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Swift or Objective C: Learn Which is Best for iOS App?


The requirement for mobile application development is increasing by leaps and jumps. As it is the latest trend in the market, the software industry is also trying its best to support the requirements of clients and is trying to deliver the maximum output it can. However, as mobile app development sits at the top of the trending list, more businesses are involving themselves in the use of mobile applications only. 

With Android and iOS being the market leaders, these platforms have scope for the developers to secure their future by investing their time in learning any one of these technologies and later use the skills to develop excellent applications. 

As there are more Android phones available in the market than iOS, it becomes obvious Android development is leading in the development market. However, this doesn’t put iOS behind. Being the most secure platform of them all, iOS devices attract a different class of people, and hence the applications to be developed are required to be excellent at performance to get their place on the iOS smartphones. 

Why Was Swift Invented?

Yes, technology keeps on changing. Increased requirements have changed the course and now there are technologies being invented for the development side also. While Objective C was supporting iOS programming, the developers were in need of a modern touch that can help them build the application faster. Hence, Swift was introduced by Apple to support the increased application development requirements and it quickly became famous among the developers.

Does This Mean Objective C is Out of the Market?

No, it isn’t. In fact, not at all. Objective C is still running in the market and is certainly here to stay. The biggest reason behind it is that Objective C is stable as it has been introduced earlier and guarantees results. However, Swift is the new one and is being updated constantly by the developers from Apple, which is making it more open to flexibility and makes the development swift(!) and easier.

Why Does Swift Win Over Objective C?

There are many other factors working behind the increasing popularity of Swift rather than just the speed of development.

Security from Bugs

As Swift is developed to eliminate the requirement for writing excess codes, it also works great for reducing the occurrences of bugs and errors. Swift eliminates the requirement for using null pointers and hence saves the developer from the null pointer exceptions and improves the quality of the written code. Making it easier to write code that is less prone to errors, it saves a lot of time spent after the testing as the code becomes error-free and issues of bugs are nowhere to be found.

Write Less Code

As said before, Swift reduces the number of lines written for developing an application and the difference is significant. With Swift by their side, the developers are relieved from excess coding and can complete the development faster. For example, the popular ride-hailing application Lyft has been developed using Swift for iOS devices, and with upgrading the code to the latest version of Swift, the lines of code reduced to 25,000 from the original number of 75,000. And they are continuously proceeding further. Isn’t that awesome? Also, the decrease in the code doesn’t influence the performance of the application.

Easy to Read

As the developers and testers redundantly check code for finding the possible errors and bugs in it, the language must be easy to read in order to offer faster evaluation. Hence, the programming language must be supportive. 

Therefore, Swift has been developed with keeping this criterion in mind and it resembles much to English, which increases the readability of this language. Also, as the development trend is inclined towards the use of Swift, the companies also hire developers who are best at using Swift. Also, it eliminates the requirement for ‘,’ after the end of each statement which is very comforting for the developers.


Swift is more portable when compared to Objective C, as Swift extends the support not only for Apple’s operating systems but for Linux also. Therefore, the code written is portable to many platforms which makes it an excellent choice for developers. Also, being open-source, Swift supports the custom development of frameworks and these frameworks work perfectly over the systems where Swift is supported. Hence, Swift proves to be a more reliable option than Objective C.

Compatible with Objective C

Upgrading your projects from Objective C to Swift is made easy with this feature. Swift includes support for Objective C and the developers are relieved from the complex problems faced during shifting the code from one language to another. Many even use PSD to Bootstrap conversion services to ease their coding and get the desired outputs with less effort. 


Therefore, Swift becomes the ideal choice for developers who are here to develop an excellent iOS application that too at the maximum speed possible. The world is turning itself towards the agile principles of development and hence it has become important to speed up the development as businesses are demanding it. Therefore, in times like these, faster development with ensuring productivity and excellence of code is required and the platforms and programming languages supporting it will surely become the favourite of developers.

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