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15 Online Escape Room Games for Kids


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Finding it difficult to provide an interesting activity to occupy your little one at home? Are they getting bored of their games and are expecting you to arrange something new and challenging for them? If you’re stuck in such a dilemma, then the kid-friendly online escape room games are the right choice for you. They are engaging, easy to play and understand, and have a theme designed to fancy and attract everyone, especially the kids and teens. With this family-friendly escape room content, you can enjoy a nice and fun-filled virtual game with your kids and see them have a blast solving and decoding the unique puzzles to win the rounds. 

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The digital escape rooms are similar to offline escape games and require you to solve the puzzles and follow the clues to reach the next steps in the game. Depending on the time, these online breakout games may take a few minutes to half an hour and are an ideal activity for helping your kids to enhance their puzzle-solving skills and concentration. Also, a great event for birthday parties, and get together, you can allow your children to play these simple and adventurous escape games without worrying about their mental health. 

Wasting no more time, let us look at the types of family-friendly digital breakout games and can also be played by children. So, here is a list of the 15 best online escape games compiled by us for your kids: 

• Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Is your kid a Harry Potter fan? Then what could be better than this digital escape room filled with the magical aspects of the Wizard world? This escape game is a fifteen-minute puzzle challenge consisting of different puzzles and clues which you can solve individually or with a team. You are bound to have unlimited fun while playing this online escape game. 

• Space Explorer Training- Digital Escape Room

Space has always been the ideal spot for designing different games and virtual experiences. The Space Exploration Training is one such escape game to craftily utilize the thrilling aspects and beauty of the outer space game. Suitable for teens 11 and above, you can relax and indulge in its fun-filled and exciting gameplay with your family.   

• Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft is well-renowned and a beloved game for many people. That’s why this digital escape game is ten times better with its combined elements of Minecraft and breakout puzzles. In this game, you venture on a thrilling journey to solve all the puzzles to reach the next round and defeat the big baddie to win the title crown of the game. Sounds simple? Try for yourself and see how fun unfolds at every stage. 

• Ancient Egypt Tomb Challenge- Digital Escape Room

Suggested for teens 11 and above, this digital escape room was created by Morgan Lockard and is an adventurous escape room that takes you on a challenging journey across the land of ancient Egypt and sacred tombs. It can be played both individually and with a team and contains beautiful visuals to support the different puzzle stages. It makes for a great fun game to enjoy with the family and keep the children involved in something unique and intriguing. 

• Dr. Seuss Escape Room

As the name suggests, it took inspiration from the classic works of Dr. Seuss and contains beautiful images and puzzle designs in the whole online escape game. It is a bit difficult in terms of the riddles and decoding challenges, it makes it an ideal choice for playing with your family and having a good time bonding with everyone. You can also play it individually to give some exercise to your mental muscles.   

• Dog Man Digital Escape Room

The Dog Man is stuck and is now trying to escape a locked digital room. He is relying on you to help him solve the puzzles and find answers to the clues in the text, images, and videos to help him get out. In this digital escape room, you get to enter a parallel universe escape room that is dark and digital, and your escaping will help the Dog Man breakout as well. Filled with fun elements and gripping puzzles, you are bound to thoroughly this escape game until the end. 

• Halloween Haunt

Stuck in a graveyard on All Hallows’ Eve, you and your friends have the time until midnight to figure out all the clues and riddles of the lock to escape. The Halloween haunt is a remarkable game suitable for all age groups and is easy to play with a family team or individually. And no matter how many times you come back to it, you will always have fun here. 

Online Escape Room Games for Kids
Online Escape Room Games for Kids

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• Pikachu’s Rescue Digital Escape Room

Pikachu is lost, and now it’s up to you and your team to solve the mystery behind its disappearance and find the Pokemon before the time is up. Suitable for kids aged 6 and above, it is a simple and appealing escape game combined with Pokemon lore. So if your kid loves Pikachu, they are going to thoroughly enjoy this digital escape game. 

• Defeat Thanos and Save the World

In for a superhero-based escape game? Team up with the legendary Avengers team to defeat Thanos and his minions to prevent them from attacking and destroying your city. An adventurous escape game with a twist of various puzzles, you and your kids will love this breakout game. Suitable for children ages 11 and onwards.  

• Looney Tunes Locks

This Looney Tunes escape game lets you explore its characters by completing all the challenges and unlocking the locks and puzzles. Set in a beautiful and captivating escape room world, it is sure to keep your children engaged for a long time with its creative riddles and easily playable settings. 

• Smurf Locks

Can you hack your brain and come with ideas to solve the puzzles and unlock the codes to help the Smurfs escape from the evil clutches of the Gargamel? This digital escape game makes for a great choice to relax and have a bonding and fun time playing something interesting and cheerful with your family and kids. 

• Escape from Wonderland Digital Escape Room

It is a Wonderland-based escape room designed to match with the magical and fantastic realms of the story Alice in Wonderland. Appropriate for all age groups, it was inspired by the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room and intended to create something interesting and fun for everyone. It can be played both individually and as a team. 

• Sherlock Holmes Digital Escape Room

You can play this online escape room game individually, with a group, or as a competitive event against your friends. You are given various puzzles and riddles that you must solve as you try to keep foot with the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. And the best part comes at the end when you can solve the case and are declared the winner of this breathtaking game. 

• The Mandalorian Escape Room

In this digital escape room, your bounty hunter friend comes to you to ask you to help them save someone. And you must solve the puzzles and find clues to progress to the next step for winning the game. What makes this escape room enjoyable is its facility to let you compete with your friends multiple times. It can also be played with your family as a group or individually.  

• Pete the Cat and the Birthday Party Mystery

If your kid loves Pete the Cat, then this escape game is perfect for you and your little one. Also inspired by the Harry Potter Digital escape room, it takes you on an adventurous journey where you are tasked to rescue Pete the Cat and save its birthday party from getting ruined. Filled with unique puzzles and riddles in picture and text format, it is a great online escape game to play and indulge in with your friends and family. 

Did the above list excite you? Which escape quest are you going to choose next? No matter your choice, your main intention should be to have lots of fun with your kids and help them have a good time doing something beneficial and healthily entertaining. And since most of these escape room games were made for free using Google Docs, you can also design one easily and add an interesting theme and elements to make it engaging. And if you’re stuck, get ideas from today’s cultural events and shows, and you’re good to go. 

We hope the above list will be useful for you in finding the perfect online escape games suitable for your kids. Just don’t forget to enjoy the process of breaking out! You are also free to explore other escape room games apart from them according to your choice. Just don’t forget to enjoy the process of breaking out! 

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