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How To Start an Escape Room Business? 


In the last few years, the escape room business has taken a huge growth. Like any other business opening an escape room doesn’t result in instant success. Success becomes noticeable after the right amount of effort, time, and love is given to it, just like any other business. The key ingredient of opening and running a successful escape room is hard work. Along with the hard work, the right kind of person for it can obtain rewards financially and personally. 

Let’s have an inside look at some of the considerations for starting an escape room business. 

Join the Squad and play a lot of Escape Room Games 

The escape room business is a business of gameplay and entertainment. In this sector, theoretical components take a back seat while practical things handle the gear. Every time you play into a new room, solving different types of puzzles will enhance your ability to make the design of your escape room. 

Try different escape rooms, different puzzles, solve different problems, different themes, high and low graded storyline, high and low technology use. Travel to accessible locations to try out escape rooms. These aspects will give you a vast scenario in the field of escape rooms. 

The use of technology is the greatest factor in making links with people in today’s world. Join the groups made by the escape room players on social media and interact with them as much as possible. This will help you understand the mindset of an escape room player, their desires in the field of escape rooms, their likes and dislikes about the different types of games in escape rooms, their want regarding the gameplay, and more. 

The more you will reach near to the squads of escape rooms, the more you will reach your escape room’s success. Make yourself involve more in the business of escape room. Your involvement will turn out to be a positive factor for you. 

Market Research 

Although the escape room business base is practical knowledge, some part of theoretical work is also necessary for the start-up. Owners of escape rooms are heavily dependent on tourists and local residents. Complete market research about them is important. 

The vibrant and welcoming nature of the owners of escape rooms will make it easy to involve yourself in the business talks with them. In the past years, one escape room owner recommended customers about other escape rooms, which turned out to be fruitful for them. At present, this practice doesn’t take place much, but the owners happily discuss the ups and downs of the escape room business. 

The research gives answers to some questions like the involvement of which age group of people can be expected more, the population of the area, the tourist population, the kind of fun activities in which people like to involve themselves. 

The growth in the culture of escape room has also enabled conferences and seminars for it. Attending these seminars will always keep you up to date about the latest technology, practices, room designs, and themes of the evolving business sector of escape rooms. 

Customer Feedback 

Through customer feedback, you can easily know about the viewpoints of the customer regarding your escape room. Generating effective methods for customer feedback and reviews will make you know what is going well and what needs to be changed in your escape room concept. A small change can enhance the customer experience of the escape room and make your business successful.  

Writing The Plan 

For any business, a concrete plan is a base on which the business’s whole structure stands. Some of the key elements of the business plan are: 

  • The overview of your escape room and the whole plan of structure. 
  • The kind of rooms you can build and sell in your decided area, briefly studying the market opportunity. 
  •  The section covers marketing strategy, operations, and measurement of success. 
  •  Your team is the most important benefactor of your business. Choose your team wisely and allocate the jobs according to their ability. 
  • The last and the most important plan is the financial plan. The rent of the place, wages of the employees, permit fees, insurance rates are of extreme importance. The follow-ups of these will be the depending factor of your business, making it stronger. 

Know Your Competitor 

The more you know your competitor, the more you step ahead in the business sector. Make detailed research on the working patterns of your competitors, and this will give you knowledge about the perks of carrying a successful escape room business. Know about the discounts and advantages provided by your competitor to attract more people and try to give the customers a better deal than the competitor, which will make them turn their heads towards your escape room. 

Suitable Venue 

Choosing the correct venue is one of the key factors for the escape rooms business. It had to be located in a good area for easy and healthy accessibility for the visitors. Some of the other reasons that need to be focused on while selecting a venue are business rates and rental costs, the potentiality of growth and expansion, security and crime rate, and competition. Selecting the right venue always brings success for escape rooms. 

Catchy Theme and Narratives 

The story is one of the most important factors which attracts the participants. If the people can connect and feel excited about the escape room scenario, they will turn themselves in for the experience. The correct theme that can blend with the story will do wonders and give the players an enhanced experience. This will help you to catch your customers and will keep them stuck in your escape room. 

Escape room business can’t be a cup of cake for everyone. The right kind of person will make much of it from the escape room business. Keeping up an entertainment sector largely depends upon the amount of hard work you are able to put in. 

Before taking a deep dive into the business of escape rooms, do your homework properly, which contains research on many things included above and the main factor that will always remain more playtime in escape rooms. The more you play, the better ideas you achieve. 

With the perfect visual imagination about how you want to run your business of escape rooms can be the perks of a great success.

Author Bio: 

Charlotte Lin is a content creator at She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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