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How To Get Affordable Internet Services From Your Current Provider


How To Get Affordable Internet Services From Your Current Provider

Did your internet service provider charge you extra on your monthly bill? You are not alone. However, you may be able to get a better deal when you master the art of negotiation.

From gathering information, finding competitors’ plans, and finally negotiating with your internet service provider. In this guide, you will explore all the hacks for saving money on your internet bills.

Gather Information About Your Current Internet Service

Before you make the call to start negotiating with your internet service provider, you need to prepare yourself first. You need to gather relevant information that will build a solid case to get the affordable internet services you need. You need to look at some of the following:

  • Are you currently paying more than when you subscribed? If you do, it’s better to ask your ISP to revert the monthly bill.
  • Are new customers paying less than you? Ask and even convince your current ISP to give the same plan as the new customers. It’s a better financial decision to retain a customer by giving them a discount rather than losing a customer altogether.
  • Have you been experiencing technical issues for some time and not getting the advertised internet speed? Share your concerns and grievances with them and ask for a discount.

Research What Competing ISPs Have To Offer

Conducting research on other ISPs’ pricing plans in your area will give you an upper hand in negotiating with your current internet service provider. Make a note of all their promotions, exclusive discounts and other offers. It will definitely come in handy when you make the call to your current ISP.

Ask Your Internet Provider For A Better Deal

Having all the relevant information at your fingertips and knowing how to negotiate is the key to getting affordable internet services from your ISP.

When making the call, ensure to call them on their business hours. So, you can get in touch with a representative quickly. Ensure to keep all the notes with you and a copy of your internet bills for the last few months.

1. Speak With The Frontline Customer Service Representative

Now, the very first person you will speak with may not be the one who will resolve your concern immediately. You need to let them know that you are about to cancel the subscription. The CSR will probably ask the scripted questions to retain you. However, you need to politely ask them to transfer to someone who handles your concern.

You can let a CSR know that you are about to cancel the internet subscription since you have a better deal from elsewhere. Ask them whether they can match that price.

Once you have said your piece, ask them to transfer the call to someone in the customer retention department.

Now, it may be possible that a CSR will try to handle your concern by themselves. Hear them out and again firmly ask them to transfer the call. As the people in customer retention have more authority to give you a better deal than a CSR.

2. Discuss Your Situation With Someone Who Handles Cancellations And Retention

When you have been transferred to the customer retention department, you need to tell them your situation again. Remember to keep calm and polite but firm about your concerns and share with them what will make you a satisfied customer.

It’s worth mentioning all the concerns you may be facing. Whether in terms of paying higher than new customers, your contract is about to end, you have been a loyal customer for years, or you are facing issues frequently with their internet service. Make a point of all these concerns to make a solid case to get affordable internet services.

Now, you may not get the intended results right away. Set your expectations, and they will most likely resist giving you a discount or trying to resolve your issue in any other way. They may defend themselves in the following ways, but here’s how you can counter them:

  • They could suggest you to downgrade your internet service or convert from a bundle package to an individual plan to lower your monthly bill. Stay adamant on the subject of a lower price of your current plan instead of any other suggestion or plan. Otherwise, let them know you will cancel their service altogether.
  • When they tell them that you have got other ISPs who will offer affordable internet services. They will push back by informing you that their service quality is superior. Let them know that your main concern is affordability rather than service quality.
  • They might offer you upgraded routers and additional TV channels on your bundle package. You need to keep your focus on the discount and don’t sway away with offers that don’t solve your main concern.

If they do give a discount in the end, you can ask, “Is this the biggest discount you can give me?” Now, they would or wouldn’t offer you a more discounted deal.

3. Accept Their Offer Or Try Again

If their offer isn’t up to your liking on your first attempt, don’t cancel the service right away. Instead, you can ask to speak with someone more senior or tell them you will think about their offer and call back later. As an alternative, you still have the other option of switching to a new service provider that will fulfill your demands.

If you successfully got a better deal from your current ISP, congrats! Ask the CSR or the manager to email you all the terms and conditions for the new package. In this way, you will have documented proof for your deal, plus you will also be able to peruse and better understand their details. Sometimes, there are strings attached to the new offers, such as contracts or a price lock-in, which they could increase later.


Negotiating your internet bills with your current internet service provider is your right as a consumer.

We hope this guide helps you confidently talk to your ISP and discover all the best internet deals by competing internet service providers to gain an upper hand while negotiating. Remember to keep calm, polite yet insistent to get the results you want.

By following the strategies you will be able to get the best value for your money. So, why the wait? Start negotiating with your ISP and benefit from enjoying affordable internet deals.

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