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6 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Student


Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Student

As the era grows, the word hobby shrinks into our palm, you know what I mean. More kids were into their mobile phones, but it is absolutely necessary for a parent to help their kid with some better hobbies which helps to enhance their life. The blame not only lies on the kids, but it is also on the parents too. If you keep on sticking with your phone, then your kids will do that. Kids probably observe the things that you do and not your words. Here in this blog, we are going to list about 6 hobbies, you should motivate your children to do.

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Read a book

Surveys say that in the near future, kids will lose the ability to learn from books as everything turns into a more digitized form. So cultivate them how important it is to read books and why it is necessary to have that habit. The best way to encourage them is to give them the things that they are really interested in doing. Give them more inspirational books, which helps them to handle the situation in a more positive way. Give them science related books they know more about our space, which enable them to do more research and make them a better student. Making Book reading a hobby in their younger stage of life, helps them to read lifelong and teaches them a lot of potential information. For modern kids, it is the best way to avoid “loneliness”.

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Grow Something

Backbone of India is “Agriculture” as all of us know, we should help our children to understand nature. Guide them to plant something, see how it grows, when to water them. The younger generation should know the difficulty behind the food that they are having on the table. This helps them to have a more calm and relaxed state. Paves a better opportunity to understand our earth and the need of pancha bhootas.

Stretch Yourself

Teach them the importance of waking up early and exercising. When they have leisure time play, help them to stretch out and instruct them about how important exercising is to keep them healthy. Usually, exercise helps to remove antioxidants from the body, drives way to get rid of that bad cholesterol, helps to increase the water intake. Try to meditate at least sometime in a day. Get into the practice of doing yoga which helps you with a good stretch and is more healthy.

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Exploring nature is always a great hobby, try to make it a hobby take them to the places where they can learn new things. Take them to different kinds of museums where they can learn about our culture, costumes, relationships, etc. When you take them to a car museum they learn about the parts in the car or they understand how the car industry has evolved. When you take them to different places, they understand more about the fauna and flora of our earth. Travelling brings them a lot about understanding our nature, they are exposed to different kinds of foods which actually helps them to feel happier and they become the greatest relaxation.

Learn a Language

Mastering languages is one of the best qualities in the “Survival of the Fittest”. Try to learn any one of the foreign languages, this even widens your global exposure on things. When you learn a foreign language, it enhances your memory power. Many studies show that those who speak bilingual were better at problem-solving than those who speak one language. It enables the brain to quickly respond and work better when it is a mentally demanding task. In other words, we can say that it enhances your typical executive skills like planning and self-management. It increases more positivity and improves the concentration level.

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Some more Extra-Curricular

Engaging in activities like dancing, learning karate, singing, learning to use a musical instrument can also help you to learn a technique and this paves the way in better understanding, provides you more relaxation. It helps with more analytical skills, language, creativity, math, good motor skills, and many others. When you indulge in learning a musical instrument it strengthens the part of a brain which is called the corpus callosum. This is mainly responsible for linking between two hemispheres of the brain through new connections.


Hobbies were the greatest time to help your kids learn many things, which indirectly helps your kids improve their concentration power, problem-solving skills, analytical ability, multi-tasking, etc. In this blog, we have discussed the major hobbies and the most popular one, which enhances the life of your kid as a better student. There were many hobbies like stamp collecting, coin collecting, sticking towards fitness, concentrating on a particular sport and etc. Try to understand your kid’s interest and guide them to have a hobby, which makes them a better student and a better person.

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