Benefits of Integrating NetSuite with an eCommerce store


A challenge faced by any eCommerce business in this day and age is competition. With hundreds of thousands of web stores out there, and many more opening every day, the question arises of how a business is supposed to make its mark. All stores have aims like high customer satisfaction and efficient business operations, but what exactly is the best way to accomplish such feats? Well first of all, implementing an ERP like Oracle NetSuite. An Enterprise Resource Planning System can do wonders to help your business scale and grow, and make it easy to manage large scale operations efficiently. But is it possible to get an even greater advantage?

Integrating your NetSuite solution with your eCommerce store will provide a multitude of added benefits. Whether it is providing the best possible service to your customers, managing business operations efficiently, integrating targeted marketing strategies or ensuring employee satisfaction, this integration is the one stop solution to all your problems. Customized eCommerce Connectors, with the example of the Magneto Connector, can be utilized to ensure that all the unique business needs of your eCommerce store are being met, as the integration will work to ensure the following:

Better Customer Service

What is the most important aspect of any ecommerce store? It’s easy to forget in the time of technology and automation, but all web stores must respond to the people at the other side. Customers are likely to visit stores that can engage them and respond to their needs. The better the customer service, the greater chance of success of any eCommerce store. Superior customer service is also one of the few things that will make a store stand out in the current boom of eCommerce, rather than fading into the background as just another option.

How then, the question arises, can this advantage be achieved and fully utilized? Integrating your NetSuite with your eCommerce store can provide functions that will boost your business. Not only will it allow you to keep your customers informed of all the necessary information like product specifications and shipping details but also enhance customer service by automating processes and syncing data without any errors.

Smooth Business Operations

All businesses aim to expand, but the inability to manage large operations can often hinder success. Multi-channel and multi-location businesses require a smooth transition of data between all different operations, and rely on quick and easy communication to ensure a timely delivery of orders and good customer satisfaction rates. Integrating NetSuite with your eCommerce store allows you to automate processes and thus manage larger businesses with multiple steps to the order completion process. These steps are automatically completed by the software, allowing the eCommerce store to operate quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, an integration between your NetSuite and eCommerce store will also bring together all the different data from so many stores and locations, providing an integrated platform. All relevant information, like product catalog, sales orders, customer data and billing details, can be imported between NetSuite and the eCommerce store allowing you to consolidate these facts in one place. This overview of information of on a single platform makes it possible for businesses to expand successfully and continue to manage their operations so they are not hindered by growth.

Efficient Marketing Strategies

What is a tried and tested way to make yourself stand out amidst the many eCommerce stores out there? Good marketing of course! Ensuring that your marketing strategies are engaging, targeted at the right audience and customized to attract the customers in question is essential for success. With large operations and so many customers to cater to, a NetSuite eCommerce integration can make sure that the data collected on customer preferences and buying patterns is being used at its full potential by consolidating and syncing it with the relevant business applications. This allows for the eCommerce store to deliver personalized and automated email campaigns to customers, ensuring maximum success in a short amount of time. Furthermore, predicting customer behavior also allows the marketing team to communicate more effectively and engage customers across different platforms, generating more leads and increasing sales for the business.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Finally, integrating NetSuite with your eCommerce store will not only boost your business in terms of sales and customer service, but also employee satisfaction. The process of automatically syncing data and transferring it between the NetSuite and eCommerce platform reduces the need for employees to take up the tedious task of data entry and copying information onto different platforms. Not only is this good for employee morale as workers will be able to focus on more rewarding work that is more likely to catch their interest and thus keep them satisfied in the work place, but it will also benefit the workplace. Besides the increased productivity of employees who enjoy their daily tasks, the company will also be able to make better use of resources as time consuming daily tasks will be kept to the minimum, allowing all tiers of the hierarchy to focus on more important tasks.

These changes to any eCommerce business can be the pathway to success. The connectors and customized integrations provided by software companies like NetSuite Folio3 can do wonders to transform business operations and assist your eCommerce store in operating at its full potential.


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