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Which Is Better For Android Development – Kotlin Or Java?


Better For Android Development - Kotlin Or Java

When it comes to developing a mobile app for Android, most of the mobile app developers prefer Java as their go-to programming language. Yet, there are new programming languages springing up everywhere that are looking to challenge Java’s predominance in the Android world.

One of them is Kotlin, now an officially preferred language for Android development and is a moderately new programming language upheld on Android.

In spite of the fact that it is continually being created and improved, Kotlin is now viewed as a mature ecosystem and its popularity is rising quickly, particularly in mobile app development. But, do you actually know which one is right for you?

To figure out this more clearly here’s detailed information on Kotlin and Java to enable you to choose which language will work best for your next Android app development project.


Kotlin came into the picture when Android app development was in a need of a more advanced language. Kotlin adds more to the qualities of Java and helps in effective mobile app development. JetBrains, the individual who made IntelliJ, created Kotlin by coordinating well the development environment.


It is an open-source, statically composed language based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin was announced in the Google I/O as the official language of Android in addition to Java and C++.

Pros of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is fast to write codes and favored by app developers. For example, if it takes 50 lines of code in Java, it takes only 1-2 lines in Kotlin.
  • Kotlin is more brief and expressive than Java, which means fewer chances for mistakes
  • Kotlin includes lots of traction in Android development, but at the same time it is used in backend activities, for example, Spring 5
  • Kotlin helps in the development of clean APIs
  • Kotlin includes the Anko library, which is available as a great help for developers and there’s a very wide and active collection of projects on Github.

Cons of Kotlin

  • Kotlin offers a steep learning curve because its concise syntax requires some learning forthright.
  • Kotlin gives a slow compilation speed as compared to Java.
  • The Kotlin community is considered fresh and the learning resources are limited. Thus, digging solutions to issues can be somewhat troublesome.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that was earlier developed by Sun Microsystems and now owned by Oracle. Java, being an old language,  does a lot more than just developing an app. With the help of this programming language, we can create any type of program supporting any type of machine such as Windows, Mobile, Linux operating systems in Android.

So, Java gives you a chance to spread your wings wider and offers more development options as compared to other languages.

Pros of Java

  • Simple to learn and comprehend
  • Functions well for native and cross-platform apps
  • As Android is based on Java, there are a lot of Java libraries to your guide. Java has a fully open-source ecosystem
  • Java apps are lighter and more compact. While comparing Kotlin apps, Java results in a faster app experience
  • Java yields a quick development process that allows you to code more in less time

Cons of Java

  • Java is a type-heavy language, which means you write a lot more code and increasing the chances of errors
  • Java experiences a few issues with the Android API design because of built-in restrictions.
  • As compared to other programming languages, Java needs more memory and consequently will, in general, be slower

Kotlin or Java?

So, which programming language are you choosing to code for your next Android app development project? Kotlin or Java?

Well, both are best in their own places. Many established businesses prefer to adopt Kotlin and are enjoying the tangible benefits.  But, few of them who are startups, prefer to go for Java. It is considered the bedrock of Android app development that encourages businesses to learn the right techniques and get your basics correct.

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