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How To Look Beautiful and Trendy In 10 Minutes


Look Beautiful and Trendy In 10 Minutes

Looking beautiful and trendy is a big challenge for girls; however it becomes really tough when you’re running late, when you have got only a few minutes to get ready. And, it’s obvious because even 10-15 minutes lapses while thinking what to wear and how should I look today.

Luckily, the good news is that you only need 10 minutes to look absolutely fabulous and get ready on time for office or party! It’s all about using tricks to speed things along when you’re getting ready in a rush. You must take advantage of many time-saving products available in the market like freshening wipes, tinted moisturizer, and dry shampoo to speed up things while you are getting ready without sacrificing your looks. Let’s check a few tips that will surely help you:

Super Quick Makeup

First thing first – What is more important? As you are in a hurry, it’s simply not possible to do a regular makeup in less than 10 minutes. But, you can’t afford to expose your problem areas like dark spots. So dab makeup concealer over problem areas and blend it into your skin. Use your finger or a beauty blender to tap the face concealer into your skin. If you have redness on your eyelids, use a quick swipe of eyelid primer or base to neutralize it. Dab face concealer on the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect.

You can easily get professional grade makeup concealer and skin cleanser from leading cosmetic and beauty brands such as Reil Cosmetics.

Quick and Easy Hairstyle

You are running out of time. So, even if your hair is not clean enough you can’t do proper shampoo or take a bath. What’s the solution? Style your hair with a scarf or headband for a quick and easy solution. 

Freshening up in Minutes

You are getting ready in a hurry. So, you can’t take proper shower. At the same time you can’t afford to look dirty. What’s the solution? It’s very easy. Wipe down your body with wet wipes. Quickly wipe down your arms and legs before hitting the hotspots like your armpits and groin. This takes less than a minute to do, but it can make a big difference in how fresh and clean you feel. If you regularly find yourself rushing in the mornings, you may take your showers at night before bed.

Quickly Selecting a Great Outfit

You need to select an outfit which is quick to wear as well as conceals most of your body so that you can cover your hands and legs which may not be looking as shiny and fresh as they look after proper shower and care. Why don’t you try overalls? You can easily get the best sustainable overalls made of comfortable cotton canvas material that’s breathable enough to wear even in the sticky summers.

Wear a matching pair of shoes and an eye-catching accessory

Wearing a great pair of shoes or sandals and a cool piece of jewelry takes seconds to do, but they make it look like you put effort into your ensemble. Try to match your shoes and accessories you’re wearing with your dress and keep in mind the destination you are getting ready for. This will help you look perfect.

Keep Toenails Clean and Healthy

People generally take good care of their all the body parts except toenails. You must keep them clean and healthy. This will uplift look of your legs. Keep feet clean and dry, washing frequently with water and soap. Properly trim your toenails, cutting them straight across. You can use The Toe Bro toenail nippers to take care of your toenails. 

I hope these tips would be helpful to you.



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