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What will be The New Technology in Android Software Development in 2019?


The New Technology in Android Software Development
Mobile Apps.

The year 2019 has expectations set by the mass of people for overseeing innovations springing up. Android app development trends have risen over the years, and 2019 is looking to be etched in the history books for innovations.

By the end of the year, there are going to be many firsts to talk about, while considering the Android Software Development. This is set to push the innovations and making usage of great resources extensively. According to Alvin Toffler, futurist and American writer, the mobile app development is set to be true as existing technology is adapting itself into the newer and productive face.

Business Firms meanwhile are looking in the developer’s efforts and looking forward to keeping up with the league. Since a significant chunk of financial trade and transaction commences via online means, smart mobile devices have seen among the rise and the need for new technology is on-demand.

Android Software Development: Understanding the Concept

Android Software Development is the technique of designing a newer android application using a programming base such as Java, C++, and Kotlin. All these use Android Software Development kit, ensuring developers to develop their customized apps.

How the Development Impact Industries?

Starting up a new app-based online business is the order of the day, and many companies have already benefited greatly. There are several good reasons for the creation of an android app for your businesses, including,

  • With over 2.6 million global apps, Android is a clear winner in the segment of most number of apps. This has more apps than the likes of IOS and Windows today.
  • The in-app and total purchase for Android in the last year has seen customers spending a whopping over 20.1 Billion USD via Google Play Store.
  • A large mass of people spends an average of 1.5 months on mobile apps for a calendar year.
  • An average of 40 unique apps is being installed by users globally on an average scale of accounts.

With these facts, it is evident that Android is the clear leader of innovations in terms of variety of apps available for launching a service in a company. Although several companies go for the development of multiple platforms of apps, including IOS and Android, the latter is more effective. Without further ado, here are the newest software trends in 2019 that is going to make a new way for the present and future.

Android AI Assistant

AI and ML have been among the talk of the town and has changed the way of using a mobile device over the years. Right from Siri, the smartest AI from IOS, and the expansion of AI assistant has developed to Alexa, IBM Watson, Google Assistant, and Cortana. With familiarity, Google accounts for 51% of the AI market share.

  • Chatbots saves resources for a large number of companies
  • Productivity has risen 93.9% over the last 3 years


Kotlin is the new coding technique on the news and by its looks; it is set to replace Java. The programming language runs with binary coding and does works without a virtual machine. More so, it can be used in JavaScrip source by an LLVM Compiler and with the implementation of Kotlin library codes. With the programming language suitable for writing codes in Android apps, this saves quality time and increases productivity.

  • The same team who developed Integrated Design Environments develops the code. The team has ensured to resolve all the Java-time issues in terms of upgradation.
  • Kotlin offers easier adaptability. If a person changes his mind to write in Kotlin from Java, using a simple Kotlin plugin, all the pre-written codes will be converted in the Android studio to Kotlin backend codes.

Android Things

This is Google’s first IoT platform and allows developers to code for IoT applications. With this, Google has announced the support of this O/S to the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek for System-on-Modules (SoMs). The first edition was launched in 2018, and there is an expectation of newer updates.

  • Over 100,000 developers worldwide have downloaded the version.
  • Improving hardware API features.
  • Designed to work in low memory systems


This is a productive programming language allowing designing multiple apps at a time within a budget. Flutter is a cross-platform SDK developed by Google. It is used for designing native interface for Android app development and IOS as well. Flutter, on the other hand, uses Google’s very own “Dart” language, which has an identical coding to that of JavaScript with an optional built-in safety.

  • Flutter has features like Hot Reloading for developing faster UI’s
  • Modern Framework is the main objective alongside modern widgets and top-notch architecture.
  • Developers can fancy using existing Java and Kotlin codes and adapting design a native app using Flutter.

Android TV

Smart TV’s have risen in the last few years, and today it has a market share of a whopping 40%. The idea of this TV is to provide an experience of watching a desired show from the user’s perspective and even play games on a bigger screen.

  • The system supports Voice search and AI
  • Allows to watch web series in larger screen

Final Thoughts

Android app development is set to see a new face of technology, making the concepts of programming even more innovative. With advancements in different hardware and adaptations, software development versions and trends are set to stay in track for a better 2019 and the future.

Author’s Bio:

Harshal Shah - CEO at Elsner Technologies Pvt.Ltd,

Harshal Shah is CEO at Elsner Technologies Pvt.Ltd, Elsner is Android app development company. Its services include but not limited to Magento development, WordPress development,iBeacon and iPhone app development, Website design & SEO services.


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