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How Can You Do Content Marketing For Higher Education?



In this highly advanced digital world, content reigns supreme. Most industries have moved to a digital space, but the educational sector is still struggling, especially the higher education sector. Today, if your educational institute doesn’t have a robust online presence or comes across as reliable, trustworthy, and an industry leader, you will fail to attract quality students.

So, how to remedy this situation?

You can use content marketing for higher education to become an authoritative figure in the industry!

The internet has become the solution for everything, so much so that whenever you encounter an issue, your first instinct is to search the internet. So, where do you think these freshly graduated students would go to gather more information about higher education institutes? The internet, of course! 

This is why universities need to focus on content marketing for higher education. Content is your website’s lifeblood; without good content, you can forget about driving new applications through online marketing. Keep reading to learn more about content marketing strategy for higher education institutes! 

What is content marketing for higher education?

Content is the foundation that helps you communicate with your target audience. The same goes for higher education institutes; content is by far one of the most effective strategies that helps them attract new students. This is why so many universities are interested in working alongside providers of content marketing services

These services ensure that your online content is unique, accurate, relevant, and rightly organized. This way, when prospective students come in contact with your content, it will end in a successful conversion. By using content that is useful, useable, and easy to find, you can improve your website experience. 

Providing a good user experience is necessary because otherwise, the students will abandon your website and lose good connections. Therefore, while undertaking content marketing for higher education, you need to develop a solid plan to bring good results. 

If you manage to do this one thing right, your university will gradually see an increase in the number of students you receive. Keep reading the next section to find out about other major benefits of higher education content marketing.

Why should you use content marketing for higher education?

Content marketing, as you already know, is one of the best digital marketing strategies out there. Here are a few reasons why you should consider content as a part of your overall marketing strategy:

It helps your rank

On the internet, ranking is everything. If your website fails to rank among the top results, you will receive zero to no organic traffic. So, just imagine what happens when candidates search the internet and your website doesn’t appear on top of the search engine results page. 

Quality content helps rank your website because search engines like Google always try to provide its users with the best-in-class answers.

Establish a positive brand image

Content marketing allows you to draw a positive image in students’ minds. With the right higher education content strategy, you can easily leave a good impression on prospective students. Additionally, posting valuable content lets you easily establish your authority online, further improving your rank.

It is both cost-effective and measurable

One of the primary reasons why investing in content marketing is a good idea is because it does not cause much. Unlike paid ads strategies, content marketing provides good results by attracting more leads. Content marketing and SEO have a much lesser customer acquisition cost (CAC) than other digital marketing formats.

When you adopt a content marketing strategy, it can be easily measured with easy-to-track KPIs.

Increase enrollment rates

By providing potential students with useful content and insights, you increase your chances of acquiring them as students. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of students you enroll every year, hiring content marketing services might be a good idea.

Overall, content marketing for higher education seems too useful for you to ignore. Therefore, the earlier you get started with it, the faster you will get to see the results. The following section will give you some valuable tips you can use to improve your content marketing campaign.

Useful tips for higher education content marketing 

For a content marketing strategy to work, it needs to be done with precision and care. Therefore, here are some helpful content marketing tips you can use to boost your campaign:

Understand your target audience

First and foremost, you need to understand what your potential is looking for online. Therefore, you need to research them properly to design a content strategy for them. Only after understanding your target audience will you be able to create content that appeals to them to join your university.

Create a blog

Almost every institute uses blog posting as one of the best higher education content strategies. Blogs give higher education institutes the ability to appear in different search results. Moreover, blogging can also help you drive interested students to your university’s website.

Level up with thoughtful research and case studies

You can draw inspiration from your various academic programs and use them as a part of your content. By using this strategy in content marketing for higher education, you can spotlight the academic programs you offer and attract students who are interested in that particular area.

Use a variety of content

When doing content marketing for higher education, you should not confine yourself to blogging. Explore other content formats and find the one that interests the most students. Use this method to keep your content fresh and exciting. 

Following are some useful content formats you can consider using:

  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Checklists, etc

Produce videos to attract more students

Everyone prefers a nice video over a long blog, and that is a fact. Videos are more dynamic and memorable; therefore, by creating exciting and informative videos, you can significantly improve your marketing efforts.

Consider using podcasts as part of your strategy

Content should not be restricted to just written and visual formats. Over the past few years, podcasts have become pretty popular among the younger generation. Therefore, you can use podcasts as part of your content marketing for higher education to increase your reach further.

Provide virtual tours

Universities can greatly benefit from virtual tours. By providing a highly immersive and engaging tour, you can allow your potential students to experience the campus environment. You can also use this method to showcase your facilities to attract interested students’ attention. Therefore, do not forget to make virtual tours a part of your content marketing for higher education.

Utilize the art of storytelling

Storytelling is an awesome method to capture students’ attention and keep them engaged. Therefore, leverage the power of storytelling in your content marketing for higher education to boost the outcome. Try to feature the stories of your alumni in your content, or you can just give them a glimpse of the campus life of your university. As long as the story is interesting and engaging, it will convince your targets to enroll.

Measure, analyze, and optimize

Content marketing for higher education is not just churning out new content daily. Keeping track of your performance is also very important because it helps you understand what content works with your audience and what does not. This way, you can keep refining your strategy to make it more and more effective.


Content marketing for higher education effectively improves your institute’s brand awareness and attracts students. In this technology-led world, you need to have a significant online presence to achieve goals. Therefore, if you are still considering whether to use content marketing, then it’s time you make the decision and get started.

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