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7 Apps To Organize Your Work Like A Pro


Organize Your Work Like A Pro


Managing your work life is tough when you have multiple responsibilities on your shoulders. Every day, you need to check off a whole list of things to do. Planning the tasks, collaborating with your team, keeping track of the processes, and completing things on time is to name a few.

Staying organized is not everyone’s strength. Sometimes, we get late to meetings, miss deadlines, and keep someone waiting as we can’t seem to find an important document. Yet, you don’t have any other option besides putting everything in order if you wish to succeed.

The technological evolution has provided us with numerous facilities to make our lives easy. Among them are the mobile and desktop applications that help you become a lot more productive and handle all sorts of tasks efficiently.

Organize your work efficiently.


Here are a few apps you must download right away if you wish to organize your work efficiently.

1. Google Sheets 

To make every project successful, it is vital to get all your team on the same page. Whether you are a small business owner or have a huge team on board, handling it like a pro is necessary. From the time of assigning a task to complete it on time, you can use Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is one of the top-rated tools to help you with teamwork. It lets you create sheets as we do on excel. This means that you can do all the calculations and data analysis on the sheet as well.

You can organize important information very neatly on the sheet. Plus, you can share the link with your team for collaboration. Multiple users can work on the sheet at once without any hassle.

Google Sheets is one of the best apps to handle your team effectively as it offers seamless collaboration. Its integration with Google means that you and your teammates can view the sheets on any device.

2. Outfluence

Turn your phone into a little personal assistant in your pocket by downloading the Outfluence app. It is a great management app that lets you juggle work-related tasks like a pro.

You can use the app to set up meetings with a proper agenda and keep track of the participants. You can also create and follow up task lists to make sure everything is done on time.

The Outfluence apps send you reminders to help you keep track of things coming up. Your teamwork will be visible to you at all stages via this app.  You can also use it as a customer relationship management tool due to its connecting and tracking features.

3. Forest

What is the biggest hindrance according to you while working?

It is distraction!

Sometimes, you really need a push to curb this habit as thinking and using your phone aimlessly for hours is harmful to productivity. Everyone can relate to how procrastination due to being distracted causes delays and poor performance at work.

Imagine if you could plant and grow a tree as a reward to use your phone less? The Forest app is based on this idea.

The app helps you stay focused at work by rewarding you with a virtual tree that grows if you commit to staying away from your phone during work. Using this app will help you with focus and commitment that are the must-have qualities for your work.

4. TickTick

If you need a reliable app for scheduling, TickTick is the right choice for you.

When it comes to getting things done in the best way within time, a proper schedule is needed.

TickTick is highly recommended for those who want an easy-to-use app. The interface of TickTick is very clear, clutter-free, and user-friendly, allowing you to create and follow your to-do list in a hassle-free way.

One of the unique features of this app is that you can add a widget of your checklist to your home screen. It allows easy access to view it quickly whenever you need it. The app also has a built-in podomoro timer to help you stay focused.

5. Trello

Trello is one amazing app that literally takes off the burden of work organization from your shoulders. The app’s interface works in the form of customizable boards and cards, which is the perfect way to handle any project with your team.

Trello has features that assist you in every step of a project. From the initial stages of planning and assigning to the final steps of submission and reviews, you can make lists and specific cards mentioning the involved team members. You can even set due dates to make sure the deadlines are met.

The calendar view feature gives you a map view of your project. If your app’s notifications are turned on, it will be a plus as you will get reminders about task completion.

6. Brosix

Seamless communication is critical when it comes to work management. Besides all the other task and time management apps, you need a robust communication app to keep your clients, teammates, and other relevant people in the loop.

Brosix is one such app on which you can safely rely. You can create custom groups for your teams where they can communicate with each other, making sure everyone on the team is aware of the communication.

One of the best features of Brosix is that you can get offline messages and push notifications. It means that there is no chance that you will miss an important message.

Another secure app to get in touch with your team is an airG scam free app Hookt. It is a perfect messaging app for private conversations. You never have to worry about the content leak with Hookt, as your profile will be private.

7. Lastpass

How many times have you faced frustration at work due to forgetting a password?

It happens to everyone. When we need it urgently, we just can’t recall it.

Not a reason to worry anymore. Use Lastpass, a password management app that saves your login details in a secure vault.

The app will autofill browser and other apps’ logins. Your online information is perfectly secure with this app, so you don’t need to worry about any data leak.


Much thanks to the emerging new technologies, we now have these wonderful apps that help millions of people around the world get more productive. These applications handle the task management for us, letting us focus more on the actual work we do.

By downloading the apps mentioned above, you will be grateful for your decision. Besides other benefits like being systemized, you will get an instant boost in your performance, better team collaboration, and a surety that none of the essential tasks are being missed.

Author Bio:

Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice.

About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on twitter: @michellejoe524


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