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8 Convincing Tips To Let Your Parents Allow You Become An Exchange Student


Educate them on potential personal benefits

Studying abroad is a wonderful investment in the future. However, it allows spending some time away from your parents. In fact, it requires spending time studying in a foreign country. It is not easy to convince parents to let you venture out into foreign land. Traveling to another country allows learning a new language and becoming bicultural. This significantly affects academic success and enhances career prospects by giving you maturity and independence. Here are tips to convince your parents to let you become an exchange student.

Adequate preparation

The first step to convince your parents that you are serious about adventuring into studying abroad is to let them realize that you have whatever it takes. This requires good grades, learning a foreign language of interest in class or online, and researching your country of interest. Your parents will realize that you are super interested and putting in an effort to discover a new culture and language.

Do your homework

You have to put effort when planning to become an exchange student. Do research about your dream destination, school, and other attractions that you have only been learning about in class. Make these into a nice presentation for use as support points to convince your parents. Appropriate planning and having enough information about your destination is very important. This will surely convince your parents to make you start packing.

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Educate them on potential personal benefits 

The best high school abroad programs  allow students to immerse in a new culture and help them become well-rounded adults. Becoming an exchange student broadens horizons, which is essential in the global environment. Allow your parents to realize these benefits when you study abroad to dispel their fears about letting you venture into unknown land without their guidance.

Additionally, the experience will offer you a cross-cultural experience while making you feel at home in a foreign country. Adapting to a new environment will make you become independent, mature, and on the right track to becoming a more responsible adult. This is what your parents will love most about allowing you to take the plunge.

Highlight expected academic benefits

Parents are usually concerned about how studying abroad might affect your academic progress. Well, this experience has great potential to make your academic performance better. Spending time away from your usual environment gives ample time to refresh. By the time you come back, there is potential to perform better after the invigorating experience. You will find it easy to handle your academic requirements with more enthusiasm. Additionally, the exchange program might allow transferring credits to your regular school program.

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Let them realize potential professional growth

Becoming an exchange student will give you international experience to give you an edge over other applicants during job applications and internships. Bilingualism will always make you stand out in your professional career . Additionally, you can demand for higher pay for your bilingual skills for a more fulfilling career. Let your parents realize how easy it will be for you to find employment in a global setting and they won’t have any hesitation to let you become an exchange student.

Show them you will be safe

Apart from a disruption in your regular academic schedule, parents are equally worried about your safety. Some foreign countries face various security issues including riots, strikes, and political instabilities. Do your homework to ascertain the security situation in your destination country. Let your parents know the security precautions you are likely to undertake when abroad. These might include taking up travel insurance, having emergency numbers handy, and taking guided tours.

Save for the trip

Parents are enjoyed seeing their children become self-reliant and financially savvy. One way to make your parents let you become an exchange student is to show them your ability to go the extra mile by financing your study abroad. You can raise some money working part-time, during the holiday, or helping around the house to save the family some cash. This allows having some cash around to finance your study abroad experience. Making this easier requires having a budget for the trip and your parents will be proud of you.

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Promise you’ll stay in touch

Most parents detest not being able to get in touch with their children while abroad . The time you are to stay abroad is likely to become a very painful experience. However, promise to stay in touch so your parents won’t miss you terribly. Let them know that you will not miss a day without calling or texting them. Additionally, social media is readily available to keep in touch with your parents and friends.

Bottom line

With these tips, your parents will easily give in to let you not miss this wonderful opportunity to explore the world. Let your parents know you will always keep in touch and let them realize the potential academic, professional, and personal benefits of becoming an exchange student.


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