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8 Tips to Write an Effective Social Media Ad Copy


Social media platforms are dominating the marketing world today. Every brand and business needs to have a strong social media presence to be able to reach their audience, communicate with them, and sell whatever it is they’re selling. This is why social media copywriting is a highly-valued skill that markets and business people need to have. This is especially the case with social media ads.

Social media ads are created to target a specific group of people, send them a message, and get them to perform an action. It sounds easy in theory, but there’s more to it in practice. If you’re not sure how to write brilliant social media ad copies, just keep reading.

Here are the 8 best tips to write an effective social media ad copy.

1. Set One Goal

To make your social media ad stand out, you need to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with it. If you try killing two birds with one stone, you’ll probably miss them both.

So, decide on the goal of your ad:

  • promote a new product
  • invite people to join your webinar
  • promote your blog
  • increase sales
  • send people to your website

A clearly defined goal is the only way to get started.

2. Show Value in the Headline

Your target audience won’t bother looking at your ad unless there’s something in it for them. Providing value is the priority of your ad copy.

The best approach you could have is:

  • define your target audiences’ pain points
  • think about their needs, interests, problems, and expectations
  • address them in your ad headline

Why the headline? Because they need to see the instant value or else they’ll skip your ad. Here’s  a couple of examples:

  • New to Gardening? We’ve got the starter kit you need.
  • Increase your sales with the help of our free Ebook!
  • Book your trip to Hawaii in just two clicks!

If the audience sees a great opportunity for them, they’ll be more willing to take a moment and consider clicking your ad.

3. Make it Customer-Centric

The focus of your ad shouldn’t be on you, your services, or your products. It should be on your customers and what your offer means to them.

That’s why you should focus on:

  • the benefits they’ll experience
  • how they’ll feel
  • how this would influence their lives positively

Let’s compare the two examples:

  • Best at-home gym equipment for fun and effective workouts!
  • Want to get fit easily? Get our at-home gym equipment today.

The second one directly addresses the users and tells them about the benefits they’ll experience.

4. Simplify It

You don’t want your social media ads to sound too “adversity”. Instead, you want to keep them natural and adjust them to the language of your actual target audience.

This is why simplicity is your best choice. To keep your ads simple, focus on:

  • using everyday vocabulary
  • removing redundant words
  • shortening your copy

Let’s compare once again:

  • Sign up and get $50 for any course you like!
  • Claim your $50 coupon for a course of your preference.

The first one is more friendly and natural than the second one, which makes it a better choice for your ad.

You can check out GetGoodGrade if you need help with editing and rewriting your copy. If you make your ad too formal, complex, or unnatural, your customers won’t respond to it well. Instead, keep it low-key.

5. Use Bold Colors

Social media is heavily visual and there are tons of images and designs dominating your users’ screens. You need to be a part of this story, and make your ads visually rich.

The best thing you can do is:

  • study color psychology
  • use your brand colors
  • use bold colors
  • use contrasts

For instance, you can use a dark background but add on-image text that is bright and prominent. Use a font that’s easy to read and you’ve got a brilliant ad copy your users will love.

6. Give Instructions

Your ad can be visually rich and carry a clear message of what you’re offering. But, if you don’t give your customers guidance on what to do, your ad might go to waste.

So, make sure each of your social media ads contains a strong CTA that tells them exactly what to do. You know what we’re talking about:

  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Swipe Up

You can also get more creative and use custom-made CTAs that provoke the right reaction with your users:

  • Spoil Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day
  • Yes, I want my discount!
  • Try out the demo version!

In addition, make the CTA button distinct and clearly visible in your ad. It needs to grab your users’ attention before they even know it.

7. Consider a Hashtag

Hashtags can work great on social media ads, especially if you make them fun and memorable. You should come up with a single hashtag for your ad and make sure it reflects the sole purpose of your copy.

Your hashtag could be inviting, inspirational, promotional, or whatever you like it to be. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • #getinshape
  • #traveltime
  • #loveyourself

Think about the message your ad carries and create a hashtag that perfectly summarizes it.

8. Test Your Ads

Apart from having to write great ads, you also have to perform some kind of testing before you increase your advertising budget. Testing will tell you how your audience responds to your ideas and what types of ads work best on them.

We suggest you try:

  • organic posting before making an ad
  • A/B testing

Track the metrics, engagement, and interactions to learn about what works best. Then, use that data to create even better ads.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, creating a social media ad requires strategizing and creativity. You need to understand your audience and give them exactly what they want to hear.

Hopefully, the 8 tips we’ve listed above will guide you through the process of writing your next social media ad copy. Use them to stand out from your competitors and reach maximum results.


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