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Difference between WordPress and HTML website 


There may be confusion over whether to start a website based on HTML or WordPress. Is HTML website beneficial than WordPress or both are the same? Let’s check out both scenarios and understand pros and cons for both. WordPress and HTML are the most used one to develop websites in recent times. All web developers used these two to create all types of websites like static and dynamic websites.

Difference between WordPress and HTML

What is WordPress?:

WordPress is a content management system. CMS allows users to create, edit, organize and publish content. More than 30% of all websites on the internet use WordPress. There are two different types of WordPress platforms: and is an open source CMS. One can download softwares and abundance of free plugins and themes. Meanwhile, is a self-hosted version of WordPress, it is easier to use.

What is HTML?

Creating a website with HTML may not be as easy as WordPress. One may need to hire web developers for creating web pages. The HTML website came into existence when the concept of internet began fast catching up, and businesses started seeking the need to make use of these technologies.

Difference between WordPress and HTML

  • WordPress is a cost effective option for adding content for any business. Whereas HTML is one stop solution for easily publishing an interactive website.
  • In HTML websites there is no need to update, add new content or change websites whereas in WordPress one can make any type of update even if they don’t know coding.
  • WordPress makes the whole functioning easy, quick and profitable but will miss advanced features that are offered by HTML.
  • WordPress is an ideal solution much required for small and mid-size business. For HTML non technical users can’t utilize HTML as it is a developer friendly language. Mostly huge enterprises pick HTML to build their own websites.
  • With WordPress, a user needs to install just a plugin. It also offers a set of plugins that allows users to explore more functions of their site. While with static HTML, one has to deal with validation and the data that a user submits.
  • WordPress is more secure than HTML, it depends on usage or maintenance. A security risk is still there if we don’t update every plugin installed in WordPress, Whereas html to wordpress conversion service holders no need to worry about this.
  • Using WordPress one can add content to a website without hiring any developer, no need to worry about servers and databases. While with HTML there is no need to update websites.

Comparison Between WordPress and HTML

                   WordPress                               HTML
Additional plugins can be added to make it more powerful.Additional programming skills, and language


CSS is required to make it more dynamic.

Cost of hosting the website is highIt is cheaper to maintain the website
No coding skills is requiredCoding is skills is required
SEO and features are betterEverything needs to add to source code
Regular updates are neededNo update required
Time to time maintenance is needed if anything has changedIt requires very less maintenance especially with static content
It doesn’t require web developer one can develop with their ownWithout web developer it is tough to build website

Which one is Better: WordPress or HTML?

Let’s finalize which is better for business. If you are stubborn that you will never update or change a website’s content then HTML website is just perfect for your business. But if you want to keep updating your website constantly for betterment of business then WordPress is the best. If you wish to have freedom to control your website, add more functions and pages then WordPress website is appropriate for you. But WordPress is less secure as compared to HTML because HTML is a developer friendly language non technical users can’t utilize. HTML doesn’t require much maintenance as WordPress does as WordPress website needs to be updated regularly. Thus both have their own characteristics so it depends on your business to prefer HTML or WordPress websites.

Winding Up

Both Websites are working tremendously in their own way. By looking at the above points, WordPress is definitely a good choice for building a website as it offers various themes, plugins and more functions. But for large applications the situation becomes different, it requires security, additional programming skills therefore HTML website is suitable. Thus these were some points that showed the difference between WordPress and HTML websites.

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is  Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on html5 website development company.

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