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How to Make a Gaming Website with WORDPRESS

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Description: Discover how to make a gaming website! We’ve put together an excellent guide to help you get started on the Internet. Learn how to create a plan, buying a domain, costs, and much more. It’s all here in this comprehensive article.

Following the advent of gaming consoles, many people tend to believe that online gaming has gone out of the window, but this is not the case. There is still a market for gaming through the browser. It is possible to cater to this section through a dedicated gaming website. However, many people are still not aware of how to make a gaming website. Many people think it is challenging to create such a website, but it is especially easy thanks to the presence of platforms like WordPress.


How To Make A Gaming Website

These are the steps involved in creating a gaming site. Let’s see them!


Creating a Plan

It is possible to come across gaming sites that differ in shape and sizes – just like games. For example, there are gaming server websites, personal sites that cater to game streamers, websites that are meant for publishers or developers, and gaming blogs. Before starting out a site, it is vital to have a clear idea about the focus and type of content. This idea will later have a crucial say in terms of determining domain name. It will be challenging to choose a site name if the focus is not clear.


Buying Domain Name and Host

An advantage with gaming website is the ability to choose domain names that can be fun. However, it is only possible to lend a professional look to the site only with a professional name. Therefore, a great deal of importance should be placed when picking names. It is also essential that the domain name has a certain degree of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) built-in. A top-level domain with .com tends to be more expensive than some of the latest generation top-level domains (TLDs). However, it makes sense to stick with these choices since people associate them with a smart and safe choice. Once a domain name has been purchased, it is time to pick up the appropriate web hosting plan.

For those setting up an optic gaming website, the hosting needs to be a very good service. The primary goal is to provide constant uptime. Even though many hosting services claim to offer 100% uptime, it is usually in the region of 90%. One should look at a service that provides an uptime guarantee of more than 99.9%. There are hosting providers who will be able to offer a free domain name as often.


Choosing the Platform

The world of online blogging has led to a large number of choices for those looking to set up an online gaming site. The most popular has to be WordPress. It has taken the process of creating a website and made it extremely simple. Previously, it appeared like a massive task to design and run a website since knowledge of HTML was essential. If users do not have any coding experience, they had to rely on expensive services to handle the process of editing, working, or even updating the site. All these have been made much easier thanks to the availability of WordPress, which is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today. It is possible to build a site in a matter of a few minutes using WordPress due to the availability of gaming website templates.

Some of the advantages of WordPress are the following.



There is no cost associated with using WordPress, as it is a free platform that is available for everyone. It is an excellent choice for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money on their platform.



A beginner will face no trouble when using WordPress since it is easy and intuitive. There is no need for any technical knowledge to begin using the WordPress platform. One of the few requirements is the knowledge of Microsoft Word.


Mobile Friendly

Access to websites from mobile devices has grown immensely in recent years. This is only expected to increase as smartphone screen sizes grow ever more prominent, and data becomes cheaper across the world. There is the adoption of mobile phones when it comes to accessing multimedia. Thankfully, WordPress is mobile friendly. It is possible to come up with content, make changes, or even update posts using several devices like phones and tablets.


Setting up Gaming Site

After WordPress has been chosen as the preferred platform, it is possible to add up some endless customization to the site using the gaming website builder. 

The process of customization begins with choosing the theme. WordPress makes it easy so that you need not design several aspects of the site. You can just pick a theme – free or paid – that ticks your fancy and start seeing the site appear close to completion in terms of looks.

You can start working on various elements of the site content, which includes different pages when you try to make your own gaming website. Every site is expected to have a blog section where the latest news about gaming is discussed. You can also add a page that provides information about the site and people who are working in different parts. The instructions and information that are crucial for the gaming server can also be provided on a dedicated page.

Even though it may be like a complicated process to set up on these pages, WordPress is straightforward when you try to make a gaming website. One can also add plug-ins to increase and add functionality to a compelling platform. This popularity is a crucial factor, as one can avail more than 50,000 plug-ins for free. There is an even more enormous assortment of plug-ins available in the paid market, while users can also decide to have them custom-made.



These entire functionalities do not cost a lot of money, and it is possible to get good margins when setting gaming sites that run on the WordPress platform. Even with the massive loss, this is good enough to work, and this should cater will for sites that are expecting a high volume of traffic as the years roll by. It does not take a long time to get a great website started.

Are you thinking of developing a gaming website soon? Let us know in the comments. Maybe we can help!





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Thomas is a passionate computer science graduate and video game enthusiast. He currently lives in Chicago and works for a cryptocurrency company, but his dream is to work for a famous gaming brand.





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