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Top 10 Tiktokers in the UK


TikTok penetration in the United Kingdom has been gaining traction over the years. With the number of active TikTok users in the UK projected to surpass 13 million in 2022, the video-sharing social media app has become a force to reckon with in the social sphere.

Aside from inbuilt editing features that lets users improve videos on the go,  TikTokers have access to  Soundbites, filters, effects, and songs that they can use to modify their videos.

If you are wondering why the number of TikTok influencers is growing each day around the world, then you should check out how much influencers are generating from their followers.

The unique aspect of the social app is that it comes with exciting features that not only lets you showcase your creative side but address the needs of your target market. This is why many brands are now trooping to Tiktok to get more followers.

Unlike other social media platforms that require extra effort to get followers, you can easily go viral even if you are new on TikTok. If you go viral, you not only increase the chances of getting traffic to your TikTok account but also become an influencer.

In this blog post, we highlight Top TikTokers in the UK that command massive following on the social video app.

#1. Kyle Thomas @kylethomas 30.4 million followers

If you aren’t a fan of astrology, then you will be surprised that the best TikToker in the UK is an astrologist. Kyle Thomas has been featured in Elite Daily, Bustle, etc. The 16-year-old astrologist commands a whooping 1.4 Billion likes and 30.4 million followers.

#2. Gordon Ramsay @gordonramsayofficial 27M Followers

The popular celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular TikTokers in the UK. After failing to find his footing on YouTube, Gordon Ramsay has gone viral thanks to his roasting videos.

Ranked among the most popular TikTokers in the UK, Ramsay’s videos have managed to amass 419 M likes and 27 Million followers.

#3. Abby Roberts @abbyroberts 16.7 M Followers

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative industries across the World. Every lady wants to look beautiful. Therefore sharing beauty tutorials isn’t something many women would ignore.

It is against this backdrop that Abby Robberts has become popular thanks to her makeup tutorials. The incredible make-up artist is ranked among the most popular Tiktokers in the United Kingdom.

At only 19 years, Abby Roberts videos have gained popularity due to her makeup skills.

Commanding 1.3 Billion likes and 16.7 M followers, Abby Robert’s makeup videos have propelled her to great heights on Tiktok. The young beauty artist is now estimated to have a network of $ 300,000.

#4. Holly @hollyh 16.2

Holly H, is one of the most popular British TikTok celebrities known for sharing creative TikTok videos on the social platform.

Besides creating amazing lip-synced and funny videos, Holly H is famous for her makeup videos. Holly H is now ranked among the most popular Tiktokers in the UK with 394 Million likes and 16.2 Million followers.

#5. Jamil Jamel Neffati @nefatibrothers 16.2 M Followers

Next on the list of the most famous TikTokers in the UK are the two brothers. The duo have gained a top spot on Tiktok due to their creative entertainment ideas. So far, they have earned the TikTok badge for being the most creative comedian.

Despite making music for music Icons like DJ snake and Akon the twin Duo have not only made a name on Tiktok but also become the most popular TikTok influencers in the UK. The duo are so far valued at between $95-$100 Million.

#6. Shauni @itzshauni 16M Followers

Shauni is one of the most followed TikTokers in the UK. Commanding 391 M likes and 16 Million followers, Shauni has built a strong TikTok portfolio courtesy of her trending videos based on adorable duets, on-point lip-sync, trending challenges, comedy, and transitions.

The TikTok guru has a net worth of 1.5 Million with a total of 16 million followers.

#7. Joel M @Joelmagician   15.3 Million Followers

If you are a fan of magic, then Joel M is an ideal talent that you should follow on Tiktok. Should you see his videos, then you will be shocked to see his magician side. Although sounding odd, his magician prowess has propelled him to become one of the most followed TikTok content creators in the UK.

Joel has a net worth of $1-$5 Million followers with a net worth of $1-$5 million Followers.

#8. evie meg @thistrippyhippie 13.5 M Followers

The list of top UK Tiktokers can not be complete without mentioning Evie meg.  Besides her stunning beauty, she’s known for her Trippy hippy videos of her life with seizures, spasms, and tics.

Evie Meg aims to bring the dangerous side of seizures and tics that left her sweating and caused bruises. Her videos are a source of inspiration for those who think the internet is about beauty.

Her inspirational videos have helped her build a strong TikTok following that has now surpassed 13.5 Million and 460 million likes respectively. If you haven’t invested in growing your TikTok account, it’s high time you jump on the bandwagon to start generating revenue from being an influencer. All you need is to buy  TikTok followers to jump start the growth process.

#9. Rhia@rhia.official12.7 M Followers

Rhia has become popular on Tiktok for sharing the lip-syncing videos that she posts regularly. Additionally, she demonstrates to followers how she produces her TikTok videos.

Besides being one of the most powerful influencers, Rhia sells her merchandise on her Tiktok platform.

The TikTok influencer has so far amassed 12.7 Million followers and 374 Million likes on her TikTok platform. The Tiktok influencer is now valued at $1 Million.

#10. Goub @GoubTube12.5 M followers

Goub is a Tiktok star that got his popularity from Instagram. His fame is attributed to his viral comedy sketches on his Facebook platform alongside Alex Balcombe, a renowned filmmaker.

He got a breakthrough after one of his videos titled Salt shaker went viral in 2014. The TV personality has so far amassed  12.5 Million Followers and 315 Million likes.

Goubs network is estimated to be between $1-$5 Million followers. Therefore if you are yet to get on Tiktok, it’s high time you try it out to not only grow your profile but also generate income from sponsorships.

The bottom line is that you can easily become an influencer on Tiktok than other social media platforms.


Even though Tiktok is a new social media networking platform, it has attracted millions of users that hope to leverage on a large number of users to become famous and grow their profile.#

Whether you are a new brand or an established celebrity, you should consider investing time in growing your TikTok profile. This will not only help you earn from sponsorships and advertisements but help you improve the performance of your brand.

Therefore, if you find growing your TikTok platform challenging, you can first consider buying TikTok followers from credible platforms like instapple.c.uko among others.

To become a TikTok influencer, you must first consider putting more effort into producing valuable content that resonates with the target population. That way, it will be easier to go viral and join the list of the most popular TikTokers in the UK and beyond.

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