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The Popular Torrent Sites That Are Trending Online

A torrent is a generally a computer file containing metadata about the distribution of files and folders. Torrent files usually appear in networks of locations and trackers. These trackers are computers that efficiently assist participants in finding each other for distribution.

However, torrent files do not contain any distribution content.  They only bear information about data to be distributed such as how to download movie. They also have cryptographic hash values used for verifying the integrity of the data.

The terminology torrent may be used to mean either a metadata file or sometimes the files downloaded depending with the context in which they appear. Torrents majorly get used for searching for mainstream data. Below we look at some of the popular torrent sites in the movie market.


The pirate bay is the oldest site among the popular torrent sites. It accomplished 15 years in service last year.  Basing on traffic from the proxy, the PIRATE BAY would still rank the best torrent site. However, frequent downtime and connectivity problems have made to slide from the top.

2. ME has been so fortunate to be one of the popular torrent sites that enjoyed a meteoric traffic rise this year. This torrent acts as a Metasearch engine link between torrent files and magnet links coming from other different websites.

3. 1 IDOPE

Idope is also famously known as 10.1. The torrent got established in 2016. The site has not been among the torrent sites for so long. However, the site has managed to grow its audience steadily over the last year.


Zooqle as a torrent site boasts of about three million confirmed and verified torrents. The torrent has managed to keep its steady growth for the last year.

5. SI is just but an outcome of the resurgence of the anime torrent site NYAA, which had shut down in the previous year.


Torrentz2 was majorly formed to act as a stand-in for the previous original site. This formation was after that chose to close down out to willful interest. Until now, the site has only been listing torrent hashes and not external torrent site links. It is because of this reason that the future of the torrent is deemed uncertain.

7. 01 torrent .net

If you are a big fan of books and anime with the latest versions and episode, then this is the right popular torrent sites for you. The torrent has a vast selection of free movies, music, and shows. Its simple modern layout appeals to most visitors, and that’s why the torrent site has been experiencing a rise in the number of people visiting the site.

8. Torlock

If you are tired of fake torrents, then you need to try out Torlock. Even though the flow sometimes contains fake torrent, it goes ahead to compensate its users who might get affected. It usually pays its users $1 for every phony content found.   The torrent has one of the largest verified libraries around the globe.  Whereas the torrent site might not have everything you may be looking for, at least it has legitimate content.


The torrents mentioned above are some of the popular torrent sites around if you are searching for anything to do with mainstream then you need to visit any of them or even how to download movie.

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