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How to launch a tech startup as a non-technical person?


“You don’t always need a good educational background to own a company, what you need is a powerful vision that can change your future”

Yes, the successful brands are built from the unique vision and perseverance that the founder of the company has. Whether it’s about learning or trying new things or handling the difficult situations that arise during the process of company growth, the leader has to be always on point to get things done.

So if you are having a non-technical background but are having a great perspective towards growth along with some unique ideas to make a change in the technology industry, my friend it’s time you start working on your dream to be an entrepreneur.

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But wait! What’s your plan? How will you make this dream a reality?

You will get all your answers by the end of this article that can help you get the confidence to tell yourself “You can do it too”

So if you are among the one having non-tech background who is dreaming to be the next tech-giant here are the things you need to do to launch your start-up.

Draw a rough sketch about your thoughts and ideas 

To start working on your dreams, the first thing that you need to do is put your ideas on paper. Your ideas and thoughts will remain an imagination if they are not shown or explained physically to the people around.

Study the market, research as much as possible, match your thoughts with the on-going market trend, check whether your vision is compatible with the successful competitors in the industry.

This might seem to be a vast and continuous process, but you can only make people believe in your ideas if you are confident enough to take the action further. Once you know you are on the right track, you are ready to move further.

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Start developing basics skills 

To be the owner of a tech-start-up its important you know the basics of the field before jumping into it. Developing a basic understanding of technology and its working will help you judge whether things are going right or wrong or what kind of people you would need in your company.

There are many ways you could learn the technology, just figure out where you can use your strength of vision. Learn from the youtube tutorials, online coding courses and online apps, try your knowledge with the free trial software. Grow your skills and observation power.

After completing your basic learning courses, it’s time you start giving your company an identity by designing a logo and creating a basic website. This would be a great start to show your talent without any judgemental risks.

Know your customer needs 

Now when you are aware of some of the technical terms of the business, start looking for some prospective customers. Visit them ask them questions, understand their brands and get ideas from the conversation about the apps or the website they dream for their product or brand.

The advantage here is by being a non-tech person you would understand the product from a users perspective rather than focusing the features or tech points which in the other case might be possible. Understand the requirements to create a small but viable product, now based on your customers wants, decide how much you can charge them.  

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Get the right investors to grow your business

Finally, when you are on the way towards building your own company, you have to think about the companies long-lasting future and growth. Here to bring in and maintain the cash flow of the company, you will require some good investors. 

Well, this is the toughest task to do. You have to be very well prepared in-order to convince them. The way you will present your idea should be very convincing to give them the confidence to invest their money after your ideas.

Make effective presentations, explain your ideas with mock-ups.

Use free trial wire-frame software to make your work easy, show that wireframe to the maximum number of customers and get feedback on whether the idea is worth working on. 

Start creating your networks with the reputed people of your industry by visiting different entrepreneur events in the town. Make the most out of these events as these contacts might help you in your future growth.

Start recruiting

So now when you are ready with some basic knowledge and a fully worked-out backup plans, it’s time you start looking for people who are equally passionate about your dream and understands the vision that you keep for the company.

Schedule interviews, look for the people who have the required skills on different recruiting platforms. Use your network, start getting active on LinkedIn and different social media platforms by pitching about the vacancies. Visit colleges as there you will get people who are fresh to the tech-world and has the energy that you require.

Don’t rush the process and get the best talents that you can get. Look for the people who have great managing capabilities and has an outstanding understanding of tech-world, as having good managers will make you work easy, in terms of responsibilities.

After a certain time, when your business gets a little stable you can also start looking for the right technical co-founder to divide the responsibility as he could take care of the tech-decisions while you are managing the investors. This is just an option if you think it’s getting harder for you to handle the things.

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Good marketing strategies could help

After gaining some grip over your business, you can plan for its business growth by creating some marketing strategies that work.

This could be anything like allowing free trials of your application or software for a limited time before it gets launched and then making it paid once the product is in the market. 

Creating such strategies might seem tricky to implement, you have to deep-dig the possibilities of success and failure before making the decision. You can also consult an expert person in your niche or get in touch with a business consultancy service that can help you grow by creating an outstanding strategy based on their experience in the tech field.

Summing Up: 

Working on your own start-up plans might seem exciting, but these overwhelming feelings just gets drip down once you know the check-points you need to cross before entering the industry where it doesn’t matter whether you are a tech or non-tech person. 

It seems to be a little harder for the one with the non-tech background to start a tech start-up, but following the above tips can help you make the right decisions for your business. So stop dreaming and start working.

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, a business consultancy service. He has 1.5-decade corporate experience and is tailoring the best project delivery practices to the start-up owners based on his knowledge to solve start-up business problems to great revenue for their business.


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