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5 Learning Hacks That Will Help You Learn More Quickly


5 Learning Hacks That Will Help You Learn More Quickly

School is difficult for everyone. Sometimes there are a few classes that can become just too much. Finding a few ways to learn more quickly, and help the knowledge stick is a good way to keep up in your classes.

Even once you are out of school knowing how to pick up information quickly will help you succeed in your career. It is always a good idea to know how to learn the information you need quickly, and how to keep it in your head.

There are a lot of ways to learn and a lot of help like home tutoring available to help. Different people retain information in different ways so it can be hard to find a universal learning method. Here are five learning hacks to make school and life a little easier.

1. Get A Tutor

Getting a home tutor is probably one of the best ways to learn. Just about every teacher you ask for help will recommend going to a tutor. That is because a good tutor can completely change the course of your school year.

A tutor is a person who can talk you through any problems you are having with a subject. They are there to take the time to explain the things you are having trouble understanding. Having someone who is willing to spend the time it takes for you to understand a problem is invaluable.

There is a tutor for every subject you could be struggling with. They are all people who understand that subject and are willing to give you the time you need and the special attention you need to figure out the subject. A home tutor is one of the best learning tools there is.

2. Take A Break

Your brain is an amazing muscle. It can retain so much information and work quickly to learn new things. It also needs an occasional break. 

If your study for less than thirty minutes your brain might have trouble picking up the new information. If you study for over fifty minutes your brain may get overwhelmed. Louisiana States Center For Student Success recommends giving yourself between thirty and fifty minutes of dedicated study time. 

Once you study for your allotted time, take a break. Go have a snack or watch something on television. Take a nap if you want to. Letting your brain process new information and giving it a chance to relax will help you retain more information.

3. Leave Your Room

Always study in is not a great idea

Studying someplace comfortable is good. Studying in a place you see all the time and always study in is not a great idea. Getting a change of scenery when you study can help your brain focus and retain more knowledge. 

Sitting in a different room in your house than you normally would be enough. Leaving your dorm to sit in a coffee shop or outside on a bench could be helpful. Giving your brain a place with no distractions will help it focus.

Your brain knows that you sleep in your room and get distracted in there. Since your brain is used to your room it will not be as focused as it would if you switched up where you studied. Find a new place to sit for half an hour or so and see how much more focused you feel.

4. Tell Someone Else

Teaching someone else about all the new things you are learning is a great way to help your brain recall and retain the knowledge you have been feeding it. Trying to explain something to someone else helps your brain remember that knowledge. Teaching someone else is a really good way to make your brain retain new information.

When you get excited about new information you want to tell someone about it. That is a great learning technique. Repeating the information you have learned in a way someone else can understand helps your brain remember that information.

Being excited enough about a subject to want to talk about it is exciting. Even if you aren’t excited about the information, trying to explain it to someone else will help your brain to remember what you have learned. Find someone who doesn’t mind listening to you explain information and teach them what you have learned.

5.  Focus On One Thing

It can be really hard to focus on what you are trying to learn. Having a cell phone and other school work and a television show you want to watch makes it really hard to focus on one thing. Also studying is boring and most people would rather be doing something else.

Checking your phone and listening to a youtube video while you study might seem better. It makes the time you spend studying more enjoyable. It also means you aren’t actually learning that much.

Putting aside all of your distractions and only focusing on studying for thirty minutes is enough. If you study diligently for half an hour you can go do whatever you want for a while so your brain can reload. Spending the time you allotted for studying only studying is going to help you learn so much faster.

To Conclude

Learning Hacks: Focus On One Thing

Your brain is an incredible organ that wants to learn. Giving it all of the best chances to retain new information and focus will help you immensely. Your brain wants to learn and if you give it the right environment you will learn faster and keep more of that knowledge. 

Getting a home tutor gives you an edge in school that is invaluable. Studying in short bursts with breaks in-between gives you time to process new information. Finding a new place to study will make it easier for your brain to focus on what you want it to.

Everything from teaching someone else to focusing only on one thing can help your brain learn. If you want to learn new information quickly giving your brain the help it needs and the space it needs to learn will help. Your brain wants to learn all you have to do is let it. 


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