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Smart Tips and Tricks for Creating an Appealing Design for Your WordPress Blog


Creating an Appealing Design for Your WordPress Blog

Are you pursuing the right way to start a WordPress blog? 

It would be tough for you if you are a non-techie. Many users like you are there who are facing the same issue. 

But, do not get panic!! 

Several ways can make your task easier. With some minor changes, you can design an engaging look for your website blog. All its requires is to use the correct approach with some effort and time. It is true that with so much competition in the market, establishing a blog that stands out is difficult.

To make a blog striking among thousands, it should hold those elements, content, and designs that signify the future possibilities. With the help of WordPress CMS developers, you can create an inclusive design for your WordPress website. 

In this article, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that make your WordPress website blog to be appealing.

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Make your WordPress blog elegant in 2019

WordPress is the best CMS these days. Almost every user these days is experiencing its features and functionalities and changing the blog’s look in a click. It has almost hosted 34% of the websites. Being comprehensive and flexible, it is used by every organization for their respective purpose. Check out the below points and create the blog that your desires.

Next and Previous posts feature

After reading a particular post on a blog, you often wonder what to do next, of course, if you liked the post. Showing related posts below every blog post gives users an idea of where to go next or what to read next. Adding a next and previous posts feature improves user experience and design WordPress Blog for a good look as we know that the first impression is the best impression on your website while reducing the bounce rate significantly.

To integrate a related post feature into your WordPress blog, you can use YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) that automatically adds related posts, pages and custom post types below the current entry, introducing your visitors to other relevant content on your blog.

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Fast loading site

A web user tends to abandon a website that takes ages to load. With millions of options available on the internet these days, speed matters the most. If you fail to make your blog load faster, be prepared to be abandoned by 90% of your traffic. The best way to make your speed up your website is to get rid of clumsy sidebars, plugins, and widgets. Also, remove unnecessary elements added to your blog and design WordPress blog simple and clean as it can load faster. There are various tools such as Pingdom that can be used to check your blog’s speed. Make sure your blog’s speed is not more than 5-8 seconds.

Improve your content readability

There is no denying the fact that content is the king. Writing readable and high-quality content can certainly attract a lot of visitors to your blog. In fact, when you publish a readable and legible content on your blog, your user experience enhances drastically. Furthermore, poorly written content scares users away. And I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

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But what makes a poor content?

  • Lack of visual content: Web users are goal centric. People tend to grab the information by scanning the images or videos you add along with the text.
  • Stale content: They are always on the lookout for fresh content and thus, abandons a site that offers outdated information.
  • Plagiarized content: You cannot copy and paste the content from another website. It’s absolutely illegal.
  • Poor formatting: Adding content which has poor formatting and different images sizes can terribly affect your website’s personality.

What makes good content?

  • Include tons of white spaces to keep things clear and concise
  • Incorporate visual content such as infographics, GIFs, videos and more
  • Use the right combination of color schemes
  • Add killer headings and subheadings
  • Make use of bullet points for better readability

Keep ads in moderation

Monetizing your blog is certainly important especially if you are blogging to make a living. But adding too many ads to your blog not only affects your blog’s overall layout but also degrades user experience vigorously.

Have a responsive design

Thanks to the evolution of a variety of devices, just having a desktop-friendly website is not enough. More than 55% of web users access the internet on their smartphones and tablets. Thus, it becomes more important to establish a responsive blog to ensure your blog looks presentable on every screen size and device.

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Concluding remarks

We have given the best ways for your WordPress blog to be appealing enough to attract visitors. But if you are not maintaining it with strong content than it would not attract visitors.  The design adds value faster than it adds costs. It makes intelligent content more visible. Implementing these tricks will not let you down but will show worth in the business. 

Let us know your suggestions and queries in the comment section below. Your one comment will be highly appreciated. Thank you for sparing the time to read!

About the Author:

Emily Johns is a web developer and IT consultant at WordSuccor, providing WordPress Theme Customization Services to global clients. She is dived through open-source code for over a decade and share everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies. You can find her on Twitter

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