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5 Popular Brands with Excellent Social Media Strategy


Excellent Social Media Strategy

In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people were using social media. [Source: Statista]

This is more than twice the population of China, the world’s most populous nation. Due to the proliferation of smartphone technology and cheaper internet, the social media world has penetrated even the remote areas of the globe.

A myriad of startups and corporate giants have tapped into the potential of this virtual world through a set of social media marketing strategies. To make your brand an integral part of this realm, you can analyze the content the iconic brands create and publish.

To help you in the process, we have discussed the secret sauce of brands’ social media pages.


For its awesome social media strategy, Starbucks won the IPA Effectiveness Award in 2018. The human factor they add to many campaigns helps them stand out from the rest. A perfect example is the series #ToBeHuman — a campaign from their account Starbucks Stories. The users got engaged with the video illustrations of employees who shared their uplifting stories. This human side can be seen when they respond to their customers in a positive and light-hearted manner.

When it comes to images, Starbucks never compromises with the quality. High-resolution images, creative videos, and captions with emojis and spaces have resulted in a cult following of this brand’s channel.

Its limited-time deals that are promoted for more engagement also tells the success stories of its social media strategies. Unicorn Frappuccino that was available just for three weeks in 2017 is one such prominent example.

Platform-wise followers

Facebook – 36 million

Instagram – 17.9 million

Twitter – 10.9 million


Rather than relying on color filters and enhancement, AirBnB sticks to authentic images. This vacation rental platform captures the attention of travelers with travel tales, connections, and adventures posted on Instagram reels. Talking about Facebook strategy, it relies on previous keyword searches and bookings while curating the Facebook content.

A particular campaign worth mentioning is “We Accept.” The brand created a social media ad as a response to accusations by guests based on gender and race discrimination by hosts. Other brands’ social media pages can learn that boldly accepting the mistakes and modifying the services can help develop credibility.

Platform-wise followers

Facebook – 17 million

Instagram – 4.8 million

Twitter – 733 thousand


The Playstation’s social media accounts feel like some fantasy world. From gaming footage and trailers of the latest games to streaming events, every form of content is being posted regularly on each platform.

Playstation allowed downloading of free in-game content as a part of its #PlayAtHome campaign to delight gamers. Thanks to social media promotions, it was a massive success. However, it’s just a tiny example of how it keeps its users hooked.

For all queries and troubleshooting, this gaming brand has created a separate account on Twitter by the name of Ask Playstation. Did you know its Twitter account tops the list of most followed brands?

Platform-wise followers

Facebook – 39 million

Instagram – 28.7 million

Twitter – 21.9 million

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s exemplifies the fact that you need loads of creativity to win the social media battle. Many campaigns don’t just talk about delectable pizzas but the issues their consumers face. For example, it launched a campaign called ‘Paving for Pizza’ that talked about potholes in the cities of the US. The customers were supposed to nominate their respective towns for a paving grant from this fast-food chain. It received a whopping 35k mentions in the first week itself, as reported by PRWeek.

Its regular posts and tweets have a tinge of delicious humor to engage the customers. Here’s what it tweeted recently:

“Like for pizza.

RT for more pizza.”

Domino’s promptly responds to the complaints of the users with the best possible reply. The positive experience of the customers helps in building credibility. No wonder many new digital marketers follow this brand’s social media pages to learn marketing lessons daily.

Platform-wise followers

Twitter: 1.3 million

Facebook: 21 million

Instagram: 1.7 million


It would be a sin to end the discussion about brands’ social media pages without mentioning Netflix.

The world’s favourite OTT platform ensures there is no shortage of entertainment even on their social media channels. On most of its posts, Netflix adds a dash of humor by using the memes of its web series and movies. In addition, it takes the personalization of recommendations to the next level. Take, for example, a tweet published in May 2020 where it asked the users to tell about their country using a GIF. It offered a movie recommendation to each response.

It frequently adds polls to get feedback on the originals it produces. Around 87.3 percent of people voted Yes when it asked if Netflix should create the next season of Stranger Things. That’s what we call the best utilization of social media.

Platform-wise followers

Netflix: 75 million

Twitter: 11.8 million

Instagram: 27.1 million

The Bottom Line:

It’s not difficult to join the league of these renowned brands in the social media world. Even a small team of social media marketer, graphic designer, and video editor can do the job. You can also hire a digital marketing agency to boost your brand’s social status at a fraction of the price.


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