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Top 10 Must-Have App Development Tools for Thriving Entrepreneurs


App Development Tools for Thriving Entrepreneurs

It is an undeniable fact that mobile app development tools have a newsworthy role to play in helping developers to design apps affordably and efficiently. With the increasing need for smartphones across the globe, tech experts and app developers are changing their way of thinking to develop apps for different platforms. Here’s a list of the best tools for mobile app development that are going to rule this year.

1. Buddy

Buddy is popular among top tools for app designers in 2020. Buddy tool helps in creating, testing, and publishing the smartphone app smoothly. It is best known for its seamless, change set-based deployments. Buddy tool has to offer tech experts a wide range of devoted, pre-configured actions and services. These services make app deployment working more comfortable and productive.


  • Offers more than actions
  • Provides highly intuitive and flawless app design
  • Fanatical Android tool actions: Ionic, React Native and Flutter
  • Accelerates productivity
  • Support for well-accepted languages and assigned managers

Tool Link:

2. Headspin

HeadSpin is another app development tool that provides robust and real-world insights to entrepreneurs to deliver enhanced mobile performance. HeadSpin is famous among the top Mobile App Development Tools as it helps developers understand the challenges and dealing with user experiences over the composite mobile ecosystem. It offers intricate visibility into presentation and user experience concerns across every stratum of the free mound – from client to server.


  • Numerous real devices in more than 150 locations
  • Faster across applications, methods, and networks
  • No SDK required for developing the codebase. It captures information with the help of API access.
  • Provides Performance Optimization, Automation, and end-to-end testing
  • 100% uptime on devices
  • Pre- and post-launch visibility
  • Works on different operating systems
  • Provides pay-as-you-go access
  • Offers load testing facility

Tool Link:

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the top android app development tools that deliver excellent services for native applications. It revaluates business logic layers and information access over different platforms. Developers use this tool to develop apps for platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android.


  • A mono framework which offers interaction with the API of smartphone devices
  • Xamarin Component Store comprises UI controls, multi-platform libraries, and third-party libraries
  • It helps in reducing bugs and thus provides a faster time to market
  • It enables application Indexing and Deep Linking
  • Platform-specifics provide consuming functionality that is not available with other platforms

Tool link:

4. Appcelerator 

Tech experts and app developers make the best use of the Appcelerator to develop apps with fewer code lines. This tool is among the best tools for app designers as it works on platforms like iOS, browser-based HTML5 applications, Android, and Windows.


  • It enhances the speed of mobile app development
  • Offers higher cloud capacity restrictions
  • This tool enables developers to create apps for all multi-platforms
  • Implicit private or on-premises app deployment
  • Works on open-standards and gives complete access to the underlying mobile OS
  • Works for multi-region global app deployments

Tool link:

5. Qt

Qt cross-platform SDK is another name in the Android App Development Tools that helps develop applications for desktop and mobile devices. It provides an alluring design, GUI framework, and app deployment. This app development tool is also helpful in offering the best user experience across all devices and different platforms.


  • The tool is popular among advanced enabler classes for windowing and rendering
  • This app development tool comprises Parser and compiler optimizations
  • It offers support for solid Private Keys
  • Provides support for IPv6 and dual-mode networks

Tool link:

6. Alpha anywhere 

Alpha anywhere app development tool is a quick mobile app deployment tool. In a short period for developing cross-platform web and mobile business apps. It is famous as the best tool for mobile app development.


  • A helpful tool to develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise-Grade mobile data safety and security
  • Straight publish from the Alpha Anywhere Development Environment
  • Data Encryption with HMAC and SSL Support
  • Works on deciphering the Offline Sync Challenge
  • Provides Pre-built sample applications that developers can amend or position of mobile apps
  • Wide-ranging Back-End Data Access
  • Stylish Data Integration and Data Transformation

Tool link:

7. Sencha

Sencha Ext JS is yet another useful app development tool for app designers. This tool is a popular MVC-based JavaScript framework. It assists in enhancing customer engagement satisfaction. The tool is for a supreme level of responsiveness for the mobile application.


  • Developers will be able to code in HTML5 format with the help of Sencha touch software development kit
  • It allows developers to translate the code via another tool like PhoneGap
  • It is a helpful tool for creating native apps in a hassle-free manner
  • WebKit browsers and other platforms like Android iOS and Apple supports this app development tool
  • Offers Rationalized Configuration System
  • Developers can quickly level to various resolutions to attain maximum compatibility with different devices
  • Comprehensive support for designs and enhanced touch events

Tool link:

8. KendoUI

Kendo UI is named among the top mobile app development tools 2020 to deliver advanced client-side development. The tool is popular as it follows contemporary web standards by offering highly modular app development solutions.


  • It works flawlessly with AngularJS
  • Build cross-platform web applications. The tool can be tailored for the user’s screen size on desktop, tablet, and phone
  • It is one of the most hassle-free tools for any JavaScript developer to get started
  • Provides jQuery DataSource module for easy data-binding for local and remote data

Tool link:

9. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is among the efficient tools for app designers and a popular mobile app development framework. It works on rich libraries such as overthrow.js and fastclick.js to offer the superior mobile experience to the user and the developer.


  • With Mobile, Angular UI developers can easily design a responsive, mobile user-interface. It also provides flexibility to convert desktop web applications into mobile apps
  • Helps to create splendid Mobile Components
  • Bootstrap customized according to development requirements
  • Allows to test responsiveness and speed

Install link:

10. NativeScript

NativeScript is among the best android app development tools that developers prefer in 2020. It is a popular open-source framework for developing native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript, or JavaScript. It enables developers to write and organize native mobile apps for different platforms from a single code base.


  • Speeds up the learning curve by advanced skills to build native mobile apps
  • Develop native mobile device apps with JavaScript. Makes the best use of web development technology, like Angular and CSS

Tool link:


It is a list of some of the top Mobile App Development Tools 2020. If you may look from a programming perspective, these tools are the ones that help a developer to build an app that brings the business. Directly or indirectly, this is what every company aims. Based on your business requirements and needs, one can decide upon the best tool to pick for future growth.

Author Bio:

Ittika Duggal is a professional content writer at Mobileappdiary. She has been efficiently working in this field for more than four years. Ittika is passionate about creating informative content for mobile app development and other technology-related write-ups. She loves to indulge herself in developing and researching new ideas for content creation.



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