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Top 4 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Drive Your Sales High In 2021


Having a strong customer acquisition strategy is vital for any business; otherwise, they have to struggle to grow themselves in any meaningful way. The most challenging part for any business is to actually figure out which channel is the most sustainable for them to bring through new customers. But never forget this fact that an acquisition channel that works for one business doesn’t always work in the same way for the other.

For example- websites like HubSpot prove beneficial for businesses like SEO Experts Company India. Organic search acts as an excellent way for us to drive traffic, and we are dependent on lead generation around ranking for relevant long tail keywords. Such keywords deliver thousands of new visitors every month. Conversely, if we consider a business-like Slack that involves tasks organization and communication with the team, organic search is not just a huge channel. Most of their customer acquisition comes from viral marketing. For such businesses, one user joins platform and invites other members from their business or company.

Therefore, one must find the right acquisition channel based on their business type and its objective. Take professional help by hiring a company offering SEO Services India. They will identify the most suitable custom acquisition strategies for your business so that you can gain new customers.

How to Find the Right Acquisition Channel?

There are so many different frameworks available online that can help you find the right channel to pursue. If you have no historical data available for your business, then there will be a fair amount of trial and error to identify the right acquisition channel.

Before you start your trial with different frameworks, be sure about your business goals that you want to achieve. If you are not clear about your business objectives, at least you should have a rough idea so that you could understand whether a channel is working for you or not. After testing out different channels, compare their success against each other.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you fail to discover some great ways to gauge these individual tactics. Instead, you have to find out if the channel provides you what you are actually looking for, i.e., large volumes of high-quality new customers. Customer acquisition is all out bringing new customers to your business. You need to focus on creating or finding sustainable and systematic customer acquisition strategies to sail seamlessly with market trends.

Given below are some classic customer acquisition strategies that you can leverage. These strategies will ensure you gain new customers no matter what. Let’s discuss them in detail!

Engage Your Customers With Your Brand

When first-time visitors come across your website, it is doubtful that they automatically end up buying your products. Your prospects should know about your brand; they must be fully engaged with your company so that they can feel confident while making a purchase and product management frameworks will take care of all the requisite things. Therefore, to attract more customers, make sure you build quality relationships. 70% of buying experiences of the customer are based on how they feel they are being treated.

For this, you must be aware of the pain points of your ideal customers for whom you have to conduct in-depth research with the sales team. You must have informal conversations with your existing customers to know more about them and identify their pain points. Also, develop accurate buyer personas that could actually work for you.

Also, you need to discover new and effective ways to connect your company’s values with your consumers. Social media is one such way to build engagement. Those who shop frequently talk about different brands on social media every day. They dish out the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones as well. You can employ social media monitoring tools to track such conversations between shoppers and your prospects. After that, you can create a community focusing on customer experience. Begin a conversation with your prospects and set up one-on-one interactions. You can encourage your teammates to do that as well. Personal conversation and community engagement is a great way to deliver transparency to your customers. It connects the value of your brand with your consumers.

Plan Your Expenditure

Acquiring new customers doesn’t mean that you have to equate to higher costs. You must learn to monitor your expenditure. You don’t need to hire a huge sales team just to grow a scalable sales model. Experts believe that you can use the founders of the company on maximum sales calls possible. They know how to change the messages, change the product and respond to what they are discovering in failed sales calls. There are several step-by-step guides available online. Reading them can help you understand how to calculate customer acquisition costs.

Before you develop a budget for acquiring new customers, you must answer these questions:

  • How much do your paying customers spend during their lifecycle?
  • What percentage of people that sign up really pay you?
  • What percentage of people that visit your website sign up with you?

In addition to this, you can use marketing automation software to nurture leads efficiently. You should customize your campaigns so that your leads can move successfully through the purchasing cycle. Your team can progress through email marketing, convert leads into sales quickly and align data for future projects using different tools.

Discover the best growth mix for your business niche. Try your hands with different acquisition channels. Then, evaluate the results. Choose what needs to stay and what is worth dropping. The most valuable channel will bring you the cheapest consumers who are most likely to thrive. Always be ready to use your resources to implement a quality plan. But don’t forget to test different tactics to reduce the costs.

Educate Your Prospects

Technology and modern devices have made it easy for people to learn more about the products they plan to purchase with just a click of a button. It is uncommon that people don’t Google something before buying a product. Rather than persuading prospects, become their trusted partner. You and your team should educate customers so that they don’t have to face any hassle.

Sharing valuable information about your company makes you an industry expert. Your customers would start trusting you more, follow your opinions without the fear of being deluded. Establish your brand and host webinars to inform your prospects about your business goods. It would be good if you offer social proof to validate your product’s value.

70% of consumers look at the product reviews before they purchase, and they trust product reviews 12X times more than product descriptions provided by the manufacturers. “Crate” is a content curation tool that highlights reviews from customers. They quote the customer and add their picture, name, and external link with the review. If you are claiming yourself as the best SaaS in the market, back up your statement through educational materials and testimonials.

Collaborate With Others

In this global economy, it is hard for businesses to thrive in isolation. Therefore, businesses, especially eCommerce marketers, must build partnerships to develop a sustainable business model. Partnering with other brands will help you gain exposure to new audiences. Strategic alliances or right joint ventures can also let your business do more with less. You can increase your market share and gain additional financial and human resources to fulfill your customers’ demands. The best example of alliances is – Spotify and Uber that have made an alliance to provide their customers the enjoyment of hearing their favorite playlist while riding a cab.

The idea of co-marketing is beneficial for the entities that market together. They are benefited by the shared brand awareness, audiences, and results. Getting customers doesn’t always mean reviving the wheel. At times, joining forces with like-minded brands can boost a new paid set of customers.

Wrapping Up!

Grab the attention of new customers by applying long-term strategies and avoiding one-off flukes. Build long-term relationships with your prospects through continuous engagement. Give them a solution to their problems by educating them about your products and how your products can solve their problems. At last, develop partnerships with other brands to expand your reach. Don’t forget to be strategic to acquire more customers!

SEO Experts Company India is a market leader in helping businesses and brands in achieving their marketing goals. We provide customized marketing solutions that will let them grow their customer base through excellent relations and better engagement. Feel free to discuss your business goals and let us design strategies for better business reach online.


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