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7 Best Ways to Improve WordPress UX in 2021


Amazing ways for Improving WordPress UX

In the digital world, where most businesses are listed online, a website is a super important platform. Websites are not only utilized for doing business, but they are also the main platform for blogs on different topics, online shopping, and lots of stuff that can be done on a website. Creating a website on WordPress is the simplest & easiest way to build a site as it is the most loved and popular website builder platform in the world.

Creating a website might not be a difficult task but maintaining that site with great User Experience (UX) is quite difficult. Yes, the awesome UX of the website is critical for the site’s success. If your WordPress site UX is not good enough, then believe us, later or sooner your site will face huge disappointment from the users.

Amazing ways for Improving WordPress UX

In this post, we are going to discuss how you can achieve better UX for your WordPress site? We will see the top 7 ways to improve the UX of the WordPress website in detail. Let’s dive in.

Reduce Page loading Time

The first thing first and that is your site’s loading time. No matter how attractive you build the site or how much useful content is present on the site if your site’s page loading time is more, then there are high chances of losing site visitors. Imagine a scenario, where the user got a bunch of results from the search engine for a query and your site address is at the top, now the user clicks on your URL and your site starts to load and it takes a while.

Now when your site is taking too much time to open then the user will not wait and will open another result. In this manner, slow page loading speed can lose website visitors and creates a negative impact on the user about the site.

Page loading time can be decreased through various ways like hosting your site on a good hosting platform, using a light-weighted theme, using compressed image and multimedia, using a caching plugin to clean caches and clean up unused resources from the site’s database. These factors affect most of the page loading time, so have a look at these factors and fix them if any error is found. But the most important part is definitely the hosting. If you think you need a new provider, take a look at the reviews for HostGator.

Optimization for Mobile users

We all know how smartphones have changed the world in a very short time. Majority of any website’s traffic comes from mobile that makes it essential to optimize the website for a mobile user. If you want to give a better UX for mobile, then you must use a few things on your website. Things like a sticky search box on the top, simple and reachable buttons, easy view content, all the icons showing perfectly or not, and other essential things.

Moreover, you can make changes according to yourself while surfing your site on the mobile. We said according to you because you are a human and your visitors are also human, so you can identify the problems and fix them for better UX of your WordPress site. Also, there are tools available to check your site’s speed and identify the possible errors of slow page loading speed.

High-quality images

When any user is browsing your website and finds a low quality, no clear image posted on the site. Do you have any idea how bad it is for the site’s reputation? Yes, it makes a bad impression of you and your site in the head of a user. The time of plain content is gone, nowadays people love images in the content, they like explanations with images, infographics, charts, graphs, and other types of images.

The image makes content more understandable, gives a clear idea about it, enjoyable, and easy to understand; that’s why using high-quality images on your website is crucial to deliver a good User Experience to the visitors. Do not use stock images on your website instead use tools like Canva to create high-quality images for the site.

Clear CTA buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the important buttons on your website as it takes (or informs) a user to the different resources available on your website. CTA buttons are the key to perform activities from your visitors that you want. In the case of no clear CTA buttons, buttons were not full loading, buttons got hidden behind any content, mismatch with other buttons, or no specific CTA button; then there are fewer chances of visitors to get engaged with your site.

You will not be able to achieve your goal when you have unclear CTA buttons on your site. So, be precise when you are creating the CTA button. Double-check whether your CTA is working and looking good or not. The instruction or text on the button should be clear and easy to understand. The colour of CTA buttons must be eye-catching so that it grabs user attention easily.

Simple navigation menu

A simple navigation menu is important to provide an easy and clear option to reach different resources of the site. Users always get confused about where to go and what is the way to reach someplace within the website. The hamburger menu in WordPress is a popular navigation menu to improve UX. Hamburger is a simple and easy menu button that is loved by users, so do not forget to use this kind of navigation menu on your website.


It is important to look after the typography of your website. Different fonts, the different colour used, no proper manner for the size of fonts, no space between letters, unusual line gap, and other things collectively ruin the UX of your website. Always try to use a particular font of headlines, a font for the body, specific colour for a specific region or part, similar text size, proper line gaps, and similar space between letters throughout the website. These simple things can take your site’s UX to the next level.


Using WordPress and not talking about plugins- that is an impossible thing that can happen. Every WordPress website relies on plugins for its security, better customization options, to improve site speed, data back-up, better designing options, and much more. You can improve site UX by using plugins for chat support, better visualization of the page, subscribing newsletter, and other things that are required according to the website.

A plugin called “Contact form 7” is a world-famous plugin for the contact us page for a WordPress site. Plugin to find broken links is helpful to fix your site’s broken links and you can redirect them. In this manner, there are lots of plugins available and you should use them to improve your site’s overall User Experience.

Final thoughts

Starting from reducing page loading time to the Plugin section, we have seen all the important things that can be done to improve the UX of a WordPress site. As we know UX has a big role to play in a website’s success, it became crucial to implement above-mentioned factors effectively on your WordPress site. There can be other ways also to improve UX but here we discussed only the top 7 factors to do so. But we are about to bring more tips on improving WordPress UX very soon.

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Khushali Raval is an Author at Phoneier

Khushali Raval is an Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.


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