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Technology has quietly and subtly made its way into every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s our social life, our work life, or anything else, we will find traces of technology everywhere. Now even nonprofits are using technology to achieve better results while putting in less effort. The latest thing to hit the nonprofit market is mobile funding or sometimes called mobile giving. In 2017 21 percent of all the online donations were through mobile fundraising and the figure has only increased since then.



The main reason why technology has advanced so much into our lives is because it lets us do things easily and comfortably. We are achieving better and higher results by putting in less efforts. The same is true for donations. People who want to donate to your nonprofit organization might not have the time to come all the way to your local center to give the money. If you give them a technological option so that they can do it while sitting at their homes or offices, it will motivate them more.

It will also have a ripple effect. If a person uses his mobile to send a donation to your organization, he might have an effect on the people around him and since the method of donation is so easy, they might just do it as well.

It lets users take immediate action. If the people are watching TV or surfing the internet and your advertisement just pops up in front of them, they have the option of immediately reaching for their mobiles and taking action.

Here are some ways that you can use mobile fundraising to your advantage.

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Text to donate and pledge texting are two of the ways that you can drive higher amounts of funds for your cause. When the people are in the moment like they have just seen a very moving documentary about your cause or an advertisement that has really moved them, they can immediately text a given number and donate to your cause.

Text to donate campaigns are generally integrated with an ad on TV, social media, radio or any other medium. This way you will see immediate and large additions in your funds.

Text to donate has a lot of other advantages. As discussed earlier, it is a fast donating process. The ratio of donations is higher and people can also opt for recurring donations where they will set an amount and that amount will be given to the cause on a regular basis.

You can easily set up your text to donate campaign. All you need is to choose your keyword and set up a mobile responsive donation page. This part is crucial as users are going to use mobiles to access your campaign. Now you just have to promote your campaign and watch as the donations start rolling in.

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Another trend that is on the rise is creating a mobile app for your organization. A lot of companies have already done it. This ensures that the messages reach their target audience and the customers are always in contact with the company. It has bridged the gap between the customer and the brand.

Mobile Fundraising apps can offer the donors a simple and easy way to make any number of donations to your cause. Not only will it make donations easier, it will also ensure that your donors are always aware of the latest events and happenings of your organization. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, a clothes or food drive, or anything else, they will always be in the know and can offer their help or their money.



There are two ways that you can use mobile app fundraising. You can either get yourself registered with an existing mobile platform that will enable all your donors to give to multiple causes. The second option is getting your own mobile app made. If you want a cost effective solution then you can approach an app building platform. They are affordable as they work off of templates and have an editor where you can drag and drop elements to create your app. You can also contact an app development company to create a unique app for your organization. It is expensive but you get more options and can create the app exactly as you want.

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If you are considering multiple options for your mobile fundraising campaign then don’t forget the mobile payment solutions. There are various platforms like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay that provide ways to streamline your donation process.

Your donors will be thrilled when they get these options as they are right in their mobile phones and they can easily access them safely and securely.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that you need to understand the kind of experience you are providing to your donors. The only way you can create a safe and seamless procedure is if you keep your donors in mind and think about what they want.

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Sarah Jay is a blogger and logo designs specialist. She has a soft spot for technology and loves trying new software and technologies and writing about them. Whatever she does, she writes about it on various platforms.


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