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How To Remove Password From PST File To Unlock PST File


PST File also known as Portable Storage Table is fundamentally a kind of file format used by Microsoft Programs to hoard elements like calendars, events, email messages in their applications. This file format is easily accessible from anywhere. So, the file needs to be protected by a lock to ensure unauthorized access by any other. But, in some cases, it is seen that users tend to forget the password that has been set for the security of the file. In such a scenario, the file becomes inaccessible and the important information of users becomes unusable.

Keeping in mind about such problems of users, I am revealing here some top-rated methods that can be used to unlock PST Files. If you are also searching for solutions that can make your locked PST Files to unlock files,  then stay connected with this article. Here, I will share the best two techniques for unlocking PST files that will solve all the queries related to remove passwords from PST Files.

There are several manual methods available for PST password remover. But, I feel the utmost necessity to provide the most appropriate method for my dear users. According to my research, the best manual method that works to crack password from PST Files is pst19upg.exe.The steps to implement the process is described below. You can refer to them and perform the manual process of unlock  PST file.

Manual Steps to Unlock PST File

Guidelines to perform the process is described here in the form of easy steps.

  1. At first, come out of Outlook application.
  2. Next, make another copy of the PST file(and rename it)
  3. Now, you have to run scan PST.exe and then select the earlier copied PST File.
  4. Now, from the run window, you have to tap on Windows + R and then select CMD and click on Enter.
  5. Select the path for pst19upg.exe and hit enter button.
  6. Write “pst19upg.exe – x (earliercopiedfile).pst” and click on enter option.
  7. Here, a new file with .psx will be available.
  8. Now, you have to set a new name to the original PST file.
  9. Next, write, pst19upg.exe-i(earlier copied file. psx ) in the CMD and hit enter button.
  10. Finally, you will get a new PST File without any password.

With the above steps, the manual approach for PST  password remover ends here.No doubt this is best free option available to users who don’t want to spend in any third-party tool for the same task. However, the software also has some limitations which we cannot ignore. And, as  I want to give complete detailed information to my users, so I am highlighting here some drawbacks of the manual process.

Drawbacks of  Manual approach to unlock PST File

  1. To complete the process successfully a user needs to have sound technical knowledge.
  2. This process includes lots of tasks and is very time-consuming.
  3. This approach is not practicable to any beginner or non-technical user.
  4. Any wrong implementation of the steps will lead, a user to suffer from data loss or damage.
  5. This process is not fit to run in all Outlook versions especially, in up-to-date versions.

Nevertheless, there is always a better option . In this case, I have a recommendation of an automated tool that could do the PST password remover task more easily and effectively. I have read about many apps and software that is available online to unlock PDF files. But, among them, the highly suggested one by IT experts is DRS PST Password Remover Tool.

Expert Method of PST Password Remover

DRS PST Password Remover is a professional software that is used to remove passwords from your PST files without letting any change or damage in your files. This tool is not only helpful for cracking passwords from your PST file rather it can also serve the purpose of adding a  lock to your PST File. If you deal with multiple files and want to unlock their password then the tool will unlock passwords from your multiples PST Files. Moreover, even if you are a non-technical or a beginner user then this software is the best application for you. The tool is designed by a team of tech experts and has featured it with some excellent advantages. Some of the highly admirable benefits of the tool are listed below.

Notable benefits of the Expert Software

  • The software is capable to unlock files of both ANSI and UNICODE code. It can otherwise provide a password to your PST File with the same code.
  • The tool ensures data security and integrity while removing passwords from your PST files.
  • This software is fit to run in all versions of Windows like 7,10, etc.
  • The tool is useful both in the case of setting up passwords and removing passwords from the PST File.
  • The tool offers a free trial version to users.


From this write-up, we have seen two different methods of removing passwords from your PST File. I have tried to update my users with the best significant methods that can help to solve the query of PST password remover. However, I suggest users to go thoroughly with this piece of content and choose the best option that can help them to perform the task effectively and in less time.


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