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Children are facing cyber pandemic & it is impacting on children’s wellbeing


Parents must know about digital safety concerns fast.


Several children have been affected by the closure of schools. Why? Because there are more than 1 billion children who are lacking in their schooling. Their screen time has also increased. Also, there are around 60% to 8 to 12 year’s children who are at the exposure of cyber risk as well. These include cyberbullying, exposure to specific sites and other vulnerabilities. Hence experts suggest that since children online exposure has increased by four-fold, so it is a necessity that the parents must know about digital safety concerns fast.

Situation in lockdown

Hence amid lockdown, there are some risks for the children of almost younger ages. There are some areas where internet is not available, and where there is the internet is available, and then they must teach that what the safe and ethical uses of the internet are. Moreover, in 30 countries, there are almost 60% of the children who were experiencing the risk of cybercrime. Also, these risks include gaming disorder, fake news, and other problems.

Hence every time risk does not matter than harm but, in some cases, it means the negative experience that the children are facing online. Thus, up till now whatever stats we have told you are before the coronavirus hence you can imagine what is happening now. Also, recently there are 50% of children around the globe whose schoolings are sufferings. However, there is also a spike increase in the number of children who are facing the abrupt problem in terms of cybercrimes as well.

Digital inequality

Singapore is the country that has done a considerable step to make the online learning available for everyone. Moreover, online learning with government support is best; however, where there is not that support, then the country must suffer from online learning limitations.

Cyber risk on children well being

Cyber risk on children well being

Hence there is the number of children who must teach about digital citizenship. Either it is the gaming addiction, or the online grooming all are the one on one platform. The research suggests that it can lead to a higher number of suicidal cases. Moreover, there are some of the offline bullying may stay to the schoolyard; however, online bullying has no limit. It can be happening to your children under your protection as well. There is a risk if we will be putting our children unfiltered, uncensored in front of the digital world. Therefore, there is the need to pick some of the digital equipment that will allow selecting all the necessary measure in front of the world. Consequently, it is important here to know about the spy app that will provide online safety to all.

Increase in the screen time during lockdown

In the times of today’s hyper connected families, the screen times are a significant concern. Hence, we use the screen for a maximum of 6 hours daily; it is because children are using it for schooling time. But with the addition of the entertainment, there has been significant hype in the screen time of the users. When the child is on the internet for hours, then obviously there is the risk of being different online calamities. Therefore, there is a need to keep things on track.

Ways to protect your child

The best way to fight with this online way is from the spying application. It will be best in the way that it will be best to protect the children from any of the online threat. You can know what your child is doing amid online. It is because there are lots of risks online. We cannot do anything to protect your child, but at least we can manage some things to protect them from online threat.

Why MocoSpy?

Android spy software will be the best options to protect your child from online threats. It will assure their security in the first hand. You can get the absurdity from the best features that it is serving to users. There are several best features, but among them, all the best ones are the Call logs, hidden screen recording through this you can have the short records of your child online activities. Along with that, there some other features as well like keyholes, through which you can know what your child is typing. Social media tracker, with the help of this, you can see if he or she is hours online. Also, you will be about online concerns.


Amid pandemic, there are lots of things that our world is facing nowadays. But above all, there are some risks aside from the pandemics that we must care for, and above all, it is online bullying. Hence for a reason, it is the must that you must tackle with the spying application that is the MocoSpy. With the help of this application, you can track every activity of your child with the quality spying you can check for the quality education of your children.

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