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As the world stepping forward with technologies and innovations, everything is evolving into digital. Nowadays, we are not able to find generation z and alpha kids actively playing in the playground. Most of the kids are addicted to video and mobile games. Because of this, the child doesn’t get physical activities. Since they lack physical activities, the children get many diseases. It is the parent’s duty to monitor the activities of children.



  • As the child grows, the consumption of food also grows. The children from age 5-13 need a good diet with proper nutrients. Once after the consumption, the child needs to burn down those calories. Or else it starts storing as body fat and it may cause diseases. To avoid such a scenario, make your kids participate in physical activities.
  • Everybody faces stresses and frustrations by doing their regular work. But when kids from age 5-13 feel stressed it may lead to health and mental disease. Some kids are more stressed about school and homework. So to relieve them out, kids need more engaging activities. By following certain activities, their mind gets relaxed.
  • Every activity need not be physical. There are some activities which give work mentally. By following this activity, the children can gain more concentration power and focus on the subjects. In simple terms, it relieves stress and helps more with focusing.
  • Apart from the diseases, the child can build its strength and endurance while playing activities. It also helps their bones and muscles strong while playing.



            This article guides you with some tips to make your children naturally active.



Generally, all children love pets. Sometimes, pets are a real stress buster. If you don’t have a pet of your own, try to have one at home. Kids love puppies very much. They also love to take responsibility for their puppies. Apart from puppies, you can even own an aquarium and allow your kids to play with them. By doing so, they can get out of the stressed life. Moreover, when they come out from the stress and frustrations, they focus more on the subjects.



The historic walk is a good way of exercise for both body and mind. The historic walk is nothing but, taking your kids to historic and monumental places. By doing this activity, many advantages can be witnessed. It gives you physical and also mental exercise. By taking your kids to historic places, you can teach them the history of the particular place. The children also like to listen to the amazing facts of the place. Moreover, they can develop a good sign of knowledge.



One of the effective ways to keep your children active is playing indoor games. By playing indoor games such as chess, carrom board and table tennis can help the kids to develop focus and concentration power. Kids react positively and interestingly towards indoor games. Moreover, by playing these kinds of games, the child can nurture their talents and skills. It offers lots of opportunities to get active. Addition to that, playing indoor games makes the whole family get involved and actively participates.



Not only indoor games make the child active but also some extracurricular activities also makes the children active. There are many extracurricular activities such as swimming, horse riding, painting, abacus, skating and so on. By making your kids actively participate in these activities, they can develop and build their skills. Moreover, they get self-esteem and confidence more than their peers. By learning these extracurricular activities, the child can even participate in schools and get awarded.



Scavenger hunt also known as treasure hunt is an effective activity that makes the child participate effectively. In this game, participants form into small groups and actively participate. Since the participants form a small team, it makes the whole family participate. As the whole family is participating, the child gets more enthusiasm and encouragement.



Playing with atlas and globe is a very common activity for children. Moreover, playing with atlas and globe is a fun way learning about the geographies, about the countries and about the climate. Spending 45 minutes in this activity daily makes the kid learn more about the world. They can explore a lot without travelling.



Another effective way to make your children active is to build a fort with building blocks. Building blocks make the kids construct a fort with more creativity. You can witness more creativity in the child. Moreover, when you encourage your kids to block puzzles, they can show up more creativity in a diversified field.



Only physical activities cannot make your child active. Make your child explore more with many activities. Activities also involve a more fun way of learning. So always make your child participate actively in different activities so that they can develop skills and talents.





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Varshini Murali is a content strategist of SchoolBasix , who research on latest topics what education industry speaks about. Specializes in handling blogs that potential means of marketing and circulating across social media and holds a masters degree in marketing.






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