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Important key points you need to consider while developing an Android APP


developing an Android APP

Undoubtedly, mobile applications are flourishing like never before. In today’s information-driven world, communication devices have assumed a unique position in everyone’s life. With the increasing mobile phone technology, mobile phones are not only transforming the way we communicate but also providing an advantage to businesses to take their venture to the next level with efficient android app development.

According to Statista report, market share of Android mobile operating system versions worldwide from 2018-19 is approx 23.18% amongst all mobile Android devices.

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During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO, Tim Cook called Android “A toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities”. Cook’s message added more fuel to the believe that developing a reliable, secure and engaging android app for all those devices is fruitful.

However, the matter of the fact is, with so many Android apps are soaring high in the market, how will you make your application stand out in the industry. Creating wildly popular apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, for example, is not an easy task.

Don’t worry! Best Android app development companies are just one tap away on the internet!

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This blog is more focused on the key factors that you need to consider while developing Android applications for your business. With the inventions and innovation of new android devices, it has now become imperative for every business to develop a mobile app to exhibit their products and services. Though making a mobile app is quite an easy task, but when you are considering it as a business marketing tool, you need to adopt strategies, effort, cost and effective marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have the right skill set and knowledge to develop a user-friendly application for your business, then this blog is for you. In this post, we have rounded up some of the essential key points for Android app development, that we believe you will require in the process.

Let’s get started with the critical points for developing an Android App…

1. Research Is The Key

develop your first Android application

No matter how brilliant the idea you have to develop your first Android application, if you launch it without keeping in mind the market trends and your target audience, it will be a big failure!

The first step to develop an application for Android screen is to understand the market, analysing the customer demand and evaluating the latest trends. An in-depth market analysis report can give you detailed insights of popular similar apps available in the market and ready to provide you with fierce competition. This will help you learn from those applications and enables you to set the perfect competitive strategy for your app.

Leaders always believe in “learning from others mistake than learning after making mistakes.”

Further, you can consider customer reviews to know about likes, dislikes, choices, preferences and future demands of the users. You can note down the pain points and try to develop a better application. Keep in mind “better planning ensures better results”.

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2. Understand Your Needs and Expectations

Understand Your Needs and Expectations

What do you expect from your application? Do you know the purpose of launching this Android app? Who will be your targeted audience? The entire exercise of finalising the right Android application development company is based on your app requirements. The purpose of the app helps you set the perfect layout of the application and decide the final result.

While business apps are meant to cater to various business needs, from enhancing office productivity to the capability of handling data analysis, it is important to keep everything clear before you start the app development process.

3. Set A Perfect Action Plan

Don’t be in a rush! Before you begin the process of mobile app development, take plenty of time and efforts to make sure you understand the entire process as it passes through the various stages.

From App Design, App Methodology, App Testing, App Architecture to finally App Deployment- there are various stages through which your apps will pass. So, set a right plan of action for your app development process as monitoring and controlling everything is essential.

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4. Make It User-Friendly

Does your application have the best user-interface? Forgot about it? Get ready for the significant loss…

User-interface of your application should have more than a standard client input- “Screen Touch”. With various innovations and advancements, you can include a variety of interactions such as single tap, double-tap or long touch.

Also, keep in mind, the users never like to click links with a mouse or tapping links using your fingers on the touch screen. Furthermore, sometimes clients start a connection they didn’t expect to tap and incidentally arrive on an undesired page. Make sure to use the appropriate size of bars, tabs and buttons so that clients tap with more accuracy.

5. Think About Development Approach Of Your Application

Think About Development Approach Of Your Application

How an Android application development company build a mobile app, will have a great impact on time and budget. Every project requires a development model that is tailored to your specific needs.

Hire Android developer that has the capabilities to choose the platform which best suits your unique needs. The successful application is that, which saves time, ideal for the target audience, easy to access, simple to install on diverse android phones and ensure multiple downloads.

If you are partnering with the application development company that involves “One Size Fits All” approach for developing an application, then it will not only delay the process but also create the replica of other things.

6. Domain Knowledge and Expertise is Important

While it’s tempting to get your hands on app development process with the help of such tutorials and DIY steps, but when it comes to developing a user-friendly, business-centric application, it is worth to hire Mobile App Developer for your needs.

Want to know why it is essential? Continue Reading…

First, you can expect a high level of expertise from an Android app development company. Not only they involve in-depth research, investigation and planning but also integrate the latest toolsets to build an advanced application for your business.

Secondly, they have a better knowledge of applications. This allows you to have the latest application and style for your business app. One of the most compelling companies involves the most active research methodologies, testings and client idea of their expertise.

7. Don’t Forget About Marketing Strategy

There is no meaning of developing an app for your business if you are not focusing on- how you will market it and make it available for the potential users.

Creating a buzz before the launch of your app is the proven strategy to get a lot of reach from the word go. However, most of the business fail to execute an effective marketing strategy for their mobile app.

While the different mobile application has different targeted users. In the same way, you have to analyse your industry and targeted audience before making a final marketing strategy. Keep in mind that marketing strategy is majorly based on your industry, offerings, and potential users.

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8. Testing is Important

launch your first Android application, but app testing can make a big difference in your launch.

I know you are curious to launch your first Android application, but app testing can make a big difference in your launch.

Before users getting experience, you should make sure that it can fulfil their requirements and work flawlessly on any device. Smooth, efficient, high performance are the few of the things you should keep in mind while testing. This will not only dust out all the bugs but also ensure the smooth processing of your application.

Let’s wrap It!

Around 70% of the people spend time on apps and 80% of the people are using mobile application for everything right from shopping, banking, booking and so on. With the increasing number of Android users every year, mobile applications are proving to be an essential tool for business growth and reach. While there are tremendous opportunities and potential market, developing an app for your business is the right decision.

To make your task more comfortable, you can hire mobile app developer or development company that can easily understand your business needs and deploy proven methodologies to deliver a user-friendly app for your business.

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