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The Best Moving Apps For First-Time Movers


Who says first-time movers have to experience quite the inefficient and hassling move? In fact, thanks to modern apps and programs, you and your family may be able to have a much more comfortable time moving into your dream home. Any of these apps can be used regardless of whether or not you already have a moving plan or a moving timeline. And more importantly, a lot of these apps offer quite the wide range of efficient moving tools completely for free! Here are some of the best moving apps for first-time movers: 

Best Moving Apps

• Zillow

Zillow for Android and iOS makes it easy for first-time movers to find an ideal location for their dream home – be it someplace to rent or to buy. Thanks to Zillow, you can also have access to tools that enable you to directly communicate with property managers and real estate agents should you become interested in some properties, making it easy for you to purchase your dream location for your move from your phone. Moreover, you may even ask property managers you communicate via Zillow to refer you to some of the best long distance moving companies that they know in order to make your move much more efficient and easier to handle. 

• Nexdoor

Nextdoor for Android and iOS brings social media to the next level as it provides a handy app for you to get to know your local community as soon as you move there. If your other neighbors or members of the community join Nextdoor, you can get up-to-date news about the recent happenings in your neighborhood and even plan a ton of events. This is also great if you’re visiting the neighborhood more often, as it helps you prepare for encounters you might have with your future neighbors and even start to have an idea how your neighbors participate in community events. 

• Magicplan

Magicplan is a great app to use if you’re having trouble visualizing how spaces would look like with your own furniture or the appliances and objects you want to buy. Thanks to Magicplan, you can use augmented reality to create accurate floor plans just by walking around the space you want to occupy with your belongings. Moreover, aside from just making basic plans, you’ll be able to get 3D models, site surveying, virtual tools, as well as the capacity to make estimates for costing and materials. 

Best Moving Apps For First-Time Movers

• Wunderlist

Wunderlist is another great software to help you manage your moving timeline, as it’s capable of making reminders and managing to-do lists about everything related to your move. Moreover, Wunderlist can sync up with multiple devices, allowing you and other members of the household to be informed of things that have to be done in order to make the move successful and more efficient to handle. If you have quite the busy schedule, Wunderlist can help you manage all aspects of your move without having to worry about missing your other obligations or being overloaded with tasks throughout the day. 

• TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit allows you to use the wonderful power of crowdsourcing to help you with various tasks at home. If you’re in need of help with small tasks such as moving things around, painting, cleaning, or even patching up holes, TaskRabbit enables you to make contact with various individuals in the neighborhood interested in helping you do these kinds of work within a reasonable price range. This is a great way to help you find services that aren’t just reliable but also fall within your budget.  

• Letgo

Letgo for Android and iOS makes it extremely easy for you to declutter as you form and finish your inventory. As you know, forming an inventory is a great way to manage things you own that you want to bring, sell, and throw away. However, instead of just organizing your own garage sale from scratch, you can connect with a ton of interested buyers in your local community by posting the belongings you want to sell. That way, you’ll have one handy app to sell your older belongings before the move. Moreover, being able to organize your inventory properly and at the same time get to sell your older things can make your move much faster and much more efficient. 

• Move Advisor

Move Advisor for Google Play and the App Store allows you to have a more comprehensive look into your move at the convenience of one single application. Thanks to Move Advisor, you have a handy software in your smartphone that not only can keep a stable move timeline, but also manage your home inventory, make calculated estimates of your move, and even look for movers and packers around your location. If you’re looking for a handy all-in-one tool that’s easy to manage, Move Advisor definitely is the tool for you and your family. 

Make Your Move Easier With The Best Moving Apps

Thanks to the above app suggestions, you can make your move much easier to handle and manage. If you integrate these applications and programs into your moving schedule, you’ll be able to coordinate your move more efficiently and even save yourself some valuable time and money. Remember, just because you’re moving for the first time doesn’t mean it has to be extremely inconvenient for you and your family. Goodluck and Happy Moving!


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