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6 best puzzle games online


best puzzle games online


According to Hotplay, the number of mobile gamers is expected to rise to 2.8 billion by 2021. A study conducted by Broadband Search indicated that in 2019, the gaming industry generated total revenue of $151.9 billion.

This clearly indicates that, like other industries, the gaming industry is thriving globally following the proliferation of smartphones. Due to ease of access and convenience, more and more kids and teenagers are using their smartphones to play different games.

Apart from this, many countries have an extended lockdown. This has also given kids a chance to spend more than half of their time playing games.

So, when games play such a significant role in your life, why not use them meaningfully to improve your cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. Wondering which type of games can enhance your creative thinking and intellectual skills? It is no secret that well-designed puzzle games can improve your memory and concentration level.

Besides this, effective puzzle games can also increase your IQ level. Research conducted at the University of Michigan exhibited that spending 25 minutes a day solving puzzles can raise your IQ by 4 points.

Not sure which puzzle games would be a perfect pick for you and your friends? Here is a list of 6 simple yet amazing online puzzle games that should be your go-to choice if you love solving riddles:

Game #1 Suduko

It is a well-known fact that Suduko is one of the oldest and most popular problem-solving games available online. This is because it helps train your brain, just like physical exercises train your body muscles.

The University of Warwick conducted a study that says that a well-designed Suduko helps you learn how to use computers by integrating human perception, communication, and action. This, in turn, improves your creative problem-solving skills too.

Playing online Sudoku daily will help you face problematic situations quickly and deal with pressure proactively. This is because it will help you improve your problem-solving and pressure handling skills in an interesting and fun-like manner.

Game #2 Crosswords

It is no secret that a crossword puzzle is extremely entertaining. This game gained popularity in the US back in the year 1913 and since then has continued to be one of the most played puzzle games. This is because crossword puzzles are not just a pass-time activity; they are also beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Still not sure why you should play crossword puzzles every day? Here is what you need to know:

  • They help improve your vocabulary.
  • They are the ultimate stress-reliever.
  • They reduce the chances of getting a brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
  • They improve your attention span considerably.

Game #3 Briangles

By now, we know that you can develop your brain by playing well-designed games. This platform has a good variety of subjects to choose from. If you are somebody who doesn’t enjoy solving math problems, you can simply select the language or letter equations puzzles.

Apart from this, Briangles offer a wide variety of logic and reasoning puzzles. The best part is that you have the freedom to select the difficulty level based on your comfort. Some other interesting categories of puzzles include Mystery, Optical Illusions, Science, and Probability.

Game #4 Bubble Spinner

Next up on our list is the famous Bubble Spinner. This game is not only entertaining, but its colors and interactive interface make it a real treat for its players.

This game aims to empty the playing area by forming groups of three or more same-colored bubbles and then bursting them. The Bubble Spinner ends when the bubbles reach the last line of the screen; therefore, you have to keep an eye on the time.

The trick to win is to destroy more bubbles in one shot, as it helps you in achieving a higher score. So, if you are looking for a puzzle game that serves as a perfect time-killer for you, then you should add Bubble Spinner to your gaming list right away.

Game #5 Connect the Dots

If you wish to find a simple yet chilling game, that is also relaxing for your brain, you should try playing Connect the Dots by Unlimited Gamez MO. This is a famous puzzle game that involves connecting two or more same-color dots together.

In order to win the game, you need to meet the minimum dots required for each level. Make sure that as you are connecting the similar colored dots, you are tallying the moves left for you to clear the level. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again.

Making this game a part of your collection will give you the much–needed boost and fulfill your craving for puzzle games.

Game #6 Word Finder

When combined with critical thinking, it is no surprise that creative thinking makes you an efficient problem-solver. Similarly, games like the Word Finder have the power to challenge your intellect and enhance your cognitive skills. Apart from boosting your problem-solving skills, such games are known for improving vocabulary and language learning skills.

Still not sure why you should play the Word Finder regularly? Here are some of its benefits:

  • It improves your processing speed because time-based word puzzles encourage the players to search faster.
  • It fastens your working memory as while searching for words, you try and recall vocabulary already retained in your brain.
  • It encourages a healthy sense of competition.

Enjoy the benefits mentioned above by adding different word search games to your daily routine.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is proven that online puzzle games are your best friend. This is because they help you become more assertive and learn more positive attributes.

Therefore, if you want to outshine in your academic as well as professional lives, you should get your hands on the puzzle games mentioned above right away. You can also introduce them to your friends. In this way, hopefully, you and your friends will become competent, logical, and resilient problem solvers.

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