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Top 3 Apps for Learning Coding


Learning how to code isn’t an easy task. As a beginner learning a new programming language, you’ll be faced with a steep learning curve. If you choose to pursue online programming courses, you’ll realize that they can sometimes be poorly written or poorly placed. Additionally, you’ll hardly have ample time on your computer for long coding practice or long courses. 

Apps for Learning Coding
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Thanks to the advent of learning apps, you can build your programming skills at your own pace on the go. Furthermore, once you master programming languages like HTML, Java, or CSS, you will have advanced skills to create an online casino website. Don’t forget to incorporate responsive web design when coding your website. This means that you have to use CSS and HTML to automatically enlarge, shrink, hide, and resize your website.  The advantage of responsive websites is that you can play online games and earn cash online regardless of the device you’re using.  

There are plenty of learning apps for Android and Apple users with different teaching styles. This guide takes an in-depth look into the top three apps to help you learn and master programming.

1. Mimo

Mimo is a learning app for people interested in web development. It features programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, among others. In addition, it has over 135,000 ratings and 4.7/5 stars on Google Play Store, and 6.800 ratings plus a 4.8/5-star review on iOS. The learning app interface is divided into different sections to help you select the available learning options with ease. 

For instance, the path option breaks down different courses, making it easy to view the current topics. Remember that you’ll be required to go through HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript when using this learning app for the first time. This is an excellent way to learn how to code because you’re expected to have the basic principles of HTML before you can use CSS.

This app for learning to code also features a browse tab, but this is only accessible to users with the Pro version. Under this section, you’ll find your recommended courses. Understand that, unlike most learning apps, one of Mimo’s top benefits is that users get recommendations on specific courses. However, if you want to search for a particular course on the app, you can use the search icon located beside the browse category subheading. 

Some of the popular learning app categories where you can find a new course to enroll in include mobile development, cybersecurity, web development, and programming languages.

Apps for Learn Coding
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2. SoloLearn

SoloLearn offers users the opportunity to learn different programming languages through quizzes, code challenges, and short lessons. Such learning apps, games, and quizzes are structured, keeping in mind the needs of a novice programmer. Ultimately, this is designed to ensure that everybody can write codes with ease. 

In addition, you have the option to take lessons from different programming languages like web development (JQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5), Python, Java, C+,  among others. Before using this learning app, you don’t need to have any coding experience. However, you should possess an excellent command of the English language and have basic technology skills like understanding how to drag and drop or select items on the screen.

What’s more, this learning app requires that you’re connected to the internet to access its different functions. Of course, if there are any lessons previously accessed via this learning app, you can always download and use them later. That said, once you sign up to the app with your name, email, and enter a password, you’ll be redirected to your default user profile with four tabs.

One of the tabs is the learn tab with free programming lessons in concepts and languages. Once you select a concept or language, users are redirected to a different screen where they’ll choose a module with several lessons. You can complete tasks within five minutes, depending on how fast you familiarize yourself with the concept. 

There is also the play option where you can test your coding skills through participation in challenges with your opponents to see who answers the questions the fastest.

3. Grasshopper

The Grasshopper app for learning to code is an excellent platform for beginners, thanks to its short, easy-to-understand lessons. In addition, this learning app teaches coding lessons like methods, variables, and functions, and you’ll even receive an award once you complete a course. Like most learning apps for iOS and Android, Grasshopper is available for free download.

Unlike lengthy explanations common with online resources, Grasshopper is among the learning apps that ensure every programming concept example is delivered in the simplest way possible. Furthermore, this learning app features quizzes and quick coding puzzles to help develop your programming skills. Grasshopper app is also designed to offer real-time feedback, which guides you just like a teacher would.

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The other great feature of this learning app is that it uses semi-visual coding, where you tap pieces of code to insert them into your code. It’s important to note that while you’ll be writing real JavaScript, you won’t be doing much of the typing in the language. This is great for visual learning, especially for new programming app users, because they can hardly make a mistake when coding. Its ease of use and visual coding ability explains why developers choose this app when developing their games. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to learn a new skill during your free time, you better consider learning how to code. Programming isn’t a tough skill to learn as there are plenty of free learning apps online to equip you with the skills you need. 

Today, there are plenty of learning apps for kids and adults looking to learn different concepts. This means that you can cut back on the hours you spend behind a computer and gain valuable skills. It’s worth trying out the three highlighted learning apps in this guide if you are a beginner in programming.

Have you just started using a mobile app to learn to code? What has been your experience using learning apps? Share your experiences in the comments.

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Jeremy Ambrose started his own small business on the Internet a few years ago. After many failures and difficulties passed, he decided that he wanted to share his experience and knowledge with other people.


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