having a successful business. But unfortunately, no matter how you control your organization when it comes to its processes. There will be something that will be not in your hands to control. Even a small amount of raw or unproductive downtime can have a resoundingly adverse effect. It may ruin your brand reputation and lead to lost productivity revenue.

You may don’t find any way to prevent such disasters that could harm your organization. There is something you can do to improve the speed of your recovery. Using Cloud-based services you can quickly recover all your data for emergency scenarios. It is useful when there are any potential outages or real disasters.

5. Enhanced Security

While adopting cloud computing services, security is the main concern that comes into our minds which is normal. After all, when information and other related data are not safe, how can you be sure your data is protected? If you can remotely access your data and check whether it is safe or not. Then make sure to check the data on a regular basis and prevent it from hackers.

The job of a cloud host is to monitor security. It provides all measures while implementing cloud solutions. Most businesses cannot fully recognize the opportunity of internal data theft performed by employees. In such cases, it is better to keep your important and personal information offsite to prevent it from hacking.

6. Increased Collaboration

If your business has multiple employees, then make collaboration your top priority. After all, there is no point in having a team if they are not working as a team. For successful results, all the team members must interact with each other to make the process easier and faster. Using some cloud-based services you can closely connect with your team members across the organization and increase interest and engagement. Collaboration is impossible without cloud services.

7. Intelligent SaaS

Do you know that machine learning is the most widely used technology for cloud computing? Yes, it impacts all SaaS processes. Nowadays Artificial intelligence and machine learning have entirely changed how people work. These modern technologies have numerous qualities that are very useful and profitable for businesses.

8. Automatic Software Updates

Nothing can be more annoying than waiting for the installation of system updates where you have plenty of work pending. But with cloud-based applications, all updates are automatically installed. So you’re not required to have an IT department perform a manual update. This automatic update saves a lot of time and money invested outside IT consultation.


Serverless cloud is comparatively a new concept that’s gaining huge popularity and traction in the market as it promises to pay-as-you-go service where the infrastructure estimates obscurely as an application requires it.

In this post, we came up with the top 8 trends in the cloud computing industry that would be seen in 2021 and beyond. According to modern trends, the cloud will continue to expand and gain popularity in the coming years and it will be even more efficient, versatile, and accessible.

Author Bio:

Lilly Jones is a software developer. Besides her profession, Lily likes to share some new and trending technical aspects. She strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared, for there is a lot we can learn from each other.


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