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What is Copy Trading, Benefits of Copy Trading


Benefits of Copy Trading

Copy trading is whereby individuals automatically copy and execute the trading strategies of seasoned, professional traders.

The individual whose strategies are being copied is referred to as a signal provider.

In copy trading, whenever a signal provider makes a trade, closes a trade, makes a profit, or loses, you also suffer the same fate.

When a signal provider trades, the account of the copying trader will also mimic the signal provider’s activities and trade in the same stock as the signal provider. The only difference will be the amount of money being used. The signal provider may have more money to trade but the copying trader’s account will also trade with the available funds in relation to the signal provider

In copy trading, you are actively looking or observing other investor’s portfolios which enables you to learn their strategies and their successes. Copy trading is therefore a powerful tool for learning how to trade profitably. This is why copy trading is referred to as a people-based portfolio.

A copying trader can stop and disconnect all copy trading activities at his or her will. They can also completely do away with copy trading which will release them from any market points acquired during copy trading.

The signal provider is usually compensated with a flat monthly subscription fee by the copying trader.

It is therefore fair to say that in copy trading, the signal provider is the most important link in the chain, and choosing a good or a bad signal provider will have its consequences.

There are several benefits of copy trading and they are as follows:

Limits Potential Loss

It is fair to say no individual ventures into trading to lose money. The aim of the game is to make a profit at the end of each trade every day.

Some traders trade using their life’s savings, and losing this money could be detrimental to their life and lifestyle.

Copy trading could be the answer and remedy to losing money when trading especially if you are new to it.

You can observe and follow what established and experienced signal providers in their strategies of trading and investing, and this way you will be able to prevent losses. Paying close attention to the signal providers and their strategies could be the difference between becoming a success or a failure in trading.

Helpful to New Traders

All individuals who are new to the trading business are often looking for the most effective strategies to employ.

Copy trading enables them to follow experienced traders and understand their strategies. If they employ these strategies then they can begin making and enjoying their profits.

You need not be an expert in trading to be successful. You only need to find the most successful traders, follow them, study their strategies and understand, and finally employ their tactics in your trading.

The more successful the trader you copy, the better your chances of making profits.

It’s a Passive Investment Strategy

Copy trading does not require a lot of thought, planning, or effort. You are free to invest in whatever you fancy. You can begin immediately or you can first observe what other investors are doing before embarking on your trading journey.

Copy trading is said to be a passive investment strategy because it is something you can embark on in your own time as a hobby or a side hustle to earn some extra cash. You trade at your convenience.

You can also acquire the help of experts who will guide you in making the right investment and help you in managing your portfolios. These experts help you avoid a lot of guesswork and offer more clarity.

Effective Risk Management

Copy trading helps to mitigate a lot of risks involved in trading.

Copy-trading enables you to copy as many signal providers as possible to try and get the best strategy and hence great results.

Copy trading also helps you stay ahead of market trends which are important in trading.


Copy trading is not for everyone and every reputable trader out there, there are many quack traders.

Copy trading may not be for everyone and it may take a while to turn a profit, but with a little patience, you can become one of the great traders and investors out there.


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