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10 Trusted Graphic Designers in Canada


Trusted Graphic Designers in Canada

Canada prides itself as a land of opportunity consisting of people with diverse backgrounds. This diversity has shaped its business industry dramatically. The same is the case for their graphic design industry who work tirelessly to design state of the art websites, logos, and apps to meet the satisfaction of their client’s criteria.

Many online users search for their expertise as they view Canada with a lot more trust than any other country considering their embrace of globalization. However, many users cannot ascertain which graphic design agencies are best suited to cater to their needs as there are thousands of graphic designers operating within the country. We have created a list of some of the most lauded graphic design agencies that harbor experienced and qualified graphic designers to meet your satisfactory requirements. You can easily avail of their services once you have read the entire article.

1. Designster

Designster is an emerging graphic design agency that has taken on the field of graphic designing and has transitioned into one of the most trailblazing agencies in the world. It caters to a diversified audience ranging from different geographical backgrounds. Its team consists of 250+ graphic designers who oversee every aspect of editing, modifications, and accuracy of the projects at their disposal. This affordable platform provides outstanding user experiences, which is why they have received positive clientele feedback. Designster has collaborated with many startup businesses to enhance their operations in terms of logo, illustration, and UX/UI and take their business to the level of becoming more established.


Kimp is a graphic design agency founded in 2019 and located in Markham, Canada. It consists of a team of ten graphic designing employees that cater to entrepreneurs, creative agencies, and startups. Their former clients include the likes of National Geographic, HostGator, and, which are known by a diverse range of audiences globally. Kimp’s most notable project is its collaboration with fulfillment and storage companies. Their services include social media content, logos, infographics, and photo editing. The clientele sales process has become an integral element of Kimp’s operations.

3. Aeqdigital

Aeqdigital is located in Vancouver, Canada, and operates as a graphic design agency that was founded in 2012. It consists of a team of fifty graphic designers who have the experience and expertise in product design, mobile app development, and UI/UX designs. They have been renowned for creating innovative digital projects for their clientele, which include iQmetrix, Jelato, and Sneaker Con.

Aeqdigital was initially launched as an app for startups in social media. They built the app, which would pave the way for users who were physically close to communicating with one another. Aeqdigital has always met the client’s satisfaction criteria, from its quick chat function to custom imagery. The clientele feedback from the app was highly positive and was recommended to other users.

4. Kanopi Studios

Kanopi Studios is a design and development graphic design agency that is San Francisco based and was founded in 2010. Their primary focus is on consumer products, nonprofits, and business services. Their team consists of 33 graphic designers who are experts in UI/UX designs, web development, and web design. Their former clients include the University of California, Autodesk, Yale Press, and San Francisco International Airport. Kanopi Studios’ notable project revolves around its transfer of an outdated CMS to an updated version of Drupal, which was provided to a professional school. The platform’s content was retained, and custom modules were rebuilt. The UI/UX design of the sites was also redesigned by Kanopi Studios. The clients appreciated the expertise of their designer’s services to the project.

5. Parachute Design Group Inc.

Based in Toronto, the Parachute design group has functioned as a web design company since its inception in 2003. Its team comprises of five graphic designers that specialize in branding, web design, and web development. This agency has collaborated with various industries that include information technology, healthcare, and business services. Some of their former clients are Dick Duffs Inc., Precision Nutrition, Toronto financial International, and SickKids Hospital. Their most recognized work was their cooperation with a law firm to manage their two different web designs. They integrated the existing content and transitioned it to the most recent version. Their work received substantial acclaim from their client.

6. Plank

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Plank was founded in 1998 and consists of a team of forty graphic designer employees who specialize in mobile app development, web development, and web design. Their former high-profile clients include Osheaga, The Sun Magazine, Juno beach center, and Concordia University. Plank was hired by a museum to improve the user experience on their website. Plank worked to modify the online store and donation functionality of the museum. The same museum would go on to collaborate with Plank to create a virtual exhibit. The client heaped praise on Plank’s expertise and appreciated their services.

7. Zync

Zync is based in Toronto, which was founded in 2004 and functions as a digital and marketing agency. Their team comprises of fifteen graphic designing members who are experts in digital strategy, web design, branding, and more. Zync has collaborated with former clients from the likes of AVIVA, Colliers, IKEA, and TD bank. A national sports organization reached out to Zync for the development of their WordPress website. Zync redesigned both the front and backend of their webpage, created a new UI/UX Design, and underwent the entire process of developing a prototype for fully operable delivery. This has garnered them a substantial amount of traffic. This traffic has earned them many accolades, including Graphex Awards, Coupe International Design Awards, and Applied Arts Design Awards.

8. 14 Oranges Software

14 Oranges Software is a web and mobile development company founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Richmond with officers located in Ottawa and Halifax. Their team consists of fifteen graphic designers who are experts in web design, mobile app development, and UI/UX Design. They pride themselves in cooperating with a government agency that required an application based on their country’s elections. 14 oranges software constructed an application that included polling locations, voter information, and election results. The app was instrumental in boosting the number of people to participate in their local elections. This earned them the Richmond Chamber of Commerce: 2014 Business of the Year award. Some of 14 Oranges Software’s other clients include Western Pacific, City of Richmond, Western Pacific, and Global Fund Forum.

9. Digital Echidna

Located in Canada, Digital Echidna is a digital platform that invests a lot of its focus on web development. Its team entails over sixty graphic designers who boast an experience of over two decades. The agency was founded in 2002 and has continued to offer digital strategy services and web design to match its web development experience. A university sought the services of Digital Echidna to upgrade its website. The agency created a more modified system of content migration and better controls. The client was pleased with the new and improved site and reportedly asserted that it saved them a lot of their precious time since its operation. Digital Echidna has contributed to a myriad of former clients such as Ottawa Heart Institute, TVOntario, Fanshawe College, and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This has earned them many accolades, such as the London Chamber of Commerce, Business of the Year Award, Excellence in Digital Marketing, Acquia Engage Award, Leader of the Pack Award, and Acquia Engage Award.

10. Y5 Creative

Y5 Creative was founded in 2011 as a web design and branding agency with its headquarters situated in Vancouver, Canada. They have a team of graphic designers that involve 20 people who offer their services in graphic design, web design, branding, and custom software development. They cater to startup and midmarket businesses in different industries such as IT, Arts, education, consumer products, and many more. Some of Y5 Creative’s former clients include Forte Training, LlamaLink, Karina Le Blanc, and Pacific Parklands Foundation. Y5 Creative was hired by an Apple specialist for the development of their web design. They created an upgraded e-commerce platform that was Shopify-based with a mechanical architecture and spontaneous typeface. The client received an increase in online sales as a result of the agency’s contributions.

Now that you have been enlightened about Canada’s trusted graphic designers, it’s time to make your decision. While the prospects of narrowing down your choices can seem daunting, the trick is to see which ones meet your budget and which ones have the best user experience. Do not hesitate to interact with their former clients to gain an insight into how the graphic designers have performed with respect to the projects.


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