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8 Programming Apps which are Great for Mobile App Development


Programming Apps for Mobile App Development

Smartphones are becoming more and more refined. And this has made mobile apps essential for us. We are dependent on them for entertainment, communication, and so much more. Mobile app development has emerged as a booming market over the years. Developers are taking advantage of the extent of smartphone usage by coming up with useful, innovative, and intuitive mobile apps. Remember Candy Crush? The gaming app earned a whopping $930 million in the year 2018 alone. And it’s not even a new game.

App stores have billions, if not zillion of apps today. This means that app development is going to remain a massive industry and well-versed developers in various programming languages will remain in high demand. Just like Spectrum Double Play plans are always in high demand!

Whether it is an Android or an iOS app, here is a roundup of some of the best programming languages.

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Top 8 Programming Languages to Efficiently Develop Mobile Apps

1. React Native.
2. Flutter.
3. Python.
4. Swift.
5. PHP.
6. HTML 5.
7. Ruby.
8. Kotlin.

React Native

A cross-platform, that is an open-sourced development framework for mobile apps. Developers can develop extensive apps for both, iOS and Android phones, as it uses the same code for both. Without requiring any additional changes, it offers the same great performance. Another plus is that it doesn’t require different languages to make any changes. A pro JavaScript Developer profound with UI libraries, native APIs, and other similar things will be able to handle it easily. Its cross-platform feature makes it a top choice for developers of both iOS and Android.


Flutter is another prominent name in cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. It comes with widgets and various useful tools to create apps for iOS and Android. It enables developers to create attractive, functional, and useful apps. It is free and open-source. Based on the language Dart, it is easy to use even for beginners. Developers can create visually appealing and high-performance apps using Flutter.

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For big business enterprises and organizations, Python has emerged as a useful programming language. It has earned a name due to its ability to ensure better and agile results along with excellent user experience. Popular portals like GitHub consider Python as one of the leading languages for programming for mobile application development.

It is easy to understand because it is unmistakable and natural with basic syntax that’s so similar to English. It is compatible with various latest technologies such as Artificial Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data, and so on. It is best for beginners!


Swift is a robust and distinguished language that emerged as one of the top programming languages for mobile app development. To develop high-end, intense, and intuitive apps for iOS as well as Mac OS, this is a great one.

This language can easily outperform Objective-C in various sectors. The chances of this language to flourish more are evident, pertaining to its ever-expanding usage.

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Have you used HTML assistance for webpage development? HTML5 is similar to that but for mobile app development. It boasts of exceptional features like multimedia support, multi-platform functionality, and swift market deployment for different gadgets and programs. It offers brilliant flexibility.


Ruby is similar to PHP. It is mainly a language for web development. But it is also very friendly when it comes to mobile app development. Especially for the beginners. In case of facing a snag, it has the solid support of a large, liberal community. It comes with a clean and better syntax. It is widely used because it is a reasonable language. Popular names like Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Shopify, and others use Ruby on Rails to maintain their online presence.

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Do you know that WordPress, the most famous content management system, was developed using PHP? This makes it one of the most robust and efficient programming language. Facebook used PHP to develop its back-end system entirely. Since it is a server-side language, it is used to develop dynamic and intelligent web pages. It is also used extensively for the development of Android apps. It is easy to embed this programming language into an HTML code line. It can also simply mesh into frameworks and content management systems.


Kotlin has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages for the development of Android apps. It is statistically composed and developed by JetBrains, a popular influencer of the mobile app industry. It is becoming exponentially popular since it is introduced for Android app development.

I read about its popularity and growth in a blog online with my subscription to one of the Spectrum Internet plans. Some of the main reasons for this programming language to become so popular and attain massive growth is its inherent capacity and interoperability to work with Java Virtual Machine. It also exhibits flexibility for both, back-end as well as front-end development.

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